Amanda Waller left her office late, as usual, and walked across the parking lot to her new car. The well-lit lot appeared empty, but, as was her habit, she walked with her keys sticking out from in-between her fingers in case of an attack.

She was only a few feet from her car when she hit the remote to unlock the car door. The car lights came on and the car beeped.

Amanda had just touched the door of her car when she heard shuffling but couldn't see anything.

"You work late," a female voice said from one of the few unlit areas near Amanda's car.

Wonder Woman came out of the dark spot that should not have been big enough to contain her. Amanda kept control over her fear.

"You need to practice that more," Amanda said, trying to add some bite to her words. "He does that much better."

Wonder Woman smiled cruelly. "Yes, he does. He is much more subtle than I am."

There was something cold about the Amazon that was keeping Amanda edgy.

"But I am not here to discuss him. I wanted to make something very, very clear to you about members of the League."

"Yes, Batman made it very clear. He is watching me. He doesn't want me pursuing them," Amanda snarled. Repetition was tedious. Especially when the order was absurd and from those she did not obey.

"That is where you aren't quite clear. I am watching you too. And I see things in black and white, Amanda. You cross a member of the League, I won't consider why you are doing it or the degree of how you cross them. I won't consider a plan that makes your actions backfire on you. In fact, I won't consider anything. I'll just take you down. Ask Batman next time you see him. He'll tell you. I just punch and leave."

Wonder Woman flew away, leaving Amanda alone in the parking lot.

It was the next day when Amanda, sitting in the sun, realized that she had her wedge. And she was it.

AN: Heaven help us all, this took me more than a year to write but I am leaving enough loose ends for a sequel (I have a scene already cooking in my wee brain).