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"Settle down, it's not as bad as you think," Edge chuckled.

"Not as bad as I think? Not as bad as I think? You kidnapped our boss and you think that nothing bad is going to happen?" Kaitlyn shrieked as she paced around the room. "You've had some pretty stupid ideas before, but this really tops it all off."

Edge leaned back in the metal folding chair and smiled, lazily putting his hands behind his head. "The Rated R Superstar never has stupid ideas."

"Really?" Kaitlyn spazzed. "Is that what you think? Hm, let's see…You dated the General Manager of SmackDown and got dumped by that old hag. Yeah, that's pretty stupid. You've joined forces with two boys who are lucky they look like you, only to have them do your bidding and they're the ones that get hurt, especially Zack. Don't you feel bad for them at all?"

Edge shrugged. "Sometimes, but if they want to make it in the WWE, they've aligned themselves with the right person."

"But still, aren't you worried?" Kaitlyn asked, kneeling next to Edge. "What if Vickie strips you of your title? Then what are you going to do? If you bother her even a little bit, she'll not only strip you of the title, but she'll deny you any shot at it ever again."

"Vickie talks a big game, Kaitlyn, but her bark is worse than her bite. Sure, she'll say that stuff, but I know she won't dare do anything unless that man beast is with her," Edge explained.

Kaitlyn let out a heavy, worried sigh.

"Come on," Edge said, taking her hand and pulling her up as he stood up. "Let's go see how ol' Vickiekins is doing."

"Do I have to?" Kaitlyn whined.

"No, you don't, but I'm making you."

When Edge and Kaitlyn arrived at the room where Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins were holding Vickie hostage, they found Vickie gagged and tied to a chair with a video camera in front of her.

"What the hell are you two freaks doing?" Kaitlyn asked, rushing to untie the General Manager of SmackDown.

"MmmhmmmEEEEEEEEEEEEEmmmnnnhhhennnnememmmbbb!" Vickie mumbled through the gag, attempting to wriggle herself free of her makeshift shackles.

"Whoa, Kaitlyn! What are you doing?" Curt yelled, running to Vickie's prison and pulling Kaitlyn away.

"You can't just keep her here like this!" Kaitlyn screamed. "We might hate her, but she's still a human being. This is unjust and just wrong!"

"So, what she did to Edge was okay?" Curt argued back.

"I didn't say that, Curt," Kaitlyn said, sending a glare his way. "Can I at least take the rag out of her mouth?"

"I wouldn't suggest it," Curt sighed, but Kaitlyn didn't listen.

"Here you go, Vickie," Kaitlyn gently said, carefully taking the gag out of Vickie's mouth.


Curt shied away from the group as he laughed hysterically. "Yeah, right, Vickiekins."

"If you do not untie me, Edge will be banished from SmackDown! Just wait until Batista hears about this!"

"What is he going to do? Go on roid rage? Again?" Edge suggested.

"You're one to talk, you caveman."

"Vickie, if I remember correctly, you used to love this caveman face. But let me just say, going from me to Batista is like a huge step down. That's like going from Brad Pitt to Hornswoggle, if you know what I'm saying. Besides, how is he going to know where you are? It's not like we're going to tell him."


Curt quickly snatched the rag from Kaitlyn's grasp and shoved it back in Vickie's mouth where it belonged. "Good god, shut up, you hag."