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Chapter 1

Living with the Dursley's

It was a quiet day on Privet Drive for most of the occupants. The weather lately had been smoldering hot. Few of the residents ever ventured out of their homes due to the heat. The few people that did could always be seen with sweat dripping off of their perfectly normal faces, fighting with some sort of thick paper or the like, attempting to fan themselves.

You could walk through the neighborhood, hearing television programs on conserving water and first aid safety on keeping cool, children begging their parents to go swimming or for ice creams. You could walk to the local playground on the cooler evenings and hear children laughing and playing. Swinging on the swings, spinning on the merry-go-round, bouncing up and down on the sea-saw, or climbing on the jungle gym was where you could find most children. As many of us know however, there is always at least one exception to everything.

If one of the neighbors ever happened to walk by number 4 on Privet Drive, they may have seen or heard the show that the Dursley's put on as an act for their neighbors. Pretending to be as much of a normal, and proper, loving British family as possible. They could hear Petunia Dursley dotting on her dear little 'Duddy-kins', or Vernon Dursley telling his 'Little Man' how proud he was. However, no one was ever allowed to hear anything that went on concerning one little boy, the Dursley's nephew, Harry Potter. For in their eyes, he was anything but normal, and this is where we find young Harry, on a hot day like today.

"Boy get in here! NOW!!" screamed Vernon Dursley as he thought to himself, 'We should have just taken the little burden of a whelp to an orphanage, or left him in a back alley somewhere.' He never could tolerate his nephew, or the freakish things he did or that abnormal world he was a part of.

'We are a normal, proper, British family! We would surely be shunned, should the neighbors or the rest of Surrey find out about the boy!' Petunia often thought.

In fact, if one walked into the Dursley's neat and proper home, they would see an immaculately clean home, with pictures from wall to wall of a plump blond boy around the age of thirteen maybe fourteen in the most recent, and his loving, adoring, proud mother and father. No one would assume that there was in fact another being living at Number FourPrivet Drive. Not especially another young boy.

Harry Potter, the Dursley's nephew, wanted nothing more in life than to be normal and loved. However it just wasn't meant to be. He was in fact a wizard. You think that he may have been considered normal in the wizarding world, yet that was not the case either.

Harry Potter was anything but ordinary. When he was just around a year old, his parents were murdered by a madman. A dark wizard, feared by many, that called himself Lord Voldemort. It is believed that Harry was protected by his mothers' love, when she gave her very life to protect her only son. As Voldemort attempted to kill Harry as well, by means of the killing curse (also known as the Avada Kedavra), he was somehow saved and the curse itself impacted the baby boy's forehead and rebounded on the dark wizard, destroying him. At the age of thirteen, he had so far saved the philosopher's stone, killed a basilisk -in turn saving his best friend's sister, learned the Patronus charm in a few short months, and saved his godfather from over a hundred horrid creatures, called dementors.

Even in the muggle world, Harry was not viewed as normal. His relatives made sure of that. They constantly reminded him of how much of a freak he was, especially compared to their precious Duddykins. They worked him harder than the busiest house elves, starved him, abused him, and made sure he was as miserable as possible.

In fact to even the other people of the neighborhood he was far from normal, the Dursley's made sure of that as well. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley made sure that everyone on Privet Drive was told that their nephew - 'the boy', currently attended St. Brutus' school, which was a boarding school for incurably criminal boys.

Harry was currently outside pulling the weeds out of the flower bed when he heard his uncle calling for him. "Great what did I do now?" Harry asked himself as he carefully tried to stand without aggravating the fractured bones he was sure he had acquired over the last week.

Until this summer his uncle had never physically beaten him, save for an occasional backhand or items thrown at him. In the last week since he had arrived from Kings Cross, he had been physically beaten for punishment three times. Only one of which he knew what it was for. His uncle had been drinking and was overly intoxicated each time.

As Harry made his way into the kitchen from the side of the house where he had been weeding, he tried not to show any pain, as that was sure to invoke another 'punishment' as his uncle called them.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked as he entered the back door. He was careful not to look his uncle in the face, he was often told that he was not worthy, and that freaks weren't to be treated as civil people.

"What do you mean by coming in tracking in that entire filth this house Boy!?" Uncle Vernon roared. Harry could smell the liquor from the time he stepped foot in the back door.

