Showdown/The Fightback

Mezoti was the first to awake and looked Naomi who was sleeping deeply. As silently as she could she got out of her sleeping bag and woke the two boys. She gestured for them to follow her and together they headed into the corridor outside. They went round the bend in the corridor, so they wouldn't wake Naomi by talking.

"What is the problem?" asked Rebi.

"We should help the Doctor in making repairs to Voyager" Mezoti said.

"But why did you have to bring us out here to tell us that?" asked Azan.

"Because Naomi needs to sleep more then we do. And anyway, I have an idea on how to get phaser and torpedoes working again" Mezoti said.

"How? We are not a trained starship crew. We can fix some things but not whole systems" Azan pointed out and Mezoti rolled her eyes.

"We use the shuttles. The phaser and torpedo systems on them are only smaller versions of those on Voyager itself. All we have to do is to take out the parts we need, and then put them together. At the least, we should be able to get back full phasers" the girl said.

"We will need the Doctors mobile emitter" Rebi said.

"We will have to make sure he has seen to the needs of the prisoners first" Mezoti said. She thought for a moment on how to get the Doctor to them without giving anything away to those in the cargo bay or the brig. Then her mind remembered a story that she had been told when the Doctor had wanted a name. "Computer, make a shipwide announcement for a Doctor Schwartz to report to sickbay"

'There is no one of that name on board this ship' the computer said.

"I know that" Mezoti said "Please make the announcement anyway" and the computer did what it was told to do. The three walked down to a turbolift and then used it to get to sickbay. The Doctor arrived a few moments after they did.

"I got your call" he said "Where is Naomi?" he asked looking around and not spotting the girl.

"She is sleeping" Mezoti said. "Doctor, we need to use your mobile emitter to help in the repairs to Voyager" she told him.

"It's at your disposal" he replied and the Doctor handed it over without question. "I'm going to transfer my program to holodeck one and use a program there" he told the children who looked puzzled as to why he would take a break at such a critical time.

"Doctor, this is not the time to go singing" Azan said.

"I'm not going to be singing. There is a program that replicates the facilities at Starfleet Command. I have been running scans of our guests and I believe that I can modify the ships Azthatane gas so that it will incapacitate them with no harm to them" and the Doctor sounded very pleased with himself.

"We will leave you to your work" Mezoti said and the Doctor picked up a large case and transferred his programme to holodeck one. "Computer, access the crew's holographic files and activate the B'Lanna Torres character in sickbay" Mezoti ordered and the requested person appeared in sickbay.

"Guess we took more damage" the holographic engineer said as soon as she had appeared. She took the offered emitter and put it on her arm. "So, what's the damage this time?" she asked.

"We engaged in battle with those who had taken the crew hostage. We sustained major damage to ships systems and we needed your help" Rebi said as the four left and the three children listed the damage that needed to be repaired the soonest. It was agreed that the bathroom on Deck Two was a low priority.

'Naomi Wildman to Mezoti' a voice rang out over the intercom.

"Mezoti here" was the reply.

'I thought you had been abducted as well. Where are you?' Naomi asked.

"We are beginning repairs to ships systems" Mezoti said.

'I'll get dressed and join you' Naomi said.

"It would be better if you went to the bridge. There should be someone to monitor the sensors and also to check that primary system controls have been restored to the bridge" Mezoti said.

'Okay. I'll go there then' and Naomi signed off.

# # # # #

Naomi entered the battered bridge and first went to tactical to look at the sensors. Nothing was picked up except a small asteroid that passed by harmlessly. She gave each station a good check over and discovered that they worked more or less as they should do. Naomi watched as one by one the systems where brought back on line and made fully operational. The idea of Mezoti's turned out to work a good one and they managed to get full torpedo capability. After a good two hours longer, Voyager regained full use of her phasers and Naomi was pleased as it meant that she could defend the ship again.

'Doctor to the bridge' the Doctor was calling over the intercom.

"Naomi here, what do you want?" she asked as she took her head out of a console. She had been fixing a loose connection at the helm.

