Beautiful music flowed from the governor's house. The gentle notes of the piano flowed through the air and disappeared through the dusk. Will Turner followed the sound, unaccustomed to it. When did the governor get a piano? He thought, and then with a smile, added, "He must have bought it for Elizabeth…" Will twisted through the grand corridors until he landed at a room, the doors just barely open. The music came through the double doors, the soft, beautiful melody tinkling through the small space.

When Will saw the musician, his face paled noticeably and he burst through the doors without so much as a second thought. "Jack!" He exclaimed, staring at the pirate. "What the bloody hells are you doing here?" Jack looked up innocently from his seat at the piano, his fingers still hanging over the keys. "Oi, g'day, Will," he said brightly, brushing himself off and standing up. "How are you?" But Will wasn't fooled. He glared at Jack, his honey-colored eyes burning. "Why are you here?"

Jack put a finger to his lips, as if he was contemplating the many reasons for his unexpected visit at the governor's house at Port Royal. "…I don't know," he finally replied, still keeping his voice cheery. Will sighed, remembering how hard it was to get the truth from the pirate captain. "How did you get in?" "Through the front entrance, mate. Tell the governor that his security could use a bit more work, will you?" Will sighed again, frustration growing with the other man.

It was quiet for a few moments, before Will spoke again. "Jack," he said softly, "Where did you learn to play the piano like that?" he asked, looking at him intently. Jack looked down before shrugging. "I can't remember," he lied, and then began to make his way out of the room. Will stopped him, putting his arms up against the doors, his back pressed against it. "You taught me how to bargain, remember, Jack?" he said, a smile on his face. "I have the upper hand here. If you tell me how you learned to play the piano, and teach me how to do it, then I will not call the royal guards on you. Savvy?" he asked, using Jack's favorite phrase.

Jack smiled in return. "I taught you well, son," he said, before he pinned Will to the wall, his arms on either side of the blacksmith's shoulders. He leaned in close, a smile playing on his features. "But I'm the pirate, so I know better," he murmured before he closed the gap between them, connecting their lips for a brief instant. Will froze in shock as Jack pulled away slowly. The pirate maneuvered to the window, opened it, and right before he jumped out, he turned to Will. "Meet me here tomorrow, same time, if you want to learn to play." He turned again, the stopped, and faced Will one last time. "Oh, and Will?"

The furiously blushing young man looked up at the mention of his name. Jack grinned and licked his lips. "Thanks for the kiss," he purred, before he leapt. Will covered his mouth with his hand, and rushed to the window, but it was no use; the wily captain had disappeared onto the streets. Will flushed in embarrassment and anger. "I'm married, you know!" he screamed out into the night. He could've sworn he heard laughter in reply.


Eh. Sorry that one's so FAST; I had a real urge to get this done, and not a lot of time to do so. I promise that I'll try not to speed the rest of the chapters; please forgive me poor, poor self. Ta. XD