"I'm sorry Uncle Vernon! I was out back doing the chores on my list as asked. I'll clean it up right away sir, I promise!" Harry tried to explain.

"Don't you dare try to turn this around on me Boy! I'll teach you some manners yet! Look at you, outside on a sunny day like today, trying to get the neighbors to notice you eh? Hoping for some sympathy? Ha! Too bad, they all know what kind of a delinquent you are and are well aware to stay away from the likes of you!" Vernon screeched, right as his hand came down on the side of Harry's head.

Harry stumbled back and threw his arms over his head for protection. Little good it did, as his uncle's blows continued. Harry cowered down and tried not to cry out as Uncle Vernon repeatedly pounded him in many of the same areas where the bones were already fractured.

He started feeling dizzy from all the pain, and lost his balance, falling to the kitchen floor. His uncle continued to kick him; anywhere he could land his foot.

"Please sir, I'm sorry, I won't do it again!" Harry pleaded to no avail.

That seemed to anger Uncle Vernon further as he drew his foot back and kicked Harry square in his ribs. Harry took a sharp intake of breath and cried out as he felt his ribs break. All of a sudden he couldn't breathe well. His breaths were shallow and he whimpered in pain.

Uncle Vernon must have thought he learned his lesson because he ended his assault.

"That will teach you. Now clean this blood and filth up boy before your Aunt gets back from the market! And if you so much as TRY to write those bloody freaks of yours about what's going on, you'll regret the day you were born!" With that he turned and stalked out leaving his nephew in a bloody, muddy pile on the floor in the kitchen.

Harry knew that something was wrong. He was having trouble breathing more than usual after his beatings. There was nothing to be done though, he knew he was not allowed to do magic outside of school. Even if he could he didn't know any charms or spells that may help and everything but his wand, map, invisibility cloak, and hand-me-down clothes from Dudley were locked away in the cupboard under the stairs. He knew his uncle well enough to know that he always held good on his threats so there was no need to ask for help from anyone from the wizarding world, not that his pride would allow him to do so anyways.

He was finally able to gather his bearings enough to stand, trying his best to ignore the terrible pain all over his body. This was his forth beating in a week and he had been allowed four measly meals, usually consisting of sandwich crusts, discarded pan drippings and bread, or old rotten fruit or vegetables, and water.

He immediately gathered a bucket of water, a mop, and the floor cleaner and began trying to clean the floor of the kitchen. After two hours and six buckets of clean water he felt his relatives would be satisfied. He figured while he was there he might as well empty the trash bin. Upon taking the lid off he noticed the rest of the lunch that Dudley had thrown on the floor in a tantrum because it wasn't what he wanted. Harry's stomach was in so many knots from being hungry that the simple meal of roast beef sandwich and chips made his mouth water and his stomach growl with hunger from lack of food for the last two days.

He quickly glanced in the den to make sure his uncle was not watching and took the sandwich and chips out of the bin to shove them in his pocket to eat as soon as he got to his room.

"What do you think you are doing boy!?" Uncle Vernon's angered voice roared from the doorway.

"N-n-nothing s-sir, I was just going to empty the trash bin." Harry tried to explain.

"Why you lying, ungrateful, little brat! When I say no food that's what I mean NO FOOD!! And here you are stealing from the trash like a common mutt!" Uncle Vernon was purple faced and shaking with rage by this point. His voice was low and he had a menacing look in his eyes, and that is what scared Harry more than the yelling.

' How dare this little whelp disobey him and go digging through and stealing food from the trash bin?!' Vernon thought.

"You want to act like a common mutt, I'll treat you like a common mutt!" Vernon grumbled, and with that he grabbed Harry by the scruff of his shirt and threw him out the back door.

Harry paled and shook with fear. What was his Uncle going to do to him? Surely not leave him outside, or beat him again? Harry knew that the fence surrounding the entire back garden was high enough that no passersby would be able to see or help him.

Uncle Vernon followed him out before Harry could think another single thought about what was going to happen. His Uncle headed straight for the tap, grabbed that water hose and turned the water on.

"Time for the mutt to have a bath," he told him with an evil grin. He sprayed Harry with the water and the most pressure he could get.

The water was cold but in the smoldering summer heat it was not unbearable. The force of the water pressure hitting him in the face, in his broken ribs, and on his sunburned areas is what made Harry draw back whimper in pain. Seeing this, his uncle just laughed evilly.

