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Rose and Scorpius were sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall Sunday morning, when Martin Davies came up to them.

"Hello, Rose," Davies said. "Can I join you?"

Rose looked across the table at Scorpius, who simply grinned at her and shook his head.

"Sure, Davies," she replied, moving over to make room for him.

"Oh, hello Malfoy," Davies said, as though he just realized Scorpius was there. "Are you waiting for Albus?"

Scorpius nodded his head. "Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing."

"Well, you can help me too, I suppose," said Davies, clearly upset with Scorpius' presence.

"I love to help my fellow housemates," Scorpius replied.

Either Davies didn't hear the underlying sarcasm or he chose to ignore it, for he turned to Rose. "I was hoping I could talk to you for a few minutes about your wand. I am doing some extra curricular studies for Flitwick, and I am planning on writing about wandlore. Can you help me?" he asked smoothly, a sly grin on his face.

"Wandlore? How interesting," cooed Rose. Rose knew she shouldn't encourage Davies, but alas, she was a sucker for learning new subjects.

"I know. Its incredibly romantic," purred Davies. Scorpius choked on his porridge.

"I don't know how I can help you Davies, I don't know much about wandlore," said Rose with a shrug.

"I don't need your expertise, Rose. Although I am sure if you took the time, you would no doubt excel in this subject, like you do in every other," he said, giving her his most winning smile.

Rose had to stop herself from laughing in his face. Ever since Rose and Albus' public fight, many boys had been coming up to her attempting to flirt. It was rather flattering, but some of the angles they went for were too hilarious.

"How can I help you?" she asked, trying to cut to the point.

"I just need some information. I want to know your wand wood, your wand core, and your wand length," said Davies.

"My wand is hazel, unicorn hair, and it is 12 inches," said Rose, pulling out her wand. "It's very pretty, isn't it?" Rose had always been fond of her wand. She had a wand polishing kit stowed in her school trunk.

"Okay…" said Davies, scoring through the large text he had brought over with him. "So, if these records are correct…Hazel, your wand works well for all spells, there isn't one it is more apt to." He flipped a few more pages, "Unicorn hair, your wand has a certain soundness about it and usually those with Unicorn hairs are pure of heart. From this information," he flipped a through to the end of the book, "I would go as far to say your birthday is in August?"

Rose gasped. "Yes," she said excitedly. "My birthday is August eighth. You gathered that information from that book? Where did you get it? In the library?"

"No, this library didn't have the kind of information I wanted," he replied, tickled pink he had caught her attention. "This is on special loan from Ollivander himself." Rose noticed he puffed his chest out in pride when he said it.

"Oh," she said, a bit sadly. She wanted to see how far she could push him. All the attention from the boys was messing with her head.

"I could loan it to you," he said quickly.

"Oh, I don't want to be too much of a bother," she said, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

"No bother at all!" he boasted. "I only need it for another few days. I am almost done with my research."

"Will you read Scorpius' wand?" she asked sweetly. She hadn't forgotten Scorpius was there, watching. Rose hoped he was enjoying the show she was putting on, but deep down she secretly wanted him to be a bit jealous of the attention his new girlfriend was receiving.

"Sure!" he said, turning to Scorpius. "Give me your information."

"Phoenix feather, Oak, 14 inches," said Scorpius, monotone. He was giving Rose a look as though to say, Why are you encouraging him? Rose just smiled sweetly at him.

"Alright," said Davies, enthusiastically perusing his book. "Phoenix feather adds a bit of intensity to your wand and it is more powerful than other cores." Davies looked up at Scorpius with a twinge of anger. Things weren't going his way. "Oak speaks of strength, and it looks as though you were born in June or July?"

"No," said Scorpius.

"No?" Davies asked, incredulously. He rummaged through his book once more. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I think I know when my birthday is, Martin," Scorpius said, coldly.

"Well, this…this has never happened before," said Davies, completely perplexed. "Unless…your original wand, it broke didn't it? Yes, I remember! In second year."

"You're right, it did, Davies," Scorpius said angrily. Davies looked more than a little uncomfortable for some reason.

"Well, let's see here," Davies said, trying to move on. "What was your original wand?"

"Phoenix feather, ivy, 11 inches," Scorpius, replied, narrowing his eyes at Davies.