'I wanted to let you know that I have completed the modifications to the gas. I have replicated as much as we need for both remaining ships, assuming of course that reinforcement don't arrive' the Doctor said and explained the plan for the use of the gas as Naomi had not heard the plan.

"So, all we have to do is get the shields down and then transport it over?" Naomi asked wanting to clarify the entire plan.

'That is correct. I have modified it so that it will affect the ships crew and not our own' the Doctor said sounding pleased again.

"Right, I'll call the others and see if we can begin to get underway" Naomi said.

'Understood, Doctor out'.

"Naomi Wildman to Mezoti" Naomi called.

'Mezoti here'

"I've been talking to the Doctor and he told me about his plan. How soon can we get underway?" Naomi asked.

'We can get underway now. We have full Impulse and Warp Drives available. Sensors are back at full power at both Short and Long ranges. We've patched the torpedo systems, but it will not last forever. We will have around two or three shots at most. We have full phasers though' Mezoti said.

"Right, finish what you are doing and then get to the bridge right away" Naomi said.

'We will finish in three minutes exactly' Mezoti said after a quick conversation with the twins.

"And I'll expect you on the bridge in five minutes eleven seconds, or thereabouts. Naomi out" Naomi said smiling at her small joke. She sat in Captain Janeway's chair as she waited for her friends to arrive. It was precisely five minutes and eleven seconds when the others got to the bridge. She stood and faced her friends who looked to her for orders on what to do next. "I have called you here to tell you that we are going to go after these people and get them to hand over my mom and the crew. What we are going to do is to get the shields down on the smaller of the ships and beam over the knockout gas. It will knock out the other ships crew for around an hour or so. Then we will try to defeat the command ship and try the same thing as well" Naomi outlined her plan to which the others agreed to. They took their stations and Voyager set off in pursuit of the ships holding the crew hostage.

Nobody left the bridge as they wanted to be present when they went into battle. Azan and Mezoti kept scanning the surrounding space in order to try and find any trace of the ships. Rebi was constantly adjusting the power in all the systems in the ship at the end of the fifth straight hour, Mezoti got something and she gave a cry of joy.

"Naomi! I am picking up the Quaager vessels warp trail. It is directly ahead of us about one light year ahead. They seem to be traveling slowly, perhaps the result of damage they took in the battle" Mezoti reported after directing all sensors on the two ships.

"What is their status tactically?" Naomi asked.

"They have shields raised and their weapons are activated" Mezoti said and she was going to add something else when the console in front of her started beeping.

"What is it?" asked Naomi.

"I believe they have detected us. They have come to a complete stop and turned round ready to attack us" Mezoti said after checking the sensor readings.

"Right this is it" Naomi paused. She suddenly thought of a trick to play on their guests. "You don't mind if I indulge in a little bit of fun?" she asked the others.

"I do not object" Azan said and the other two nodded agreement. Naomi smiled at her friends and then opened a shipwide channel.

"RED ALERT! ALL HANDS, MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!" Naomi shouted smiling at the fact that everyone was already at battle stations. The Red Alert klaxons sounded all over the ship and the lights darkened as the ship prepared itself for battle. "Rebi, divert power from Cargo Bay One and reroute it to forward shields".

"Aye Aye Commander Naomi. Re-routeing power to forward shields" Rebi said and he said it so straight faced Naomi turned to look at him to see if he was joking or not.

"I'm taking us out of warp" Naomi said and the viewscreen showed the stars slow down as they came out of warp.

"We are being hailed" Azan said "Audio only. I don't think they have the ability to transit pictures. If they do, they have not done so in our previous encounters" he noted.

"Open a channel" Naomi ordered.

"Channel open" Azan replied.

'This is the Quaager vessel Invincible. I see that you have been able to repair your ships and I must congratulate you on your achievement. You will provide us with a lot of sport before we destroy you' the voice seemed to be mocking them but also had a trace of awe that Voyager had returned to face them again.