After his 'bath' he laid out in the garden for hours on his uncles orders. He eventually lost consciousness and came to around midnight.

When Harry woke, he was immediately startled to find himself tied to a post with a bowl of water, and a bowl of what looked like mush next to him. He immediately guzzled the water down. He sniffed the mush and it smelled of rotten meat. "No way am I touching that no matter how hungry I get." He told himself.

He saw Aunt Petunia looking out the window at him later that morning and thought if he called to her she may let him in to use the toilet. Harry figured if he was allowed in to use the loo then he could get his fill of water while he was there.

"Aunt Petunia, I need to use the toilet," he called to her.

"Tough, you'll have to go in the garden, you should have thought about that before you tried to steal that food!" She called back.

After the third day of being tied up in the back garden, Harry hurt all over, was filthy, couldn't breathe well, and knew he had a high fever. He wondered if he'd make it back to Hogwarts and his friends or die first. Did anyone even care?

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office going over some preparations for the upcoming school year when he heard the floo. He turned to see the face of Remus Lupin, the former Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor in the flames.

"Why hello Remus, how are you? To what do I owe this pleasure?" He asked, holding out a tin of sherbet lemons.

"No thank you headmaster, may I come through?" Asked Lupin, obviously something was on his mind.

"Of course, of course my dear boy!"

The former professor's head disappeared and within a moment his whole body reappeared through the green flames.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit my dear boy? Tea?" the headmaster asked.

The headmaster motioned for Lupin to take a seat in the chair across from his desk.

"No thank you, well Albus..." He began in a worried tone. "I am worried about Harry. I have been aware for some time now that he is not treated very well at his relatives. However I've never been able to convince him of telling me what really goes on..." Remus tried to explain. "His friends, namely Ron and Hermione have told me before, that they always end up sending him food because his family doesn't feed him well. They have also seen stray bruises on his face every now and again. I have also received a letter from both stating that they too, are very worried about Harry."

"Neither have heard from him since they departed Kings Cross, and said that his Uncle was looking extremely angry about something when he picked him up." There was honest concern in the werewolf's eyes. "Ron said that Harry sent his owl, Hedwig, to stay the summer with him because he was worried his uncle would do something to harm her. I've tried to write Harry myself but have received no reply. Is there any way we could send someone to check on him?" He asked, finally looking up to meet the old headmaster's eyes.

Dumbledore thought for a moment. He was sitting at his desk with his hands steepled under his chin. Remus could see the concern in the old man's face as well. Whatever was going on with Harry, he was sure it wasn't good, though he prayed that he was wrong.

After a moment of thinking Dumbledore replied "If Harry is not answering any of his correspondence, and Sirius has said that he has received no reply as well, than something indeed is wrong. I just hope that it is nothing too serious my dear boy. For, Harry is as important to this war as he is to all of us."

He thought for a moment longer before saying more. "I shall indeed send someone to check on him to at least assess the situation. You can count on that, and thank you my friend for bringing this to my attention." He told the werewolf.

"I shall let you know as soon as we have checked, in the meantime try to worry yourself my boy; Mr. Potter is a strong young man."

Lupin bid the headmaster good day and went to prepare himself for the full moon the next night.

Severus Snape was in his dungeon lab, tying to perfect the post cruciatus potion he had developed, when the headmaster knocked at the door.

"Enter" Snape called.

The headmaster swept in and transfigured one of the stools into a cozy chintz arm chair, and sat waiting for the potions master to finish what he was doing.

Snape scowled at Dumbledore while his back was turned. It was never a good sign when Albus came and sat waiting for him to finish. It always meant that there was some important or dangerous job that needed doing that only Severus himself could accomplish by the use of his spying experience. It was never something Severus enjoyed doing.

After adding the powdered unicorn horn and the salamander eyes, he stirred four times clockwise and three times counter clockwise before turning to the headmaster.

"Yes Headmaster is there something I can help you with?" He scowled.

Albus would have chuckled at the predictable face the potions master always wore if not for the severity of the situation.

"Yes actually, but please listen to what I have to say before you object," he waited while the potions master sat. "It has been brought to my attention that young Mr. Potter has not been corresponding with anyone. Not even his godfather."