"Oh, you have the same core as before? But different wand wood? That is very interesting. You know, they say the wand chooses the wizard based on certain things. There is part of you that must have changed in the time between your wands," Davies said. He looked at Rose from the corner of his eye, obviously trying to see if he still held her attention. But Rose was looking at Scorpius. He seemed very angry with Davies.

"Well," Davies said, a bit defeated. "If your original wood was Ivy, I believe your birthday is sometime in October?"

Scorpius just nodded.

"Well, I best be off," said Davies, slamming his book shut. "Thanks for your help Rose. I'll get this," he patted the book, "to you in a few days."

"Thanks, Davies," Rose said distractedly.

When he left the couple, Rose turned to Scorpius. "Why are you so angry?" she asked.

"That git knew my wand broke in second year," Scorpius spat. He stabbed at his eggs.

"Oh, Scorpius," Rose said, soothingly, reaching out and placing her hand on his. "I didn't know you broke your wand. It was thoughtless of your friend to forget that, especially being a wizard."

"He isn't my friend, Rose," said Scorpius, coldly. "None of them ever were. Albus is the first friend I ever had."

Rose was stunned. Scorpius had never had a friend until he was thirteen?

"How can that be?" she asked, voicing her thoughts.

"Oh, let's see Rose," Scorpius said, withdrawing his hand from hers. "First, I'm a Malfoy who was sorted into Ravenclaw. Yes, that made people queue up to be my friend. Second, I am too smart. You wouldn't think Ravenclaw kids would be so annoyed by that, but they were. That's the reason my wand was broken. They were fed up with me showing them up in class. They 'needed to put me in my place.' Or so they said. Then, when I didn't fight back, they basically ignored me. They aren't rude anymore, but they still never pay attention to me."

"I didn't know. I'm sorry," Rose said, trying to calm him down. She never knew he was lonely. She could see the hurt in his eyes.

"Well, it's not your fault, is it?" he replied, still bitter. "Besides. Who would want to be friends with a stuck up, rich ponce like me?"

"Scorpius," Rose said. "Enough of that. You aren't stuck up and you aren't a ponce." She thought for a moment. "Yes, you are rich. But so what? It isn't your money. It's your parent's. If people really cared about wealth I wouldn't have friends, would I? They are just jealous because you are better than them."

Scorpius started laughing. "Rose, okay. I get it: Stop asking for a pity party."

"Well, that's not what I was saying," said Rose. "But if that is going to make you feel better." She smiled at him. He was so much easier than Albus or James; the pair of them required so much effort and patience.

"So, you're pure of heart?" Scorpius teased, referring to their wand reading.

"So, you're birthday is in… October?" Rose exclaimed, just remembering what Davies had said. "I didn't know that!"

"My family isn't big on birthdays," Scorpius shrugged.

"What date?"

"The first."

"The first? That is two weeks away! I'm not going to have any time to get you anything," Rose pouted. "Hold on, are you going to be sixteen or seventeen?"

Scorpius looked at her with a smidgen of annoyance. "Seventeen. I wouldn't be turning sixteen and be in sixth year, Rose. I wouldn't make the cut off date."

"Oh, right," Rose said. "I saw that look Scorpius. I don't think as quickly when I am flustered!"

"I've noticed," Scorpius said, rolling his eyes, as he finished his last bite of breakfast. Rose could tell he was testy over something. Suddenly, she remembered.

"Is that why you asked me to Hogsmeade? For your birthday?" she inquired.

"That was part of the reason. Mostly, I just wanted our relationship to be out in the open," he said, not bothering to look up at her.

"Sorry," was all she could say. She wasn't going to go back on what she said. She still didn't think it was time.

"I'll make it up to you."

Her seductive tone caught Scorpius' attention. "What did you have in mind?"

"Room of Requirement in ten minutes," she said, a wicked grin on her face. "Rosie and Albus are sleeping in again. We had a rough practice last night."

"Can we make it one minute?" Scorpius said, deadpan.

The two immediately left the Great Hall.

Rose and Scorpius left the Room of Requirement two hours later, giddy and a little disheveled. Rose couldn't believe what had become of her life. If someone had told her when her sixth year started that she was going to be sneaking around with the best looking male at Hogwarts, having intense snog sessions she would laugh in their faces. She might even recommend checking into St. Mungo's for possible brain trauma.