"This is Commander Naomi Wildman of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Voyager. We demand the return of the crew members you have abducted and are holding hostage. If you hand them over, we will let you leave without a shot being fired" Naomi said whilst tapping a message to Mezoti to have the girl target the smaller of the two ships with full phasers. Naomi was beginning to wonder if the ship had heard her reply when she was sent flying from her chair.

"We have been hit" Mezoti said.

"Really? I didn't notice" Naomi said as she fought to regain her seat. "Target the smaller of the two ships, and return fire" she ordered.

The fight lasted a long time and all three ships sustained damage. Mezoti targeted the smaller ship's shields and after firing full phasers, they went down.

"The smaller ship has lost its shields" she reported.

"Naomi Wildman to the Doctor, NOW!" Naomi shouted over the com link.

'Transporting' the Doctor said. It took a few minutes for the gas to take effect, but work it did and in less then five minutes, there was a completely drifting ship floating past.

"It's worked. Doctor its worked" Naomi said into the still open channel.

'I'll have the second batch ready to beam over' the doctor said and he cut the channel.

"Firing on the command ship" Mezoti said.

"All those on board the smaller of the ships are still alive" Azan said.

"Mezoti, target shields and weapons only. I want to use the gas if we can" Naomi explained. "Use the torpedoes as well. I think we have to use them" she added.

"Firing…. Direct hit. Enemy ships shields are down to 90 percent. Targeting torpedoes. Firing torpedo one" Mezoti said and a single moving ball of light flew across the screen and hit the command ship. "Shields are down to 75 percent" but at that moment, Voyager rocked as the other ship fired its weapons at them. "Our shields are down to 60 percent" she added.

"Fire everything we have at it. We have to disable their Warp Drive at least" Naomi said as another hit made the ship rock to port.

"Hull damage on Decks Two and Three. No breaches in the hull" Azan said.

"Torpedoes are offline" Mezoti said with alarm in her voice.

"We've lost torpedoes?" Naomi asked aloud not wanting to believe it.

"Affirmative" Mezoti confirmed.

"Great" moaned Naomi softly.

"However, I have one torpedo in the launcher though and it is ready to fire" Mezoti said brightly.

"What? I thought you said the torpedo systems where offline?" Naomi said as she avoided a torpedo launched by the command ship by rolling to starboard.

"I loaded one into the launcher. I anticipated what would happen, and took steps to ensure we could still fire a torpedo" Mezoti said.

"Good thinking" Naomi praised. "Target the command ship's engines, shields and weapons and prepare to fire. Rebi, divert all the power you can to the phasers for this one shot. If we can't end this now, I'm afraid we will have to abandon the crew" she said feeling sad that she would have to carry out her reserve orders from Captain Janeway. Naomi was upset that she would have to leave her mom, the captain, Seven, Nelix and the rest of the crew.

"Phasers and torpedo locked, loaded and targeted" Mezoti said.

"I have diverted all the power I can" Rebi said.

"Let's hope this does it" Naomi said. She engaged full impulse and banked Voyager right round and the ship's bow now faced the command ship's stern. "Fire" she ordered.

Mezoti fired the phasers at full strength into the aft shields and after a very short moment, they collapsed and Mezoti sent the lone torpedo through the hole in the shields. The four children watched as the torpedo made its way towards the other ship, following the programming its onboard computer instructed it to carry out. It passed through the gap and hit one of the vessel's warp nacelle pylons, smashing it into a mass of flames, debris and destruction. A massive spark of energy danced right across the hull of the other ship and it made sparks once in a while as it continued round the hull, eventually dying out at the point it started at. Most of the lights that had shone had gone out and the light in the other warp nacelle just died. The rest of the shields just disappeared entirely as did the weapons. Parts of the hull broke away and left the outside of the vessel. The command ship began to drift and list as it spun away from Voyager. On Voyager's bridge there was only silence as the children watched the ship wreck itself. It went on forever until a soft chime broke the wall of deafening silence. Azan looked down at his console in a slight surprise.

"We are being hailed" he announced surprised that anyone was alive on the other ship. "It is audio only" he added.

"Open a channel" Naomi said in whisper.