He then held up his hand to forestall the potion masters remarks. "He has sent his owl to stay with the Weasley's for the summer out of fear of his Uncle harming her. I am worried for his safety and have been informed that it is possible Mr. Potter is being mistreated." He waited and took in the snide look on Severus' face.

At the lack of further information coming from the headmaster, Severus Snape took this as his cue.

"That impertinent boy is leeching you all for attention again!! It is impossible, that child is spoiled rotten! He probably didn't get to have the latest whatever is popular these days and is going around brooding looking for more attention! He has you all wrapped around his finger! What am I to do about it anyways? I can't even stand the arrogant brat!"

"Well as I said it is just a suspicion my boy, but we do need someone to check it out..." Albus began, only to be interrupted by an irate Severus Snape.

"No! I will not go Albus! It is a waste of time, he will probably have them waiting on him hand and foot! Besides why not send Minerva or the werewolf or someone else?" He scolded while he paced.

"Severus, my boy, I need someone who will be impartial to the boy. I need to know the truth. He is the safest from Death Eaters and the like while living with his relatives; they provide him with the protection from Lily. If I send someone such as Minerva, who was against him being there in the first place, if he even has a scratch on him she will try to bring him back. As for Remus, tomorrow night is the full moon. I am afraid you know how the wolf in him gets around this time. I would like to go myself, however being the headmaster of the school, I'm afraid that's just not possible. Therefore, the best option is to send you. Who else can I count on to for the truth of the situation? From knowing your past and how you were raised, I have no doubt that if Mr. Potter is indeed being mistreated that I can count on you to do the right thing. If his is well then at least we can all stop worrying." Albus concluded.

Snape scowled and sighed, he knew he had lost the battle. "Alright, I will go Albus, but if that boy is in perfectly good condition, which I'm sure he is, he will regret the day he stepped foot in this school, and not even you will stop me." With that he turned back to his potion and continued to work hoping the headmaster would see himself out.

As Dumbledore turned to leave he spoke,

"I hope that you are right Severus, and please don't mention this to anyone as of yet, if Minerva, Sirius or even Molly found out I'm afraid they would beat you there. Please report to me as soon as you return."

Severus Snape never could tolerate the Potter brat. He was just as self-centered, arrogant, spoiled, and annoying as his father. Snape finished up his potion, bottled it and stashed it on his shelf. He knew the Dark Lord wasn't gone. It was just a matter of time before he showed his ugly snake-like face again. So he was preparing for that time while he had the chance.

He cleaned up his work area, grabbed his summer cloak, cursed Potter under his breath and made his way to the apparition point just beyond the wards of the school.

He apparated to a wood line just off of Privet Drive, and disillusioned himself with a quick spell. It was just past nightfall, and in the dark he wondered how he was supposed to tell which house was Potter's. 'All the bloody houses looked exactly alike. Blasted muggles,' he thought. He did admire them for their neatness; however he could never understand why they had to always make everything so similar.

Once he was close enough he could see the numbers on the houses. He found number four a little ways down on the street. Most of the houses had lights flickering inside from what the muggles called a 'teevee' whatever that was. He had heard others speaking of them. He snuck up to number four making sure to stick to the shadows. 'Why can't the ungrateful brat just let me have some peace for once?' Snape wondered. He tried the door and found it locked, but could hear voices coming from deep within the house. He cast a simple masking spell that would allow him to perform magic without being detected by the department for underage wizardry, after all he was at the house of an underage student and the last thing he needed was the ministry popping in on him.

He cast a quick 'Alohamora' charm on the door and eased his way inside. Once he got in the house he found three people in the den, watching some box with moving pictures in it. 'This must be the teevee thing I heard about' he thought. The males were sitting on the sofa. The overly large walrus looking man must be the boy's uncle. There was a smaller version of this man, about the size of a baby whale. Snape felt grossed out just by looking at them. The boy was blonde and was laughing and poking his father saying "Hey Dad look did you see that?!" to show him something on the box. Over to the other side of the den was a very petite looking woman with the mouth of a horse, admiring her son and husband. 'Hmmph, she looks nothing like Lily' he thought to himself.

The potions master looked around the house, and noticed how neat and tidy it was. If he didn't know any better he would think it was cleaned by a house elf, or at least a couple of house elves. He looked around the walls and noticed pictures of the boy that was currently sitting on the couch, and his parents. There was not a one of Potter though. Did he have the right house? He looked around a moment and then felt a magical signature coming from the stairs. He walked over and started to go up but it got fainter, so he turned back around. That's when he noticed that the signature seemed to be coming from the cupboard under the stairs.

