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Chapter 1

Bella's Business and the Bet.


"I'm home Mom!" I called dragging my feet into the house. I laid down my purse and sank into the tan colored couch we've had ever since I could remember.

"Oh! How did it go sweetie? Did you get the job?" My mom squealed tagging Dad behind her.

I had only been home for three days from college and my mom was already trying to get me a job in town. Not to mention a couple of dates. Which I thourhgly disagreed to. Guys in Forks are good friends... nothing more.

"It was a good interview. I liked the setting and everyone was real nice. Mrs. Holloway says hi. And Mr. Jenkins was actually nice to me this time. I guess he missed me." I smiled dipping some chips in a dip my mom had set out.

"But did you get the job?" I could tell my mom was going out of her mind waiting for some new gossip to spread around the entire Olympic peninsula.

"Uh...no." I said turning my face so I couldn't see her expression and she couldn't see mine.

"NO? Why not! I bet it was that evil corrupt Mrs. Deny. She always had it in for me every since Charlie and I got married and now she is taking it out on you! I should give her a piece of my mind. Why wouldn't she let you in? You're bright and intelligent and way more reliable than Jessica! But no! She got a job there no questions asked! I mean honestly, who can put up with someone like her, a caniving little..."

"Mom. Calm down. Mrs. Deny offered me the job. She was really sweet and sincere. Take a chill pill." Another dip with chips. This left time for mom to ask the next obvious question.

"So... if you were offered the job... what happened?" My dear mother was thoroughly confused.

"I didn't want it. It's not my style. So I graciously turned it down. I mean the banking business has never been my thing."

"So why did you go to the interview?" Mom's eyebrows puckered.

I laughed and put both hands on my mom's shoulders. "Because, mother. You told me to."

"Oh... I guess that's true." She blushed and moved on. "So what is your type of job?"

"Well, seeing that I'm in school for journalism... a job at the local newspaper or something in that area would be nice..." This dip was really quite good. "I actually have to have a journalist job as one of the things I have to do for the course I'm taking next semester. Either do a little low pay freelance or work at the school paper... and the lader is not an option." I shivered at the thought of working with all those up-tight classy people rubbing their snobby and snotty noises in every word I wrote.

"Well I know somebody that works at the Peninsula Periodical." Charlie joined in on the conversation once his wife had settled in and calmed down with the cheesy goodness of the dip she made. [Peninsula Periodical isn't an actual newspaper... I just thought it was catchy

"No thanks guys. I just want to relax this summer. I feel like I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in forever. I haven't even had time to have a total college experience. And I've been there two and a half years!" I stretched out on the couch. The mention of sleep was making me tired. "It's fun though. A challenge but I've always loved thoughs." I was getting really comfortable on the ancient tan couch. "Writing on a short notice is harder than if looks. It doesn't always just come to you. But at Peperdine they force it out of you. Ugh... Professor Kenly is sooo unreasonable." I was speaking into a new throw pillow at this point. My train of thought was slipping. "One time he wanted us to go outside and ask someone what color the... the... the moon was and what cheese they liked on their computers." The last sentence was complete nonsense because I got it mixed up with other thoughts I had. But they didn't make sense either... so I slipped into unconsciousness without a fight.

-- -- ----- --- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The following day I spent it with mom shopping for new clothes. Dad wanted the day with me as well but when he found out what Mom and I had planned he stepped down saying that he had already made plans to fish with Billy. But I don't remember ever when Dad went fishing in the afternoon.

Eleven stylish tops, five sweaters, seven pairs of pants, four new pairs of shoes, and a bill Mom didn't let me see later, we were on out way home with some cheesy chick flicks in our hands ready to watch Dad run to the nearest place that will make him feel more manly.

"Hey kid! Wow, that's a lot of bags. Need any help?" Dad staggered to the door holding it open for us.

"Eh, naw we got it. We women have amazing arm strength when it comes in handy." I said dropping an American Eagle bag on the floor.

"And when she says 'handy' she means when the new outdoor class collection from A&F is on the line." Mom said with a smile. Also dropping the many shopping bags at her feet.

Dad just nodded and smiled completely oblivious of what we were talking about.

"Oh I almost forgot, some lady called. She wanted to talk to you. I don't know what about but I wrote her number on the pad." Charlie said casually on his way to the TV probably to watch some basketball or something.

