Kenosu: this came out from my imagination

Kai: figures

Kenosu: what did you just say?

Kai: yeesh you're such a hot head

Kishio: guys, guys quiet I'm trying to read here

Kai: what exactly are you reading?

Kishio: nothing really

Kai: oh really –tackles Kishio to the floor-

Kishio: -fights Kai-

Kenosu now that I'm alone I could say what I want to

Warnings: possible shounen-ai (don't like don't read), my crazy mind at work (yes readers this is a warning) and uhh complete craziness (I think I mentioned that before)

Disclaimer: well I own my pet pawprintand the still fighting egos back there, that's all I'll ever own

Somekind of summary: Do you ever wonder what Dark and Krad do after they were sealed? Well yeah there's the floating-in-the-darkness-forever theory but what if you used my mind? Well I'm just gonna type it down, anyway.


"Krad, stop this already" Dark panted

"why would I, afraid to lose Dark-chan?" Krad teased

"because no one ever did record our scores so we won't even know who's beating who in this stupid game" Dark swung the tennis racket above his head

"oh yeah I forgot" Krad replied dropping the annoying yellow ball and letting it fall into nothingness. Their imaginary tennis court vanished leaving the two floating into what looked like an abstract painting. "Dark would you change the fucking background it's hurting my eyes"

"fine, fine" as he imagined another background this time showing babes wearing bikinis in the beach "happy now?"

"hmm nice I like this girl" Krad floated closer to the girl who was wearing band-aids, literally.

"where the hell did that come from?!" dark backed away from the background but it seemed that it was getting closer

"my wonderful imagination" Krad danced around. Dark twitched


"geez how long is it now?"

"hell I don't know they don't have clocks in this place"

"darned painting"

"well at least we could imagine anything we want here" dark replied imagining beer which appeared in front of him, taking it all down in one gulp, having that beer mustache and wiping it off

"yeah as if things here are real" Krad complained imagining himself in a bar complete with the stage…and the pole, the only thing missing is the dancer.

"well it looks real to me" dark sat beside Krad in the bar ordering a tequila from the floating bottles which worked expertly.

"heck you call that real" Krad pointed to the bottles that are pouring Dark's request


"I want real hot babes grinding on my lap" and one appeared in Krad's lap.

"well, you were saying"

"they aren't real, no emotions or what so ever, and they act among my minds request, I want someone whose moves are unpredictable"

"somehow I don't like where this is going" dark complained slowly sipping his drink, but it seemed like Krad didn't hear him

"heck I'll even pass for a bisexual in this case" with this Dark started to inch away from the perverted blond, but somehow it seemed that he was never moving

"well I've gotta sleep, ya know?" Dark complained imagining Daisuke's room

"why his room?"

"I got used to his room"

"oh well then where will I sleep?"

"imagine a room of your own" Dark replied, climbing to his bed. Krad whimpered suddenly looking like a stray cat abandoned in the rain "what?"

"nothing much" Krad sighed as he imagined Satoshi's king sized bed and climbing in it to get some rest. Dark felt relieved and soon fell asleep, he didn't know what will happen when he wakes up, no he wont. But I might.

TBC, I think


Kenosu: this is the shortest thing I have ever posted so far ----

Kai: you're just lazy

Kishio: I agree

Kenosu: don't rub it in

Kai: stop being lazy it rubs on us and later we will be like Kenosu!!

Kishio: what's wrong with that?

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