He opened the cupboard after unlocking and quietly pulling the boards off of it, and stopped stock still in his tracks. This could NOT be what it looked like. Surely not! In the cupboard was Potter's trunk. Over beside the trunk was a small cot, just big enough for a house elf, with ratty blankets sitting folded on top of it. He noticed something small written on the wall and cast a 'lumos' with his wand to see what it was. He then noticed that written in crayon, over on the wall beside a box that was nearly covering it were the words 'Harry's Room'. It seemed to have been written by a child no older that 5 or 6. When he took a step further in, a grotesque smell assaulted his nostrils. It smelled of sickness, blood, and other bodily fluids. There was also a small broken car, a broken watch, and the tip of a red crayon, and what appeared to be a few broken toy soldiers. After seeing this Severus knew that the Headmaster's suspicions were right on target. He quietly shrunk Potter's trunk and stowed it in his pocket. This was not good. He had to find the boy and see what was going on.

He quickly made his way up the stairs to the bedrooms. There were five doors. The first was a bathroom, the second the master bedroom. The third was a guest bedroom so he figured the other had to be either Potter's or the cousins. He opened the door and his eyes were overloaded by enormous amounts of muggle toys. At first he relaxed knowing this must be Potter's room the spoiled brat. Then he noticed a sign on the back of the door that said "DUDLEY'S ROOM". 'Fat oaf of a child probably needs it to know how to spell his own name' he thought. Then when realization hit, he started to panic slightly. The only other door he saw was just past the stairs. It had five locks on the outside of the door. He assumed at first that it was a storage room.

The feared Potions Master took a deep breath and gulped as he approached the door. He was a brave man, yes that was true, but he was no fool. He knew the chances of finding Potter in that room were great. That's what worried him. Potter was after all supposed to be 'The Boy Who Lived', 'The Golden Boy', and 'The Savior of The Wizarding World', if something happened to him the whole world was in trouble.

He quickly cast an 'Alohamora' on the locks and quietly opened the door, afraid of what he might find. He let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding when he didn't see the boy. That didn't make him feel too much better though. The room was just about in shambles. The bed looked to be not much more than pile of old wood with a flat lumpy mattress, and rags for cover. The desk in the corner had one of the legs broken and leaned to the side. The wardrobe looked as if it should have been burned centuries ago. The rest of the room was filled with broken toys here and there. Over in the corner was Potter's owl cage. Empty and clean as if it hadn't been used in a couple of weeks. Then again it from what the Headmaster had told him, it hadn't.

He noticed the window nailed shut and walked over. The window overlooked the back garden. When he looked down to the ground, his heart stopped. Just off the back of the house, was the still form of a dark haired boy with lying in a heap on the ground. He was tied to a pole with a rope, and it seemed as if some of his limbs were at odd angles.

With his heart racing, he ran through the house and out the back door, not caring who heard him. Even if this was Potter, no child, or adult for that matter, deserved to be in that condition (except maybe true followers of the Dark Lord, and of course the creature himself.)

He reached the back garden and found Harry. He slowly rolled him over and noticed that the boy was unconscious and he was burning up. He ran a diagnostic spell and learned that Potter had at least one broken arm, a broken wrist, and broken leg, and from the sound of his breathing some broken ribs, as well as a concussion. It was a risk to move him but if he didn't he was sure to die.

Just as he was getting ready to pick the boy up, the uncle came storming out the back door shaking with rage. Evidently Snape's disillusion charm had expired.

"What in the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Who do you think you are to just come running through my house and into my garden? Put that boy down this instant, he is being punished! The filthy little freak!" He bellowed.

"You're one of them aren't you? I told that boy not to contact you freaks if he knew what was good for him. That's why I destroyed all of his letters!" Dursley continued still purple in the face.

Snape was furious.

"You are lucky I must get him medical attention before he dies! This is not over Dursley I will be back, mark my words, and when I do come back you all will suffer!"

With all the yelling Harry opened his eyes.

"Pr 'fs 'er?" he asked; his eyes gaunt, clouded and sunken.

"Shh Potter, I'm taking you back to Hogwarts." He tried to sooth.

