A cheap, commercial, materialistic holiday. Angel wanted nothing to do with it. It was tacky, stupid, and, and, and SO many other things she could mention! It was pathetic! Valentines day was so not her niche.

So why was she wearing all pink, fastening little heart barrettes in her hair, and strapping on those read heels she loved? Why was the kissing Collins on the cheek and running out to go meet Mimi, to break out the coloured pencils and deliciously white paper to write his name on it again and again and again, separated by little pink hearts?

Every since high school, when they'd deliver carnations all over the school, Mimi and Angel would each get one. From each other. And while others carried dozens and spoke of how it meant undying love, they'd laugh, and pick the petals of the ones they held and talk about how dumb it all was. How much they both hated it.

Then they'd trade cards, and tease each other for not wearing pink, and give each other little kisses on the cheeks. Angel would be the one to yell "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY," every time she saw Mimi that day, and Mimi in turn would give Angel a hearty "SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS,". And they'd laugh.

They made cards, and dressed up. They played matchmaker, and predicted the couples that would be new after that day. Then they'd roll their eyes and say how much they hated it. All of it.

She clutched her card, walking home with ears ringing of laughter with her best friend. She stepped into the apartment and was instantly swept up into the arms of her lover. Collins kissed her, matching her sweetness with his.

"I made you a card," she said breathlessly, when they pulled back from one another. Angel handed it to him, watching him grin and glow at the message inside. He kissed her again, and this time they didn't pull back.


Angel and Collins lay on the bed, clinging to each other, breathing heavily. She ran her fingers across his face and whispered, "I love you."

He kissed her hair, and replied into her neck. "I love you too."


Maybe she could learn to love valentine's day.

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