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Summary –This is a story in which Kyon behaves more…"Kyon-like" than in the original series. Many laughs, many tears. Also features Kyon-pursuing Haruhi.

(Feb 28, 2008 -Edited for a "less-squashed" look)

The Really "Kyon" Kyon

The bright, sun-lit classroom was filled with light chatter this morning, as the students that occupied it began to talk amongst themselves. Some with a few of their friends, some with those they don't know, and many with the intention of asking where certain facilities are as they paced between the rows of desks.

Yes -it was the start of another school year.

And among the giggles, banters, and the occasional yelps, a mound of the school's uniform (female) sat unmoving on a chair, the top leaning on the desk in front and covered in a long mop of dark brown hair tied by a yellow headband.

Suzumiya Haruhi wasn't impressed.

Here was a girl who, like many others, had the simple desire of encountering the unusual, be it an alien contact, a run-in with a time-traveller, or even just an ESP user fighting a shiny monster-thing in her city. When she was in middle school she decided to actively search for various phenomenons on her own, often leading her to small troubles that were fortunately overlooked by authority figures as "a phase".

As the time came for Haruhi to prepare for the first day of high school the next day, she faltered- What if nothing happens? What if she never gets to lead an exciting life and just go through school, become an adult, grow old, and then… nothing?

She shook her own head and tried to convince herself that a new school may bring just what, or who, is needed –with a large body of students mostly consisting of fresh faces, the possibilities are endless!

A muffled groan came out from the head buried in a pair of arms. Suzumiya Haruhi wasn't just unimpressed –she was disappointed!

"Settle down, everyone! We're starting in about five minutes!"

"Oh, great!" she muttered as her head popped up slightly. Looks like another year of school beginning with the usual, predictable routine, Haruhi thought. It was the same every time -get into your seat, quiet down, introduce yourselves…

That's when she heard it.

It was a small, mumbling sound at first, coming from the direction of the hallways. But as the source came nearer she concluded that it was evidently a voice, male. A student, perhaps? Few moments passed, during which the voice grew gradually louder (enough to pick up a few words like 'halls' and 'floor') until it was clear that whoever it was, he's coming for this classroom.

By now all of Haruhi's classmates grew quiet, no doubt just as curious as her regarding the rather loud speaker. A few hushed whispers still hung in the air, though, and Haruhi, despite the fact that she was concentrating on the voice, caught a hint of a particularly panicky discussion –"…It's Kyon!"

The booming speech promptly stopped at the same time as a set of clacking footsteps, and the occupants of the room were completely silent, waiting, waiting, waiting...


The door swung open as the declaration echoed all throughout, revealing a tall, brown haired teen in his school uniform. His eyes were widened as if shocked, and scanned various parts of the room -from the students to the chalkboard- as he briskly walked in.


Reaching the teacher, who flinched as they made eye contact, the teen handed him a slip of paper and a few forms from his pocket. Glimpsing back and forth between the contents of the documents and the strange student, he eventually pointed towards one of the chairs in the classroom.

"THANK YOU, SENSEI!" he responded, and then proceeded to walk –to the desk right in front of Haruhi's.

Her heart thumped as the boy, followed closely by numerous pairs of eyes, quietly sat down and turned to rigidly face the teacher's table at the front of the class. Mouth slightly hanging, Haruhi unknowingly began to lean little by little towards him shakily, as if to get a better look in order to confirm that this young man is indeed real.

She yelped in surprise as the teen turned back at an impossible speed to face her. Extending his own hand a little, he said-

"Hi, I'm real."

Suzumiya Haruhi never felt so excited in her entire life.

After the students ran out of class to head for their respective homes, the usually energetic girl slinked face first onto the top of her desk, mind working at a million miles per hour as she thought back to the day's event.

Soon after the greeting from him, the classes started up and everyone settled down onto their seats (Or at least, tried to). Some moments later, the teacher fumbled with the attendance sheet in his hands and told the students to introduce themselves as he called their names.

Everyone felt the dread and/or anticipation emitting from each other during the rounds of "Hello, I'm…" as they knew that, inevitably, his turn will come up.

Five minutes into the routine, the breath of twenty six people hitched as the strange young man stood up stiffly after being called.

Clearing his throat, he began with –"Hi, my name's-"

'Ohmanohmanohmanohmanohman…' thought Haruhi.

"…and I'm a high school student. I don't have any hobbies in particular, and usually speak my mind in the form of sarcastic retorts when walking."

And then he sat down with a thump, which jolted the poor girl behind him.

No one dared to make a big commotion out of it despite the fact that his words floated in their heads dizzily, and by the time it was Haruhi's turn, she almost missed hearing her name. Standing up nervously, she tried not to notice the intense stare of the tall boy who twisted around to look at her.

"H-hello, I'm Suzumiya-"


"-H-Haruhi. Um, and my hobbies…um…I like…"


"Err… time…Espers…"


"I like aliens!"

Her entire body reddened as soon as the words left her mouth. Feeling self-conscious for the first time since she finished elementary school, Haruhi slumped onto the chair, staring down at her folded hands.

The rest of the class was a blur to her as she mentally scolded herself through it all, and by lunch time the boy, dubbed "Kyon" by everyone else, was swarmed with half of the class asking him odd questions. The other half whispered amongst themselves, occasionally glimpsing at the center of the crowd and trying to suppress a giggle.

Missing her chance to talk to "Kyon" one-on-one, Haruhi munched on her lunch silently as the young man at the heart of the cluster did so too, mumbling incoherent replies from time to time stoically.

It was only during the few minutes before the school finished that Haruhi found the opportunity to talk to him, which came in the form of a dropped, half-used eraser.

