Fandom: YuGiOh

Title : Theft Of His Heart

Pairing : Akefia/Yuge

Rating: M-ish

Warning: Egypt! Kinda AU, since i put Yugi in the past...hehe...its nice to be the author X3, Lang, Lemon-ish

Dedication: Since I was reading Old Love when this popped in my head (not sure why, TOTALLY different pairings...) i guess dedicated to The Blonde Midget. GO! WORSHIP HER!

Authors Notes: Yuge is Yugi in Ancient Egypt, he is Atem's little brother, 2 years younger.

Summary : Yugi has started remembering his previous life...and lover. Now that he remembers, what will happen when he tells Yami and a certain Tomb Raider overhears? (Remember YugePast Yugi)

--The Past, Ancient Egypt--

Yuge arched up as his lover hit his spot once again. He buried his hands in spiky, dirty white hair and held on as his lover took him hard.


Everyone treated him like glass, to fragile to touch, and as such, Yuge started craving touches. Not-very-innocent touches. Akefia had been breaking into the palace -again- and had gotten himself caught.


Yuge had been wandering around the palace when he had heard the guards talking about the theif. He snuck down to see what the fuss was about, and finally found the theif's cell.

Akefia had been relieved of his white kilt and cloak and was in a pair of dirty white pants. He was doing pull ups on a root sticking out of the ceiling.

Yuge was hooked. The thief was beautiful. Yuge begain to wonder.

Could Akefia stop the cravings?

Akefia looked down at the boy in his cell. It was a mini pharaoh!

"Who the hell are you?"

Yuge just smiled lightly at his new crush. "I'm Yuge, Atem's little brother and the boy who is about to save you."

Akefia just looked blankly at him.

Yuge smiled, before taking on a scowl and turning to a guard, "YOU! GUARD!"

The guard rushed forward. moving to the small boys side. He was close friends with the boy, and owed the boy much.

"Yes Lord Yuge?"

"Get Lemi and take Akefia to my room. No one is to see you, okay? After your shift is over we will announce he escaped. Got it, Jono?"

Jono sighed and nodded. "Yes Yuge"

Twenty Minutes later found Akefia thrown into Yuge's room, his clothes right after.

Yuge looked at Lemi and Jono. "Go do your rounds. After you get back to the cell, announce he's gone. That should be about 35 minutes right?"

Jono nodded, the two bowed and were gone.

Yuge turned to the man in front of him.

Akefia had redressed, and was standing in front of Yuge, face blank.

"What do you want, Yuge?"

Yuge just smiled again and walked over to the tomb raider.

He picked up Akefia's hand and smiled.

"To be touched without the threat of breaking. To submit. Make me submit?"

Those words started an almost 300 moon love tryst, Akefia showing up and sneaking in every 4-5 moons. It wasn't until their fourth meeting, about 23 moons in, that they finally went all the way. And Akefia was surprised as to what happened.

Yuge confessed to loving him, and had taken to sobbing when Akefia hadn't answered. And he answered truthfully when he did.

He had never loved, but he would try, for Yuge.

Over the time they spent together, Akefia realized he was rewarded with things he had never experienced before.

Yuge burned only for him. Trusted him with fatal secrets, like his brother and the high priests relationship, and the fact that his brother was deathly allergic to cinnamon and dates. The fact that Yuge alone could make his brother do whatever he wished. Atem was wrapped around his finger.

Akefia had never felt more vulnerable, but he had never confessed that to Yuge.

They had slowly grown into love, but it was deep, if slow. As such, tonight was the first night Yuge had ever allowed Akefia to bed him in somwhere other than his mattress.

They were in the sceneted bath waters of Yuges private bathing area, Lemi and Jono watching at the door.

Akefia held a hand ove Yuge's mouth as his lover came with a breathless scream, his release seeping into the water. Another thrust, and Akefai followed, emptying his liquid passion into the deep heat of his love.

Yuge smiled, laying against the chest of his thief, The thief of his heart. He smiled to himself. That was corny, even in his head.


The Present


Yugi mumbled and slowly woke up, smilng. It had been a month since he had started remembering his past life, and love.

He grimaced when he noticed his sheets were wet. Dammit.

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