But as they walked the corridors together, sneaking glances at each other, Rose was happy. Yes, she would prefer less sneaking around and not having to check themselves in company, but for now, it worked. It added a bit of spice. And for Rose, who never had a boyfriend before, spice was what she wanted. Her life was now interesting and she had more to be excited about other than studies and an upcoming Quidditch match.

And Scorpius. Rose thought he was the most perfect first boyfriend a girl could ask for. Those first few days of their romance, Rose thought she was in love. Now, she wasn't so sure. Always the over-analyzer, Rose analyzed her feelings as she tried to fall asleep almost every night.

It was true she had never had such intense feelings for a boy, but when did I ever get the chance? she thought to herself. Was what she feeling really love? Or was it infatuation and excitement over their courtship? She was drawn to his strong intellect and his humor. It was dry, sarcastic, and he seemed to say such biting, witty things without effort. She appreciated the caution and care he took when making decisions. She loved how organized and obedient he was. In a family like hers, such attributes were few and far between. She was awed at how well groomed he was.

She certainly lusted after him, a feeling she had never experienced, and a feeling she had never thought about experiencing. She constantly found herself staring at him during class, memorizing his facial features. She swooned over his deep-set blue eyes, which were so emotional. His eyelids were thin and translucent and if she looked close enough, she could see his blue veins. His eyebrows were full and framed his face perfectly. They were easy to overlook, because of their light color but she appreciated their importance. It was his cheeks that might have been her favorite part of his face, though. When he smiled the tops of the apples of his cheeks became the perfect spot to kiss. When she kissed him there she could feel his smile. His head of thick white blond hair, kept relatively short and with a side part, made Rose think of clouds. She loved when his hair came out of place and the longer pieces in the front fell into his face. It usually happened during class, and she had to control the urge to reach over and touch it. And she desperately wanted to see what he kept underneath his school robes. She knew he had very well toned forearms, a delicious neck, and what felt like a solid middle but she needed to see more.

When Rose thought about Scorpius for a nice length of time, she would have to stop and let out a great big sigh. She would get a bundle of nerves in the pit of her chest and she wanted to scream, clap, jump, smile, and dance all at the same time. If this isn't love, it could be soon, she concluded.

After eating lunch with Albus and Scorpius in the Great Hall, Rose rushed to the Gryffindor common room. Roxie was just coming down the stairs when Rose entered.

"Alright there, Rosie?" Roxie asked, yawning.

"Have you really been asleep this whole time?" Rose questioned. "It's nearly noon."

"Beauty sleep, Rose. Beauty sleep," chimed Roxie. "Something you could use."

"That is rude, Roxie," Rose pouted, a little hurt. She didn't particularly like being insulted on her looks by someone who was obviously more beautiful than she.

"Hey, I'm not the one walking around with mussed up hair," giggled Roxie, reaching over a patting down Rose's hair. "What have you been doing, wrestling a Blast-Ended Skrewt?"

"Oh no!" cried Rose, raking her fingers through her hair. "Albus saw my hair like this! How mortifying. Why didn't Scorpius say anything?"

"Scorpius? You were with Malfoy?" Roxie said, looking uncharacteristically disgruntled. "Did he do that to your hair?"

Rose blushed. Roxie knew they kissed but didn't know the extent Rose enjoyed taking their snog sessions.

"You're not shagging are you?" inquired Roxie, her face still void of all her usual expressions. She was actually being serious. That was enough to startle Rose, much less Roxie's inquiry into her sex life.

"Merlin, Roxie!" Rose exclaimed. "That is more than a little personal."

"Rose," warned Roxie.

"No, we are not having sex," Rose said. Rose stopped herself from adding "yet" to the end of her sentence.

Roxie looked highly suspicious and was standing with her hands planted on her hips. Her eyebrows were raised.

Rose sighed. "We are not having sex, Roxie."

"If you say so," was all Roxie said before heading back up the stairs.

"Have you seen Dom?" Rose called up the stairs. But she was answered with the sound of an upstairs door shutting.

"Looking for me?"

Rose turned around and came face to face with her cousin Dominique.

Dom was carrying a box of Muggle CDs under one arm and in her other hand was her wand, which was levitating a large sound system.

