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The Music Box

Paris, 1919

The aging vicomte de Black was wheeled across the leaf strewn entrance of the dilapidated Forks opera. Though dirtied by time and blackened of the decades gone fire he remembered so clearly, the opera house looked just as he remembered it. The vicomte could imagine the elegant ladies and gentlemen filing through the ushered doors towards their seats. He could see their excited faces as the lights dimmed and the music began. But now…

Now Forks was nothing but a ghost of itself, and all the things he wanted to see again and all the voices he wanted to hear so badly were gone. Forever. Jacob Black was as much a ghost of his former self as the opera house was.

The fluttering banners hung on the opera's walls pronounced that there was an auction of items found within the walls of Forks. The vicomte de Black was not quite sure as to why he came. He was quite old at sixty-seven, but he was positive senility had nothing to do with his choice. He just wanted to see her.

But that was impossible, so he must settle with things that remind him of her.

She had loved this opera house. Jacob suspected it was not only because it became her home after her father died, but that it had something to do with who resided in the opera with her. The man in the shadows who the vicomte had done everything he could do to prevent from taking his darling. And he had failed.

His nurse broke him out of his reverie by tapping him on the shoulder. "The item you want is now being auctioned, vicomte," she spoke softly in his ear. Jacob nodded and focused on the platform that had been set up specifically for this occasion. A poster had just been sold to a young man to his left, and a new object was being brought up.

"Now," the auctioneer began, "we have lot forty-two, a music box adorned with the sculptures of a lion and a lamb. In working order too! See?" He demonstrated by turning the knob on the side of the box with some effort. The box had not been used in many years.

A haunting melody slowly sounded from the small box. It became louder and louder until it echoed across the walls of the opera house. So beautiful, Jacob thought. Just as she described it to be.

"Shall we," the auctioneer cried over the noise of the music box, "start the bidding at thirty francs?"

The vicomte de Black raised his hand, and waited for someone to offer another bid, but none came. He glanced around and was shocked to see that no one held any interest for it, the little music box that held so much of his past, and so much of his sorrow.

The auctioneer gestured to Jacob. "Going once…Going twice…Sold, to the elderly man in the wheelchair!"

His nurse walked to the platform to retrieve his win. When she came back she set it gently in his lap. "Here it is vicomte. What a strange box, I've never seen one like it," she spoke in the soft voice that Jacob had become accustomed to.

The vicomte did not answer back, for he was to busy staring at the figurines. A lion and a lamb. Jacob twisted the knob and let the sad melody wash over him. It was his, the vicomte thought suddenly. It was his present to her.

He clutched the box to his stomach and let the pain of her loss wash over him, remembering. He could not push back the on slot of memories that rushed at him. Especially her face, her beautiful face.

Jacob was unaware as the auctioneer went on about lot forty-three, the chandelier that had been destroyed on the night of the fire. The night he lost her. It had been refitted with electric lights and fixed from the damage of it's fall. Several men pulled on attached ropes and the chandelier rose to the ceiling.

The vicomte de Black looked up and was transported to the Paris of his youth. When he was eighteen and in love with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

It had all started with music.