"Channel open" Azan said.

'This is Lieutenant Karoo of the Battleship Invincible to the U.S.S Voyager. We surrender, repeat, we surrender. This surrender is total and without conditions. Our Commander has been killed and we have dozens injured. We are in need of medical assistance'. There was a pause and some muttered voices where heard, the Lieutenant Karoo came back again. 'We are releasing your crew at once. You may retrieve them when you wish' the voice was male, and Naomi wondered if there was any women posted aboard Quaager ships.

"This is Commander Naomi Wildman. I accept your surrender and thank you for making the right choice. We will transport our crew at once and then discuss how we can help your crew and your ship" Naomi said.

'Thank you' was the simple reply and the channel cut.

"We are now able to transport the crew back on board" Azan said.

"Lowering shields for transport" Mezoti said as she pressed buttons on her console.

"Stand down Red Alert. Beam those in most need to sickbay and the rest of the crew to the shuttle bays" Naomi ordered and Azan and Mezoti carried out their orders as Rebi restored life support to the entire ship.

"Naomi, your mother has been beamed onboard, but she appears to not have sustained any injuries" Azan said and gave a smile to his friend.

"Thank you" Naomi said "If we have a tractor beam, put one on Invincible and get her under control" and in a few moments a blue beam bathed the battered ship in a tight grip and slowly stopped the list and the spin. There was the sound of the turbolift doors opening and Naomi turned to see her mother enter the bridge followed by Captain Janeway, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant Paris and Ensign Kim. "MOM!" Naomi cried and she left the helm and ran across the bridge hugged her mother. "Mom, I was scared that I might have to leave you" and Naomi began to cry.

"Naomi, I am so proud of you. You managed to save all of us and keep Voyager and your friends safe as well" Samantha Wildman was hugging her daughter and crying just as much as Naomi was.

"Naomi?" Janeway's voice was gentle as the rest of the bridge crew stood looking around at the damage that the bridge had taken during the days it had taken to find them. Naomi untangled herself from her mother and looked at the captain.

"Yes, Captain?" she asked.

"What have you done to my bridge?"

"Well…. you see we had a bit of trouble finding you" Naomi said fear creeping into her voice as to what Janeway might say next.

"I see" Janeway said then broke into a smile "I cant be angry with you. You've saved yourself, your friends, the ship and rescued the crew. I didn't think you would keep coming back to try and rescue us after the first time" she added.

"Mr Tuvok?" Mezoti wanted the attention of Tuvok.

"Yes, Mezoti. What seems to be the problem?" he asked as he too surveyed the damage.

"We managed to rescue some of the crew of one of the ships which suffered a warp core breach. We put them in the brig and cargo bay one" she informed him.

"Thank you for letting me know" Tuvok said and he took the turbolift away from the bridge.

"Captain, you've hurt your arm" Rebi said pointing out the odd angle her arm was at, with blood coming out of some cuts as well.

"I suppose I better get that treated" Janeway said grimacing with the pain. She was about to turn and walk to the turbolift when she spun to Naomi. "Permission to leave the bridge?" she asked. Naomi wondered why Janeway was asking her, until her mind informed her that the captain had placed her in charge of the ship and she couldn't take over with a broken arm.

"Permission granted" Naomi smiled and Janeway walked into the next turbolift car.

"Why did the captain ask for your permission to leave the bridge?" Tom Paris asked puzzled. In reply, Naomi took off the three rank pips and tossed them to Paris who understood at once.

"I could really do with sitting down right about now" Naomi said and she sat down in the captain's chair.

"Us too" Mezoti said and she and the two boys left their stations and came down and sat on the seats next to the captain's and commander's chairs.

"So, what do we do now then?" asked Kim who went to his station. He stared at his consoles and took a few moments to look at the read outs and sensor scans.

"There's a ship off the port aft quarter that's got a crew who have been knocked out" Azan said.

"Knocked out? What do you mean by that?" asked Samantha.

"The Doctor ran scans on the people we have been holding in the brig and cargo bay, and modified the ships knockout gas to work on them" Naomi explained.