He didn't like Potter but he knew what it was like to be beaten almost to death. He had returned to school like that himself a few times when he was younger; thanks to that bastard of a father of his. The Dursley's had cowered back over to the back doorway and were huddling in terror.

"M' stuff" Harry croaked.

"I've got your trunk Potter." The potions master replied.

"M' wand, cl-oak, map...ro'om un'er lose boar' un'er bed." Harry tried to explain.

"Do they know about it?" He asked the boy.

"No," was the reply he received from the weak child.

"Then do not worry Mr. Potter. It will be taken care of. For now we need to get you to Poppy," and with that Harry lost consciousness and Severus took off to the other side of the wards surrounding Privet Drive and apparated to the gates of Hogwarts.

He ran as fast as he was able without harming Harry too much. Once he entered the castle he took of straight toward the hospital wing. He passed Nearly Headless Nick in the corridor and commanded "Get the Headmaster, tell him to meet me in the infirmary! Now!" The ghost of Gryffindor took off through the ceilings and walls, and Snape continued on to the infirmary.

"POPPY!!" He called as he entered the wing.

Madam Pomfrey came bustling out of her office to see what was so important when she caught sight of him placing Harry Potter on the closest bed.

Pomfrey's hand went flying up to her mouth and tears welled in her eyes.

"Oh my lord, Severus what happened?!" She asked as she started tending to her patient.

"His family," he sneered. "From what little I've been able to tell, he has several broken bones, an infection, a concussion, a possible punctured lung, and he's been starved."

Just then the Headmaster came rushing in. He took one look at the boy and put his head in his hands.

"I've failed him," he sighed gravely. "I was supposed to keep him safe...just look at him now. Will he make it Poppy?"

She finished up running diagnostic spells on the poor boy and fed him several potions that Severus had retrieved from her stores.

"It's a matter of time Albus. He's in for a rough night. He has a broken arm, both wrists are broken, one of his legs, and one of his ankles, several ribs, one of which punctured his left lung, two mild concussions, a fever from infection (some of these have been broken probably since the day he got home), he's been starved..." She told them gravely. "He wouldn't of made it another hour if Severus hadn't of found him. I've given him skele-grow, blood replenisher, nourishment potion, restorative draught, tissue restorer for his lung, fever reducer, and a low dose of pain potion. I can't give him more or the others will not work. All we can do now is keep an eye on his condition and pray for the best." She informed them. "How could those horrible muggles do this to such a sweet boy?"

"Severus I need you to tell me everything that happened." Albus requested.

"Of course Headmaster." Severus led the way out of the hospital wing after the headmaster made sure Poppy would stay with Harry.

They approached the stone gargoyles "Sour Patch Straws," the headmaster stated, and the gargoyles jumped aside to reveal the moving staircase. They entered the office and Dumbledore conjured a tea service with chocolate biscuits.

After both men fixed themselves a cup of tea, Severus turned to his old mentor and stated "You wish to know the details of Mr. Potter's situation?"

"Yes, yes of course my dear boy. You'll have to excuse me; this is quite an upsetting discovery." He explained.

"Would you like a calming drought Albus?" Severus asked pulling out a vile of the potion.

"No no, not at the moment, keep it handy though, I may need it after you're done." He sighed.

"Of course headmaster," Severus replied.

Snape recounted the tale of what happened that night from the time he entered Number Four Privet Drive, till the time he reached the hospital with the boy. Half way through his telling, when he told the part about the cupboard under the stairs, the headmaster requested the calming drought. Severus was truly glad he accepted. Dumbledore had an infuriated look in his eyes, one that chilled Severus to the bone. An angry Dumbledore is not something he would like to come across. However, he would make an exception for the Dursley's.

"Oh yes, Albus I almost forgot; Potter mentioned something about his wand, the invisibility cloak, and a map? Being under a lose floorboard under his bed -if you want to call it that. He said the Dursley's do not know about it. It seems he was able to hide those items on himself until he could deposit the items in that location. Rather a stroke of luck the impertinent brat thought of doing that. His Owl cage also needs to be picked up. I have his trunk here." Severus took the shrunken trunk out of his pocked and placed it on the headmaster's desk.

"Thank you Severus, I will have Dobby see that it Mr. Potter gets his trunk. I think it would be safer if you were to go back and take care of retrieving Harry's things. I'm not sure the rest of us would be able to restrain ourselves." With that statement, that bloody annoying twinkle was back in Dumbledore's eyes.