I stumbled over to the corded phone by the kitchen. I faintly heard my mom's voice say, "Ei, Ei, we're not watching that tonight. We're watching this." Then I heard a groan from my father.

I dialed the number on the sticky pad. It didn't look familiar.

"Hello, Cherry Lovis, who is speaking?" I perky yet athorative voice spoke through.

"Um, this is Bella, Bella Swan. I heard that you tried to contact me earlier." It was more like a question. I could never trust Dad's not taking ability.

"Oh! The student from Peperdine yes. Yes. This is Cherry Lovis, the editor of Makeshift Magazine."

"Oh...okay. Is there something I can do for you?" I had a creeping suspicion of what this conversation was going to be about.

"Well, we know that next semester your going to need a journalistic job and I've been reading through the résumés of your fellow classmates. And I've read yours and it blew my mind and I would like to offer you a job working for this magazine." I nodded not letting it all sink in yet. "It's nothing huge. Just a few articles here and there. It's more like freelancing but it should work out for you and your schedule. A couple of 2,000 word articles a month at most. It's all we're looking for. And we'll pay you our internship price."

I nodded again. It seemed very reasonable. But I still had some questions, it still seemed a bit shaky to me. "We are you located?"

"We are in the Santa Barbra area but you can just send in your material in the mail or e-mail whatever works for you."

"And how many articles exactly would I have to write? I like to be very punctual and exact."

"Well if we like what your first assignment is we'll keep you on a retainer and whenever we have something we think you can handle we'll send it your way. The retainer is if we REALLY love what you did with your first assignment."

"Okay... um, do you normally do phone interviews. Just wondering."

"With students we do. We feel like it's easier on everybody."

"Okay, and what type of magazine is... um, Makeshift?"

"It's a glamour, tabloid, all around girl mag."

Not my type of writing exactly but in this business I couldn't afford to be picky.

"And what would the first assignment be?"

"I'll let you know if you accept the job." A pause ensued.

"Can you hold for just a moment? I need to consult my best-friend."

"Sure, but I can only talk for another four minutes. I have clients coming in."

"Mom!" I shouted after a covered the mouthpiece. She slipped into the room and I filled her in on everything.

"Of course! Take it! How many offers are you going to get without an official interview." My mother squealed.

"Yeah but what about the first assignment. It could make or break me and what if it's really ridiculous." I was whining now.

"Oh it would be so much fun! Come take it!" The smiled with pure excitement in her mind.

"Cherry?" I spoke into the receiver.

"Yes, have you made a decision?"

"Yup. I'm in."

"Great! Welcome and good luck! Do you want to hear your first piece?"

"Yes." I said breathlessly.

"How to lose a guy in ten days."


"Your going to write an article on what the best techniques are to get rid of a guy in ten days."

"Why?" That seemed like a stupid idea. Why would someone want to have a guy get rid of them, can't the girls just get rid of them their selves?

"It's fun! And we've had a lot of women ask for this type of thing. I'm sure it'll be a big hit. And with what I've seen with your other works I'm sure you'll be great."

I was speechless. This has to be a joke.

"Well, I have to go. I'll e-mail you the details. Talk to you later."

My mom burst out hardly before Cherry hung up. "We should celebrate! Let's go to that new bar... oh what's it called... Dawn & Dusk. Yeah that's it."

The whole thing was very strange... not normal. I hung the receiver up and turned to my mom still a bit dumbfounded.

"Know any single guys I can mess with?"

--- --- --- --- --- --- 0 0 0 0 --- --- --- --- --- 0 0 0 0 0--- --- ---- ---- 0 0 0 0 --- --- --- --- ---


"You have to admit that was pretty hilarious." Emmett howled coming out of the Sun and Ski store "I don't think I've ever seen a girl her age pee in her pants so easily."

"Poor thing. Edward you didn't have to scare the beekeepers out of her like that." Esme cooed.

"It wasn't my fault she just happened to be in the exact spot I wanted to be." I shrugged. "I honestly didn't know she was there. Everyone in that store smelled the same and they're all over the place. I must be losing it or something."

Everyone just laughed.

"The look on her face. PRICELESS! And then you went and picked her up and she fainted again!" Emmett couldn't get enough. He was running the scene over in his head. Over and Over and Over.

