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5 Years Later

The church was getting crowded as people came to Aspen Meadow, Colorado, to see Harry Potter and Mallory Harper marry.

In the small office off of the main room, Mallory looked at herself in the mirror, trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Her dress was perfect… her hair was in an elegant braided knot… and she was marrying a man she loved and had helped her through losing the most important person in her life. "I wish you were here, Dad…" Mallory whispered. It had been 5 years since her father had died in the Department of Mysteries in the British Ministry of Magic and today that pain felt as new and fresh as if it had been yesterday.

Mallory's mother hadn't come today and Mallory hadn't really expected her to. Closing her eyes, she could almost picture her father standing next to her. "You look beautiful," he said in her mind. "I love you more than anything in the world."

'Mama'd never been there

In the bottle all the time

Daddy was right there with me

His big hand holding mine

'And now the day I've wished for

Has finally come around

But I want more than what I have

I want the sound of

' "No woman in the world

Could look prettier than you

And no man that you marry

Could love you like I do"

'I want him here

You don't know how much I do

Daddy, I miss you'

The office door opened and Sirius Black came in, smiling. "You look radiant, Mallory."

Mallory smiled, her right hand fiddling with the diamond ring on her left hand. "Thanks, Sirius."

Sirius took her hand and said, "I know your father's watching you right now… and I know he'd want you to be happy today."

Mallory hugged Harry's godfather. "Thanks for walking me down the aisle."

"My pleasure," Sirius replied, hugging her back. "Your mum couldn't make it, then?"

"I don't want to think about her," Mallory said, firmly as Sirius let her go and helped her with her veil.


Standing at the altar, Harry's knees were shaking as he tried to picture how Mallory would look in her wedding gown. 3 years ago he had asked Mallory to marry him and when she had said yes, he couldn't remember feeling happier. Sirius had congratulated him and Mrs. Weasley was so excited. But as Harry waited for his wife to be to arrive, he thought about his parents.

His mum would have loved Mallory and his father would have embraced her as his daughter in law.

Yes, it was a day to be happy… but Harry still missed his mum and dad.

'I never really knew them

Just what I was told

Dad had a knack for mischief

Mum had a heart of gold

'Today a woman that I love

Will become my wife

We'll love each other forever

For the rest of our lives

'Mum would be cryin'

Dad would cheer me on

I feel them stand here with me

Even though they're gone

'I wish they were here with all my heart

Yeah, you know I do

Mum and Dad… I miss you'

The ceremony started and Harry heard Mallory's slight limping footsteps coming closer. Holding out his hand, he waited until he felt her hand in his and smiled.

"I love you, Harry," Mallory said as she smiled at her husband to be.

The priest, Father Jason Grant, waited until everyone had ceased whispering before starting to speak. "Love cannot be seen or heard… It is something that we feel deep down inside… Something that can lift us when we have sunk lower than we ever thought possible and make our best moments even better. Words and gifts are an outward symbol of love, but these gestures mean nothing if the feelings are not true."

Harry didn't have to look into Mallory's eyes for her to know how he felt. "I've loved you ever since I first held your hand. I don't have to see you to know you're there. I've been blind to a lot of things in my life. But when I met you I finally saw all the wonderful things in the world."

Mallory tried not to cry as she smiled at Harry. "I've been let down before… and until I met you I never had a real friend. You've been my best friend… a rock… and the one to see me when I'm at my weakest. Nothing matters more to me than you. I love you… and I can't imagine how I could have made it this far without you in my life."

'I cried when I saw him

Put that gold ring on her hand

I knew my little girl

Had found her a good man

'This boy is quite a fella

His parents both stand here with me

We're looking down and cheering

Happy at what we see

'It hurts to lose the ones you love

It hurts to let them go

But you kids hold onto each other

Don't be afraid to let the tears show'

Harry fumbled only slightly as he slid the wedding band on Mallory's finger. "With this ring, my eternal promise to you… I thee wed."

Mallory took the ring from Hermione and slid the thicker band on Harry's ring finger, saying, "With this ring, my eternal promise to you… I thee wed."

Harry felt for Mallory's veil and once he'd lifted it, her pulled her close and slowly leaned forward to kiss her.