Hi. Protector of Canon2 here.

I recently realized just how long it's been since I updated anything, and how unfair that is to every one of my reviewers. I figure I owe you an explanation, so here goes: I'm a senior in high school. Next year, I'll be studying in a seminary in Israel, and the year after that, I'll be in college.

That means that at the end of the year, everything about my life—the amount of free time I have, the amount of responsibility I have, what I do with my time, even what country I live in—will change.

The year after that, everything will change again.

Then things'll remain relatively stable for around four years (three if I get really lucky and whatever college I end up going to accepts my AP credits in lieu of Freshman year) before everything changes again.

In the meantime, I have to apply to college, apply to seminary, decide where I want to go, look into some scholarship opportunities, keep up with my schoolwork, and stay relatively sane. I also would really like to work on some of my original fiction, and I want to send some of the stuff I've already written to magazines so that I might be able to (cross your fingers) get published.

Long story short (even though I've just told the long version…), I have neither the time nor the energy to work on my fanfics with anything resembling regularity.

So starting now, and lasting probably until mid-2011(when my life starts to stabilize) I'm officially going on hiatus.

I'll try to finish my Harry Potter story during second semester when applications will all be in and my schoolwork will lighten up.

I'm having a bit of writers block on my Teen Titans story in addition to the other issues, so don't get your hopes up if you're reading that. (Sorry.)

There's a 9-10 chapter Sky High fic that's been sitting in my notebook, written out completely, for a while, so if I ever have time, but not creative energy, I'll type that up and post it.

I'll also continue posting one-shots, and maybe two-shots, when I get required, because those don't require me to commit to anything.

But I won't post regularly, and I won't start any new stories.

So that's when where we stand, and I apologize again for the wait.

Thank you all for your patience and your understanding.

-Protector of Canon2