"Bloody hell," was all Rose could think to say. The sound system was nearly as tall as she was and looked incredibly heavy. It was startling to see a Muggle electronic device in Hogwarts. The juxtaposition of the Muggle and wizarding world was almost upsetting.

Dom gave her an amused look and said, "Impressive, isn't it? I just came from McGonagall's office. She was kind enough to have this baby cast with a shielding charm so the magic in this school won't make its workings all wonky." Dom slowly lowered the sound system, but it didn't matter how smoothly she did it, it still made the lamps rattle when it touched the floor.

"This is really going to elevate the Muggle Music Appreciation Club's reputation in this school. Now we will actually be able to listen to the music, not just talk about it," Dom said, her cheeks flushed. Rose had never seen Dom so excited over something, except for the one Christmas when Rose's dad had given Dom tickets to someone named Paul McCartney's concert in Paris.

"Well, congratulations Dom. I am excited for your club," Rose said.

Dom gave a large, dreamy sigh. "Thanks."

"Its funny that you have all of this stuff with you," Rose said, gesturing to Dom's load. "I wanted to talk to you about music…Muggle music that is."


"Well, I have this friend whose birthday is coming up soon. And they really enjoy Muggle music. I was wondering," Rose said slowly. She wasn't sure how helpful Dom was going to end up being. Rose was actually nervous asking a family member for something. Only Dom could inspire such feelings.

"Yeah?" Dom pressed.

"I was wondering if you had any CDs which you might be able to let go of?" Rose asked, cringing as she spoke.

"Yeah, I have tons of stuff!" Dom exclaimed excitedly. "What kind of music do they enjoy? Rock? Pop? Soul? Hip-hop? Classical? Reggae? Indie?"

"Oh," Rose said. She had not been expecting that kind of reaction. "Well, they said they like older rock. Such as the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones. They mentioned Tom Detty?"


"Yes, Petty. Sorry. Anyway, this person, they have a hard time getting CDs. They aren't Muggle, you see. I was thinking of trying to give them some CDs that are more obscure…for them at least."

The whole time Rose spoke, Dom was staring at Rose, unblinkingly, nodding her head. She was silent for a moment, and Rose thought maybe she should continue to explain more of what she was looking for, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Dom leaned down and dove into her box.

She spoke as she pulled out CD after CD, resting them at Rose's feet, her bracelets jingling with every arm movement. "I think I know what you are trying to say. The Beatles were great. With out them, so many bands wouldn't even exist. I think it best, if you say your friend is a fan of the Beatles, to start her off with bands who were influenced by the Beatles."

With the amount of CDs Dom was stacking at her feet Rose suspected a lot of bands had been influenced by the Beatles.

"Umm, Dom?" Rose said, as Dom continued to stack. "Who are the Beatles?"

Dom's head snapped up and she squared in on Rose. "Are you serious?" Her voice was very low.

"Yes?" Rose said, holding very still. She didn't want to make any sudden movements. With Dom crouched down on the floor and the look on her face, Rose suspected she would pounce at any moment.

But Dom shook her head. "I don't know where your mum went wrong. She is Muggle born, and she hasn't instilled in her children the importance of the Beatles?" she exclaimed. "I don't blame you, Rose. I will just have to educate you myself, since your mother failed you so poorly."

Dom got to her feet. "It will have to wait until Christmas break though. What with NEWTS and the Muggle Music Appreciation Club, I just don't have the time." Dom paused and stared down at the box. She had a very contemplative look on her face. She reached down and nabbed a CD out of the box and placed it in Rose's hand.

"This band…they are alright. Their music is fun, but corny as hell. They are named after a Beatle's song though, so I think we should add it."

Rose looked down at the CD and saw Dom's handwriting labeling it. It read Hellogoodbye. Rose added it to the pile, and whipped out her wand. The pile levitated and hovered at her side.

"Dom, you won't be missing these, right?" Rose said. She wasn't sure if Dom understood that she wanted to give Scorpius the CDs, not just allow him to listen to them.

"What those? I won't miss them; those are just copies. I was going to hand them out to the Club next week. I have tons more in my trunk. My dad placed an Enlargement Charm on it, so I have thousands here."

"Oh, okay," Rose said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Thanks so much, Dom. You are a lifesaver. I wasn't aware of my friend's birthday until just today. I wouldn't have had time to send out for anything."

