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Nowhere but the Future


Danny was in a fitful sleep as Maddie entered his room. There was tiny beads of sweat pouring from his face, and he was turning constantly, muttering mostly incoherent things. The few that were loud enough to here were statements such as, "I'm not you!" and "No, please don't... You. Leave. Them. ALONE!!". maddie felt a small, wet tear trickle down her face; no wonder he hated to sleep, with night terrors like that it was no wonder. Every night...

"There there..." Maddie said quietly, softly rubbing his forehead. "I'm here Danny, I'm here..."

The raven-haired boy continued to thrash in his bed. Maddie heard him mutter something else, "Goin' Ghost..." her son's dreams were so mysterious. He often said strange things like that in his sleep. Frowning, she gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

Danny tossed again, mumbling inaudibly until suddenly screaming, "STOP! DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT TO THEM!!" then he raised his hand, which started to become a glowing green colour. Maddie watched in shock, as an ecto-plasmic beam was fired straight at the wardrobe door, creating a searing, smoking hole. Maddie gasped; she was sure that that was ectoplasm. And, it had come from her son's hand as he slept through night terrors! Her first thought was that he was overshadowed. But... it just didn't seem right for some reason. The question was, how could Danny do that? Did he even consciously know he could do it?

His hands were still wavering with bright green ecto-energy. Maddie backed away, although unaware she was doing so. Her son suddenly let out a deafening scream, his eyes snapping open as he sat bolt upright. He looked around quickly, spotting his mother. After he saw her, he'd visibly calmed, but his eyes scared her. His eyes were a bright, emerald green, glowing through the darkness of his own room.

Danny looked quickly down at his hands and gasped as he saw the energy radiating off them. Immediately the energy went away and he looked shocked, eyes becoming their normal, icy blue. Maddy looked at him with a face full of shock and more-so, concern. "...Danny?"

"...Mom..." he whispered. "Oh crud."

"Is there something you're not telling me...?"

"I... uh, no!" Danny replied. "There's nothing wrong!"

"There might be nothing wrong, but there is something that's up. Please, tell me what's going on..."

"It's nothing!" Danny hissed, turning over under his covers. "You know, just me having night terrors, nothing really unusual."

Maddie shook her head. "Don't you give me the cold shoulder, young man! You shot an ectoplasmic blast from your hand in your sleep, and made a smokey hole in your wardrobe. Now tell me, why do you have control over ectoplasm, and also, where is the ectoplasm coming from in the first place?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Danny said, still facing the oppisite direction. "I don't know what you're playing at, but please, just let me sleep..."

"Danny, your eyes were the same ecto-plasmic green as many, many ghosts! There is something going on, why won't you tell me...? We used to be so close..."

Maddie noticed her son was getting rather shaky and nervous. A more intense nervousness than that he shows when we show him the newest in our ghost-hunting weaponry designs, so this was quite shocking to her. Quite suddenly, he became clear and transparent, although still visible, and fell through his bed, landing with a thump on the floor beneath.

"Danny, tell me." she said, devoid of any emotion. "Tell me what's going on." he crawled out from underneath the bed and got back on top of it.

"No. There's nothing going on."

Maddie found herself losing patience. "You're displaying signs of ghost powers, for Pete's sake! Danny, what happened to you?! You just can't be a ghost... I know you can't..."

"All the more reason to leave my room and think nothing more of this, then." Danny replied, as a blueish mist rose from his breath. His head fell into his pillow and Maddie thought she'd heard a muffled "No...".

Danny's head rose from his pillow. "Mum, I've got to go to the bathroom." without waiting for an answer, he stood up and bolted in the appropriate direction, only to be grabbed by an invisible force.

"Why hello, Daniel. What a surprise to see you here." a dissembodied voice sneered.

"Gee, it's only my own house. Wouldn't expect to see me here, would you fruit loop? You're thicker than the sugar in that cereal."

Vlad appeared into full view. "Now honestly Daniel, you know my name is not 'fruit loop'. I have come here to deal with you as the businesman that I am."

Maddie quickly hid around the wall, where she couldn't be seen, and peered around it. There, she saw the Wisconsin Ghost, holding Danny by his hand and letting him dangle from it. "Let go of my son!" she yelled, whipping out an ecto-gun, ready to fire. But Vlad was much to quick for her, firing his own pink ecto-blast and completely incinirating it.

"Ah... Maddie... So good of you to join us. You see, I was just about to make a deal with young Daniel here concerning you."

"You leave her out of it, fruit loop!" Danny said, swinging himself to try and kick the ghost's torso. However it just became intangibl and rendered the feeble attack completely useless.

Vlad shook his head. "With all honesty, do you really think that you could do that to me?"

"Funny. I've never known you to be honest."

Maddie couldn't believe her ears; her son was back-chatting to a ghost. And not just any ghost, either. This was the highly dangerous Wisconsin Ghost. Right underneath that Danny Phantom in Jack and her's list of 'Most Wanted Ghosts'.

"Now, before you most rudely interupt again, Daniel, like I said, I have a proposition. Right here, right now, reveal yourself to your mother. If you don't or try to reveal mine, I won't just destroy you, I'll make sure you have a very long and painful death, where they'll not find your body until the Winter is over and gone. What do you say?"

"I. Say. No." Danny said firmly.

"Okay then." Vlad said rather casually. "But, what if I where to, say, take it out on your oxymoron of a father? Then how would you feel, because you know that I will."

Maddie was actually feeling left out, as she watched Danny and the Wisconsin Ghost insult and deal with each other. She was very impressed with the calm way Danny was handling himself, but what did 'reveal yourself' mean? Did it have something with the ecto-blast, the accidental shift out of phase or the bright, haunted green eyes...?

She didn't know. All she did know, was that her little boy was in great danger, and apparently, so was her husband.

Author's Note:

Moonlight: There you go, the first part of Nowhere but the Future. The title will make much more sense when I finish the other half, trust me.

Kris: Anyway, I think Moonlight did this because she needed a small break from Forever a Phantom and the other multi-chapters that she's juggling.

Moonlight: Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Please review, remember I love constructive criticism XD however I don't like flames, and no one else does either. So do everyone a favour and keep your mouth shut if you only have bad things to say. Hope you enjoyed this!