I glanced up at Haruhi who was staring at me with a cute questioning pout. Miss Asahina and Itsuki had been sent out to get more tea so the only ones in the room were myself, Haruhi and Miss Nagato who was reading in the corner as usual. "What?"

"If I jumped off the roof of the school building, what would you do?"

I shrugged and continued my homework, hoping to finish it before we left "I wouldn't let you jump off the roof you idiot."

Haruhi wasn't satisfied "But what if you were too late to stop me? What if you were below me when I jumped?" she demanded leaning across the table.

I frowned and looked up, her brown eyes locked with mine stubbornly "Are you going to jump off the school roof anytime soon?"


"Then what does it matter?"

Haruhi glared at me "Just answer the damn question Kyon."

I sighed and met her gaze. After everything that's happened she asks me a stupid question like this? "If I answer the question will you let me finish my homework in peace?"

"If I'm happy with your answer." Haruhi agreed leaning further on the table.

I placed my pen on my workbork and crossed my arms "Haruhi, if you were stupid enough to jump off the roof of the school building and I couldn't stop you due to being below you on the ground," I smirked "I'd let you fall."

"Kyon!" Haruhi snapped slamming her hand on the table. I chuckled at her reaction.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Like I'd let you fall Haruhi." The supposed-goddess huffed pouting cutely "If you jumped off the roof I'd just catch you."

Haruhi blinked "You'd catch me."

"Yeah." I whispered staring into her stunned brown eyes "I'd catch you."

After a moment she frowned "Wouldn't that just injure you instead of me?"

I sighed and picked up my pen again. Way to ruin the moment.

This is just something very random I jotted down before going to sleep last night. I thought it was cute so I decided to post it. Hope you liked it.