Picking it up quickly (lest Kyon does so first) then slowly lifting her head, she found the pair of glistening, almost wild eyes looking back.

"Umm… here you go." Haruhi whispered as she slowly took one of his hands and placed the little square on the palm.

Kyon said nothing for a little while, and when he seemed to have realized that she has yet to release his digits, the boy responded with –"Thanks, so you can let go now."

Loosening the hold reluctantly, the girl was about to speak when it dawned on her that she wasn't really sure of what to say to him.

"Do you… can I…"

"…Yes?" asked Kyon in a neutral tone.

"D-do you want to…want me to show you around the school?"

It was a stupid suggestion made by a brief flash of strange ideas, and Haruhi almost kicked herself literally for the foolish move. 'Stupid stupid stupid…'

As she saw a brow of the teen go up, the smaller classmate hurriedly added –"T-that is…err… do you want to go around the school with me tomorrow at lunch? You know, to check out the clubs and… whatnot…"

A short pause, then Kyon answered with a question of his own in an unsure tone. "…You want me to be your friend?"

Taken aback by his straightforwardness, she was rendered completely speechless. Kyon, possibly thinking that she hasn't heard him properly, began to repeat himself when the bells signalling the end of class rang.

"Alright, all of you are dismissed!"

After the routine bow to the teacher, the students began to pack up various school supplies into their bags, including Kyon. Haruhi, watching him struggle a little with the zipper, felt a strange sensation of loss and dropped her head sadly.

"Lunch, you say?"

The girl's cranium shot back up. "…Hmm?"

Grabbing the now full bag in hand, Kyon continued with his face turned at her. "Tomorrow at lunch… I guess that would be fine."

And with a slight wave he was off, leaving a dazed Haruhi who soon started to hear trails of the strange boy's booming narration.


Eyeing the left hand that once held another's right, the figure sitting underneath the oak pondered her actions.

'I was being a bumbling idiot!'

Well, not that much.

For years, Suzumiya Haruhi was never the one to be at a loss. Always sure of herself, she exuded confidence and energy with every step she took, every gestures she made, every word spoken…

Until today, she never would have believed that she would stutter as she talked to a boy, any boy, but just a look from That Someone, the unusual entity of whom she searched for so long, was enough to turn her into a shaky, babbling mess. It was nerve-wracking, humiliating, frightening…

'…and utterly unpredictable' Haruhi thought as she felt for her own heartbeat with the same hand that was being gazed at.

Getting up with a sudden rush, she gathered her things and ran home. She'll have a hard time sleeping tonight, looking forward to another day that promises to be just as exciting. And as she passed by the school gate, two, three, four pairs of eyes followed her, watchful and contemplative.

The little girl was silent as she walked down the semi-empty alley alone, the bag containing her new textbooks hanging lazily from a pair of small shoulders. Just now starting her fifth year in elementary school, the brunette played the events of today over and over in her mind, then decided that it had been fine –although boring due to the routine "Write so-and-so about yourself then pass it around" thing they do at the beginning of every year. Honestly, the writing itself wasn't too bad, but considering that her "new" class consists mostly of her old-

A burst of laughter derailed her train of thoughts, and the girl looked ahead to find that her home, an average-sized house only a few steps away, was being pointed rather rudely by two sneering passer-bys that she recognized. After waiting a moment for them to walk all the way off the block, she scurried quickly into her welcoming abode with a frown.

Taking off her shoes then placing them neatly in her own corner, the child's face brightened as she saw a bigger pair lying around.

"Kyon-kun, Kyon-kun!" she called as she ran up the stairs, opening the door to her brother's room.

"Hmm?" responded the teen from his chair, his school jacket folded half way in his hands. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me 'Onii-chan'?"

Sticking her tongue out slightly with a smile, the girl hopped onto a spare stool and sat down. "Did you get it?"

Rolling his eyes, Kyon opened his school bag to pull out a small package of plain envelopes, handing it to the cheery sister. "Don't bother her too much with your letters, because at the rate these are being sent, you might force the poor girl out of her room from overflow."

Giggling at the remark, she replied –"She has a big closet, you know. And just because she's in Tokyo doesn't mean I should only send them once a month or something."

Smiling softly, Kyon gained a faraway look on his face as he turned to lean on the desk. "That's right… you should keep your friends close…"

The grin leaving her mouth, the little sister stared down at the floor for a while then let her eyes travel throughout the room. Rather neat and sparsely filled with the usual shelves and cabinets, her attention eventually focused on an old picture frame. The photo within depicted a younger Kyon sitting in front of a museum with two boys around his age, the shorter guy a victim to the dreaded bunny ears thanks to the black-haired one at her brother's right.

They were his friends- until three years ago.

A month after Kyon celebrated his twelfth birthday, he began to show signs of a peculiar condition. He would occasionally get headaches and become carried away in a conversation, which eventually lead to a bizarre monologue. Past the initial speculation of it being a joke, he visited various doctors in many fields but they all shook their head regarding the cause, only knowing that Kyon was doing it compulsively.

His peers were unnerved, but tried to not let it bother them. Unfortunately, they started to drift away after a while from the pressure of their parents as well as others their age, until his friends became mere acquaintances that barely returned a nod when passing by.

Glancing at his brother, she noticed how lonely he looked with his shoulders down slightly, and practically felt an aurora of isolation.

Going over to him quietly, the sister attached herself on his back and stayed there.

'It's not fair.' She thought. He has always been her Kyon-kun, the teasing, brutally honest and reliable brother. His condition didn't change that.

"So," said Kyon as he turned a few inches to ruffle her hair reassuringly. "Why don't you try email instead?"

She only hoped that someday, he could become friends with people who can see past his quirk.



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