"No problem," said Dom, shrugging. "Tell her to enjoy."

Rose resisted the urge to hug her cousin. She also resisted the nagging feeling telling her she should have corrected Dom's impression that her friend was a girl. What she didn't know wouldn't kill her, Rose reasoned while she watched Dom levitate the sound system to a closet off the main common room.

Rose started up the stairs to her room, when she heard Dom call out to her.

"Hey, Rose. I am heading down to grab some lunch. Have you eaten already?"

Rose looked down at Dom and saw a sincere smile on her face. Rose was so touched by her cousin's invitation she immediately accepted, ignoring the fact she had just eaten about twenty minutes before.

October first came upon Rose faster than expected. That morning Rose tried to dress her best for Scorpius' birthday. The day was unseasonably warm so she was able to wear a shirt she knew was Scorpius' favorite. She never understood his favoritism; the shirt was unexceptional, merely a flannel button down.

Once Rose felt she was up to par, she rushed down to wait outside the entrance hall for Maribella. While she was waiting for her friend to show up, Rose spotted Albus bounding down the front stairs to where Scorpius was passing by. When Albus reached Scorpius he was about bursting with giddiness. Rose smiled at his enthusiasm. From his cloak Albus produced a large package that he immediately handed to Scorpius. Scorpius shook his head with amused annoyance, but opened the present without hesitation. When Scorpius saw what was in the box, he smiled hugely and grabbed Albus for a side hug. The two friends stood like that for a moment, talking quietly, until Albus called out, "Kreacher!" The Potter's house elf popped up in front of them. Albus kneeled down and handed Kreacher the present and a Galleon, and Kreacher disappeared with a loud crack.

Rose watched as the pair started out the entrance doors. She was well hidden behind a suit of armor, but somehow Albus' eyes found hers. He predictably turned around and headed over towards her.

"Shoot," said Rose, quietly to herself. She was had been hoping to surprise Scorpius with her wardrobe at the Three Broomsticks, where they had both promised to drag their friends at three.

When Scorpius became aware of her, he immediately trailed his eyes down her body, and saw her shirt. The smile on his face was pure perfection. Rose's stomach erupted in butterflies.

"Well, Rosie Posie. What are you doing hiding behind this armor?" Albus asked, patting the suit of armor. It gave out a low grumble.

"I'm just waiting for Maribella," replied Rose, trying very hard not to look at Scorpius. The happiness on his face was drilling into her. She didn't know if she would be able to stop herself from throwing herself on him.

"Are you two spending the day together?" Scorpius asked.

As if he didn't know, thought Rose. Rose and Scorpius had made plans to spend the day with their friends, but just happen to run into each other at Three Broomsticks. Admittedly, their mission to get their friends together was a work in progress.

"Yes, we are," said Rose, blushing slightly. The intensity in Scorpius' eyes was getting to her.

"Would you two like to spend the day with us?"

Rose and Scorpius turned and looked at Albus in shock.

"Really?" asked Rose. It was the first time Albus had invited Rose, or anyone for that matter, to join in on his and Scorpius' time together.

"Yeah," said Albus simply. "If that's alright with you, Scorpius."

"Sounds great to me," said Scorpius jovially.

Looks like he will be getting his day in Hogsmeade with me after all, thought Rose.

Maribella came walking up to the trio not a moment later. She looked very pretty, Rose noticed. She had swept her normally long hair into a complicated looking bun. Rose noticed she was also wearing a bit of makeup, something she normally didn't do.

"Hi, Rose," Maribella said, already blushing. "Albus. Malfoy."

"Hey, Maribella," said Rose, happily. She hadn't really seen her friend in the last week and was excited to spend the day with her. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm ready," Maribella replied quietly.

Rose groaned inwardly. If this was how Maribella would be acting the whole day, Rose didn't want to be around for it. She wanted to have fun with her friend, not some shy, bumbling girl.

"I hope you don't mind Maribella," said Albus. "But we've sort of enlisted you and Rose as our dates today."

Rose and Scorpius shared a look of shock.

"Oh, no. I don't mind. Not at all," Maribella all but gushed.

What planet am I living on? thought Rose as she followed her two best friends and secret boyfriend down to Hogsmeade.

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