"Well, this is going to make one heck of an interesting debriefing" Harry said. "Any one want to bet that it will make Tuvok go for a stress relief treatment?" he asked and got a bridge full of laughs.

The Doctor had had few serious injuries that needed people to keep over in sickbay, and so he was able to fix Janeway's arm and seal the cuts in less then half an hour. She returned to the bridge to find her chair occupied by Naomi and her mother with Azan and Rebi sharing the Chakoty's seat. Mezoti was sat on Naomi and her mother's right.

"Ah Naomi, your still here. I've begun to organise teams to transport over to the Quaager ships and begin helping with repairs. Once they can get underway, we are going to escort them home" Janeway told Naomi who was being hugged again by Samantha. Janeway thought for a moment, and then drew herself to attention in front of her chair. "Permission to take my station?" she asked.

"Permission granted" Naomi managed to keep hold of the giggle she had inside her as he and her mother stood to allow Janeway to sit.

"Oh Naomi, I relieve you of command" Janeway said.

"Thank you Captain" the girl said, and she felt very grateful to leave the bridge. She made it as far as tactical when there was a yelp of surprise from Paris and she turned to see him lying on the floor.

"What went on?" he asked picking himself up.

"Oh yeah, the seat tilt control broke, should have mentioned that" Naomi said.

"Five years I've been sat here. Five years and it's never done that. Where am I going to sit now?" he asked no one in particular and the bridge erupted into a series of giggles and laughs as they watched the helmsman attempt to jam the tilt control back into its slot. Tuvok came back onto the bridge and informed Janeway that he had transported the prisoners over to the Invincible.

"Very well, Tuvok" Janeway said "What is the list of casualties?" she asked.

"There are four people in a serious condition, three have broken limbs and twelve have minor cuts and bruises" Tuvok intoned looking at his station which Mezoti had manned. Both of his eyebrows went up in shock as he eyed the tactical station. "What has happened to tactical?" he asked in what passed for shock in a Vulcan.

"Erm… Well we had to get the weapons working anyway we could" Mezoti explained.

"I see" Tuvok said calmly. He looked at Naomi and her friends who looked as if they could drop down in exhaustion. "Perhaps you should return to your quarters and rest" he suggested.

"That's… highly logical" Azan said.

"Indeed" followed Rebi.

"In fact, I order you to have at least two days rest before you debrief me and the senior staff" Janeway said.

Naomi, her mother, Mezoti, Azan and Rebi left the bridge after saying goodbye to everyone, and they returned to the quarters shared by Naomi and her mother where the children dived straight into their waiting sleeping bags and slept for the next twelve hours.

A/N: So the final fight has taken place and the crew has been rescued. I hope you like the solutions found by Naomi and her brave crew on how to fix the systems in order to put Voyager back into the fight. The next chapter will contain the crews efforts to repair Voyager and it will also contain a nice surprise for Naomi, Mezoti, Azan and Rebi.

A few of you have been asking why did the computer not tell Naomi about Mezoti, Azan and Rebi being still on the ship the first time she asked. The children are not members of the crew, but Icheb is a part as he is a member of Starfleet Academy. Seven of Nine does not appear because she would cause too much of a fuss, and it's my fic after all.

Just for your information, there have been a few references to Star Trek episodes and films which I will list.

Chapter 2 – Watter T Flotter is the main character in the "Adventures of Flotter" holostories and so serves as her personal access code.

Chapter 3 – Azan reports that he saved forty nine people out of one hundred and fifty people. This what Scotty says in Star Trek Generations during the incident with the Nexus.

There is also a reference to the series "Red Dwarf" in this chapter when the seat tilt control breaks. This is what happens to Cat when he and the crew are being attacked by Cyborgs. I added it simply because it provides a bit of comic relief in what would be a normal set of breakdowns.

Well, the next chapter is something I hope you will enjoy very, very much, but I'm going on a short break in order to complete two other fanfic chapters I have been working on. Please point out the best bits of the entire fanfic so far that you like!