Snape stood and replied "Very well, if you will allow me leave first thing in the morning before breakfast, I will retrieve the items."

Albus nodded his agreement and Snape left.

All was still for the rest of the night in the Infirmary. Madam Pomfrey stayed by the unconscious boy's side in case she noticed any change in his condition. "What kind of monsters would do this to a sweet little boy? Something will have to change." She said to herself. "I am sick and tired of seeing students come in here every year beaten and bruised to a pulp. There are one or two every year. If I could get a hold to those families I swear to Merlin himself that they'd regret what they do to these children." She stated to no one in particular.

Severus Snape woke up early the next morning, knowing he had some muggles to take care of. Albus knew Severus still did not like the boy but knew that having been abused as a child himself made him unable to tolerate this behavior toward any student, not even Harry Potter. Albus had made him promise last night not to do any permanent or traceable damage to the boy's family.

Severus stood, grabbed his things and headed to his bathroom for a nice hot shower to start the day; dressing in his usual black slacks, green button down shirt, and his black summer robe afterwards.

He stepped into the sitting room of his quarters.


A moment later a house elf appeared with big gold eyes.

"Yes Master Snape sir? What can Belkin get for Master?" He asked.

Belkin was one of the older house elves that lost the family he served to the last war. He came to work at Hogwarts when the headmaster found him trying to clean the house after the attack. He took to Severus quickly because the snarky git of a potions master reminded him closely of the family he was loyal to.

"I would like a quick light breakfast, with a cup of coffee." He told the elf as he made his way to the sofa.

"Yes sir, right away Master Snape sir!" In an instant the elf was gone with a 'pop.'

A moment later a tray appeared with a cup of coffee, some lightly browned toast, and a boiled egg. On one side was a dish of blackberry marmalade and butter. "That elf knows me too well." He smirked to himself.

After eating Severus called the elf again "Belkin!"

The old house elf appeared again and asked "Yes Master Severus? What can Belkin do for Master?"

"Please return the tray to the kitchen Belkin. Once that is done please inform the headmaster that I am leaving now. That will be all." He informed the elf.

"Belkin will return tray for Master Potions Master and then will tell Headmaster sir, that Master is leaving". Once again the old elf was gone with a 'pop!'

Snape tucked his wand in a hidden pocket inside his robes, and with that he made his way to the apparition barrier, and disapparated to Privet Drive.

He once again placed a disillusionment charm on himself; it would do no good to be seen, and made his way to Number four. He masked his magic and cast an 'Alohamora' on the door and entered without a sound. The family of three was just entering the kitchen.

Snape made his way up to the bedroom he knew to be Potter's, making sure to cast a silencing charm on himself as to not alert the muggles to his presence before he was ready. He opened the door that was to the boy's room and was suddenly overwhelmed with memories from his own childhood.


"No son of mine shall even speak to a filthy mudblood, never the less befriend one!" Raged Tobias Snape; at his 15 year old son Severus.

He raised his hand and brought his fist down right across the poor boy's face, who was curled up in a ball in the corner trying to protect himself from his irate father.

"You'll stay in this room with no food 'til you write that little Mudblood and tell her exactly what a Pureblood boy such as yourself really thinks of her! Is that understood?!" Tobias asked as he landed a kick in the boy's rib cage.

Young Severus took a sharp intake of breath and tried not to cry out. His father hated weakness.

"Only weak mudbloods, halfbloods, and vermin muggles show weakness boy!! You'll do good to learn that before you join our Master. He doesn't take too kindly to weak simpletons!" He always heard.

"Y-ye-yes sir Father!" the boy cried.

He knew that he had to do the one thing to chase away the only true friend he had ever had at Hogwarts. He knew his father would make that batty old house elf stay and make sure it was done. He had no choice. He had to write Lily and pray to Merlin that she was nice enough to allow him to explain when he got back to Hogwarts.

Young Severus cried himself to sleep that night; the first and last time that he had allowed himself to cry for a while. His father was right about one thing. It did no good to show weakness.


Severus shook his head clear of all the horrid memories of his own childhood. He had a job to do, that was it. He noiselessly hovered the bed out of the way and pulled up the loose floorboard. True to his word, there was Potter's wand, cloak, and an empty bit of parchment; which looked suspiciously like the same Potter had last year when he had caught him out after curfew. As well as half a sandwich, a cup of water, and a chocolate frog. He gathered the owl cage as well and shrunk and placed the items in his pockets and quickly left the room in search of the Dursley's.