"Well I'm glad someone enjoyed themselves on this trip." Alice pouted. We ran out of the store earlier than she would have liked. My little incident stopped us short. We could have gone on but Emmett and Jasper wouldn't shut-up.

Alice shot me a hate filled glance. Jasper calmed her and Emmett down.

"The poor dear though..." Esme just said.

"Come on mom. You have to admit it was pretty funny." Rosalie chimed in.

"I think it's awful. Edward really." She gave me a disapproving look.

"Yeah, we all know you're too desperate but man don't you like to advance quick?" Emmett joked.

I growled as we jumped into the car and sped off toward the interstate. "Why is everyone picking on me? It wasn't my fault! I didn't mean to. If I knew she was there I wouldn't have..."

"You wouldn't have made her faint and pee in her pants... twice. Once for scaring her and once for charming her out of her mind." Jasper grinned enjoying that someone else was the center of attention for doing something concerning humans.

"Okay, Okay. You guys win. I have trouble with the ladies." I was humoring them, and they did find it humorous. "But everyone of you would have had the same reaction out of her."

"I don't know about that." Alice trilled. "Remember when we went to see that movie and you and Carlisle went to get the tickets and the girl standing behind you stepped back a couple of steps, after staring at you."

Jasper laughed. "I remember that girl. She didn't know why but she was scared of you."

"And the other time at the library at school, you, Emmett and Rosy were in the reference section and that poor old lady! She didn't see it coming. I wonder if she is al right now. That heart attack was unusual." Alice said very matter-of-factly. "Course, vampires in the library are unusual too."

We all laughed. And soon all the funny memories of humans and me arose. It was hilarious for the person not on the butt end of the jokes.

We were home now and Rosy and Jasper were filling in Carlisle on the pee girl incident.

"... And then when she finally came back, she saw Edward's arms around her holding her up. And she fainted AGAIN!" The rounds of laughter never ceasing.

"Ha-ha, that's like the time when Edward was an intern at the hospital and Alexia Micelle was on duty watching over Beth and both of them screamed when Edward came into the room and Alexia spilled the smoothie in her hands and Beth throw-up and we had to give her another shot of sedatives."

Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. ha-ha.. Very funny. It was all getting really old.

"You know I bet Edward couldn't keep a girl for more than ten days." Emmett boomed. If he were human I would have suspected him drunk.

"Oh yeah? For how much?" I said without thinking. Gambling faces were pulled on by everyone.

"I bet that you can't date a girl and keep her for ten days for... ten thousand dollars... and sixty eight cense." Emmett said quite sober now.

"All right, I bet twenty-four thousand I can." I took the money out of my pocket and placed it on the decorative bowl on the coffee table. Soon everybody was putting money in the pot making the total winnings just under one million.

"All right Edie, we're going to get you a date!" Rosy clapped along with Alice as they danced around in circles.

"You do realize this is all very immature and unethical." I stated.

"But it's fun!" Alice giggled trying to get me off my feet and join them but my feminine- girly side didn't feeling like skipping at the moment.

Esme just had a smug smile on her face. Her thoughts were trying to keep me out of what was really going on through her head. But I had a pretty good idea she was happy I was trying to date a girl even though it was someone human and for only ten days.

I was actually thinking, they didn't rule out dating vampires. They just said I had to go out with a girl for at least ten days. Maybe I could go to Alaska and see Tanya...

"No, no Edward! No vampire girls! That's a deal breaker right there. It's no fun! Even though watching Tanya's face would be funny... You have to be with a human girl. Vampire girls are off limits." Alice chirped. "Plus, I really don't think there is a dating service for vampires."

Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

I sighed.

"How much time do I have?"

"Meh, it doesn't matter. You have to met a girl first." Rosy announced.

"EHEAHEHAEHEOOOOW!" Alice jumped higher than I've ever seen her go. "We need to go shopping for datable clothes!" I groaned.

"What's wrong with the clothes I have now?" I asked. The clothes on my back seemed nice enough. Alice wouldn't let me walk out the door if I wasn't wearing something designer.

"Well... yeah... but what's the fun in that?" Alice said plainly.

"Oh where indeed?" Sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

A car load full of clothes that I was likely never going to wear later, we went home and Alice was all ready picking out my outfit to go to the bar I was supposedly going to. Dawn & Dusk.

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