Okay . . . –clears throat- I know that most of you are probably thinking "what the hell this again?!?!?!" I just realized a very embarrassing thought

While I was here, cutting my wrists because I'm getting no votes for my poll, I asked a friend of mine to check on my account to vote. She then told me that it wasn't there.

Sooooooo, I checked in it and saw that the "show in my profile" thingy was in "no"

So I cut my wrists again and switched it to yes

So I went here to tell you all that went to my profile and searched for the poll and promptly thought "what the hell?" and restarted the server a few time to make sure and still see nothing . . . sorry about that

Oh by the way, I really need the poll for future parings, or, in my newly added choice, no parings at all. If you really want the parings better hand in the answers. The one-shot sequel for this is not going to have parings, it would mostly focus on Krad and Dark's life before meeting up with the others, and a snippet of how Akeno, well . . . became Akeno, and what happened to them after the incantation and such.

One last thing, I don't really cut my wrists –shifty eyes-

Sorry about this again kay'?