Guten Tag. Well, as far as I know, I have to be the only Major/Seras fangirl out there. I've had a few stories floating around in my head about this pair, so I thought I'd take the time to sit down and type one down, pending I can remember one of them...but I degress. Let's just say the points from Alucard and Walter having it out never happened, mkay? Here is my Major/Seras story. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

It was definite. London was no more. In its place on the world map was Hell on Earth. It was a Hell that rivaled that of Lucifer's own domain. Rivers of blood ran where there were once streets. Corpses littered the earth. The trail of destruction was easy to follow. Fires and ash rained from the broken buildings. In the middle of the Inferno, only a few bodies remained upright and mobile.

The Mistress, the presumed Countess, Hellsing's own director Integra Hellsing stood still, silent. Her eyes showing what her face would not--could not. Her hair waved freely in the direction of the passing wind, bits of ash clinging to the strands. To her left stood Hellsing's fledgeling vampire, Seras Victoria. The once meek Police Girl now standing tall and strong, eyes sharp and opened anew to her purpose and destiny; her senses on guard, ready for any command her Master or her Master's Master may have. Both looked on at the third person standing a distance away; both silent, awaiting the figure's next move.

The proud and noble vampire Alucard, more properly known as Dracula, stood over the remains of his opponent, the Paladin Anderson. The elder vampire's eyes swirled with emotion: anger at the fool's suicide of beautiful humanity, sadness at the loss of such a strong opponent, regret that the Man had failed to conquer the Monster yet again.

"Why," he thought, "must people give up thier beautiful humanity...?"

The wind gust picked up, sending bits and remains of Anderson scattering. Alucard merely watched, not wanting to break the silence. Breaking the silence would send him back into reality. Incorrigable warmonger, yes. Heartless, no. Even that damned fool of a paladin didnt deserve this...


The sound of a voice made Alucard's back stiffin, but he remained silent. He heard the footsteps of someone behind him; heard the almost unnoticable sound of monofilament wires being pulled between fingers. The footsteps continued.

"Mourning is not neccissary..." The footsteps stopped. "...For trash."

Alucard's fists clenched momentarily before relaxing again. He slowly turned to face his old friend, his new foe, Walter. Anger and sadness coursed through him once more as he gazed upon the new, hideously defined body of a former ally. Said former ally stared back, a patronizingly smug look upon his face that made Alucard's teeth elongate with disgust. Alucard wordlessly reached into his coat and brought out the black Jackal. Fitting, he thought, that the weapon would turn on the smith.

"You have become what I think of as 'trash'," he said softly, slowly raising the gun level to Walter's head. "If that is the case, I shall not mourn your death, Angel. I shall celebrate it."

There was still silence for a few moments, and then the battle erupted in one swift motion consisting of a gun going off and several objects and corpses being sliced to pieces.

It was on.

Integra and Seras watched the battle between Alucard and Walter insue, neither speaking a word. What was there to say? Nothing relevant to the fight, or helpful to the situation.

Integra, though outwardly calm, was filled with sadness and rage within. 'Damn him,' she thought to herself whilst she bit the inside of her cheek. 'Damn him...' Walter...he had broken his promise. He had lied through his teeth when he told her he would return alive. One of the last remaining people in her life, let alone one of the last remaining people in her life she trusted, had betrayed her...and right under her nose, no less. And it hurt. Her heart felt as though his wires were slicing it apart, which he might as well have done by now. He was a monster of the damned Millennium. No more, no less than a Freak.

She spared a side glance to Seras, thinking what the Police Girl was thinking. She knew Seras had formed a friendship of sorts with Walter; the old man had treated her with some human dignity, and sort of babied her, in a way, which she knew Seras was grateful for. As she looked at Seras, she noticed something slightly odd, from what she was used to.

Seras was staring at the furious battle with sharp, focused eyes, an odd spark flaring beneath the surface as they moved with each motion her Master and Walter made. Integra noticed the corners of her mouth twitched every few seconds, in sync with blows landed on the two fighting Monsters. But what struck the Hellsing director the most was the fact that Seras was trembling, and not from fear. She had seen Alucard in that posture before, with that same look in his eyes. Seras was watching. She was waiting for something...the impending end? Integra couldnt tell.

The presence of a body coming toward her and Seras suddenly standing at offensive guard made her turn to see the tall form of the Captian approaching them. His hands were at his sides, an indication that he was not planning to attack. He stopped a few yards from them and just stood there, staring intently at the two women before him.

"What is it you want?" Integra finally demanded. The Captain said nothing, but instead looked up at the Hindenburg II, then looked directly at Seras, as though trying to convey something.

"...The Major wants us to come up there," Seras said after a moment of eye contact with the Captian. Integra turned to Seras, a look of question on her face. Seras broke the eye contact to look at Integra. "...The both of us." Both women looked back at Captian, who nodded in affirmation, then with an inhuman bound, leapt up to a building top, and with another, disappeared into the Hindenburg II.

Integra stood, staring up at the airship with great disdain; the last thing she wanted to do was be in the direct vicinity of the Major. But she knew that the insane man wouldnt have contacted her if it wasnt important...or, if he just wanted to patronize her, which she was sure was his true motive.


Seras turned to attention of Integra. "Yes Sir?" she said. Integra, still staring up at the airship, extended her hand to her designated bodyguard.

"Let's go."

Seras looked from Integra to the airship, then back again, and then nodded. She stepped up to Integra and held onto her with her one physical arm, then carefully shot into the air in the direction the Captain took, a strong sense of foreboding filling her dead heart with cold.

Alright, I think I'll leave it at that for Chapter 1. As an added bonus...

Chapter 2 Exerpt:

...Integra, sword drawn and excesses distracted, made a running attack at the Major, who did nothing to move. With a wordless scream of rage, she brought the sword back, then sliced forward at the grinning madman...

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