He found the Dursley's, well the man and the boy, in the sitting room, eyes glued to that 'teevee' thing again. He removed the disillusionment charm and the silencing charm. He found Lily's sister in the kitchen placing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

She suddenly noticed the stranger in her house and screamed, dropping a dish and shattering it in the process.

"V-V-VERNON!! He he- HE'S BACK!! That freak that took the boy is back!!" Petunia Dursley screeched.

Vernon came barreling into the kitchen, purple faced and livid.

"YOU!!" he yelled. "Get out of my house! You are not welcome here nor anyone else of your kind!" He bellowed.

"Oh yes, you made us well aware of that by your treatment of Mr. Potter." Snape calmly stated, although his fierce eyes icy tone said otherwise. It took everything in his power not to use an Unforgivable on these miserable bloody muggles.

"You.." he rounded on Petunia. "You are Lily's sister, her own blood. Do you think she would have treated your fat oaf of a son there the same way you have treated hers?" He asked.

Petunia paled considerably at the mention of her deceased sister.

"Get out of my house this instant you freak!" Vernon roared all the while looking like he was about to have a stroke and shaking with rage.

The Potions Master smirked.

"Oh I will, but not before I teach you a lesson. You see, I myself am not very fond of Mr. Potter, but what you have done is beyond even my capabilities. I was however very fond of his mother. Why you remember me don't you Tunia?" He asked in a sweet voice, as he smirked; using Lily's nickname for her sister. If possible she paled even further, finally remembering her sister speaking of the 'Death Eater in training' as she once spoke of him.

"In fact, in revenge for your treatment of Lily's son, I shall let you feel everything that boy has felt at your hands for the last thirteen years. Every pain, be it physical, emotional, or mental, that you have cast upon that boy, will be felt by the caster for the next five years." He informed them.

"No matter how much you eat, you will feel the hunger, no matter how many muggle medicines you take, you will feel the pain, no matter the comfort, you will feel the hate. Just be glad that it is I here instead of Lily or James themselves. They would not be so generous."

With that to think of Severus Snape raised his wand.

"ACIOS EXIMUS FELIUS!!" He bellowed neatly flourishing his wand.

Once the incantation was finished a braid of red, dark purple, and white light shot from the man's wand. It encircled all three of the Dursleys, who were cowering away. The light seemed to split. The white light entered the boy, the red into the woman, and the dark purple into the beefy man.

Petunia at once grabbed her stomach and reached for the fridge. Vernon started apologizing and begging the voices to stop, and the boy grabbed the side of his ribs in pain.

Satisfied with the results, the Potions Master replaced the disillusionment charm on himself and left Privet Drive to return to Hogwarts.

Severus entered the castle and removed the charm, as he headed for the headmaster's office. He reached the stone gargoyle and gave the password -"licorice wands", and rode the stair case up to the office. Before he could even raise his hand to knock, the door opened.

Albus was sitting at his desk, with a dim twinkle in his eyes. He was obviously not pleased at the situation but glad it had been taken care of. He thought of young Harry as a grandson and the thought of what his relatives had done to him made his blood boil.

"Ahh Severus, just in time I see. Did you accomplish your goal?" He asked, eyes twinkling madly.

"Yes Headmaster, I retrieved Mr. Potter's possessions, and dealt with the Dursley's accordingly." He informed his boss.

"Ah yes, nothing to drastic I hope my dear boy? After all we do not need the ministry to get involved at this moment in time."

"No sir Albus, only a taste of what they truly deserve".

The headmaster's eyes bore into his and he knew that the old man knew what he had done. The spell itself was a borderline dark spell. If used in the wrong way I could cause severe consequences.

The headmaster shook his head. He was not pleased but understood. That was the least of what anyone else would have done so he supposed he should be grateful that it was done by Severus.

"Would you like some tea my boy? Or would you like to head to breakfast?" He asked the dour potions master.

"I think I shall return Mr. Potter's things to the hospital wing and then join the staff for breakfast." Severus replied.

"Very well my boy, and thank you for taking care of this little situation for us. It saddens me to think of what would have happened otherwise." He stated gravely. With that Snape stood and left the headmaster's office.

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