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Chapter 1: No Watanuki, you can't keep her.

"WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!" Watanuki demanded looking at the stoic man standing beside him.
"There is no club today." Doumeki said simply.
"That doesn't mean you should follow me home! I can walk on my own see!" He took several large steps to show his prowess. Doumeki clapped, three times slowly. Watanuki glared. "AND DON'T PATRONIZE ME!" He ordered waving his hands hurriedly as though a windmill in a tornado.
"I want onigiri tomorrow." He said placing one finger in his ear to half silence his bespectacled partner, but his expression remained emotionless. Angrily Watanuki stomped off talking to himself, heading home with fists clenched.
"Stupid Doumeki!" He scowled changing his clothes. He had to go work tonight, but during PE had smeared his uniform with mud. Typical of Watanuki, most definitely. He grumbled and dumped his schoolbag beside his futon. Making sure all the electrics were off he left the house.

Heading to Yuuko's shop he began to get the eerie feeling he was being watched, being a ghost magnet he was unfortunately used to it, but glanced around to make sure. Behind him a mother and son were taking the left fork, and a small girl was heading his direction. He shrugged it off and continued on. The feeling did not leave him, and several times during his journey he looked behind him. Nothing unusual, occasionally a group of boys playing soccer, a young woman with a stroller, a gothic looking man who reminded him a little of Doumeki… one thing remained consistent. The little girl. Small and dark haired with wide eyes and a white sundress which seemed out of place on her very pale skin. Watanuki slowed his pace, to see if she would overtake him. When she didn't his paranoia set in, he decided to take different routes to the shop. It seemed though that whichever way he turned, and no matter what pace he took she followed closely behind.
"Uhm… why are you following me?" He asked eventually. Her pale blue eyes widened and she looked down causing her black hair to fall into her eyes. "Are you lost?" She said nothing. Cautiously he turned and continued walking, only to find she was still following. He hurried into Yuuko's shop to get away from her.

"Watanuki you're late." Scolded Yuuko. Watanuki glanced at his watch, well… it seemed that those detours had taken him longer than expected.
"Late! Late! Watanuki is late!" Chimed Maru and Moro, together, jumping up and down, holding their hands.
"He'll be in trouble." Maru tutted, stopping to look at him
"Big trouble." Moro scolded, copying Maru. Watanuki writhed a little under their double stares, feeling like a scolded child.
"Ah sorry." He pulled on his apron and Maru helped him with his bandana. Yuuko twitched the curtains, looking outside, she smiled softly. On the threshold, stood just beyond the gate, a girl of around 8-10 was stood staring in. She could not pass through the gate.
"Bring me some sake," She ordered. "And take some lemonade to our visitor."
"We have a customer?" he asked, not bothering to tell her off for alcoholism at this hour, instead glancing around the shop for hope of seeing a customer in need of an unusual wish fulfilling. At least life at Yuuko's was never boring.
"No… the one outside…" Yuuko smiled, and swept back to her seat, Mokona clapped.
"And make it snappy Watanuki!" It ordered
"Snappy! Snappy! Make it fast!" Moro and Maru sang holding each other's hands and spinning in a circular motion until they fell over giggling. Watanuki fetched sake, knowing Yuuko preferred to have the bottle, then looked innocently confused.
"Visitor outside?"
"Your little friend, I'd say she's thirsty."
"Why would she follow the April fool home?" Mokona grinned, snatching the bottle from him.
"You mean the girl… wait how'd you know she followed me!" He freaked out. Yuuko looked bored. Watanuki sighed dejectedly, not like he hadn't expected them to know everything. He took a glass of lemonade out. Sure enough sat by the fence the little girl was playing with a doll. It was bedraggled and old, the hair tufting in places.

"Uhm… hello. Are you thirsty?" He asked. Again her pale blue eyes seemed to stare right through him. She said nothing for a long while, then nodded slowly. He handed her the glass, and she left the doll on her lap. "Are you lost? It's probably not safe to sit out here, you know" He said as she sipped her drink. Again she said nothing but shook her head.
"Watanuki." Said a cold voice behind him. He jumped to find Yuuko, glass in hand stood fully upright.
"Agh!" He said falling over in shock.
"You can't keep her, come back inside the house." She said at the twitching mass on the ground that was Watanuki. He leapt to his feet flailing his fists.
"YOU SENT ME OUT HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!" He objected. The small girl grinned, then handed him her empty glass. As he took it she bowed at both Yuuko and Watanuki, picked up her doll and backpack. With a wave she was gone. "Wait… all she wanted was a drink?"
"No, if she had wanted anything she would have been able to cross the barrier." Yuuko smiled. mysteriously. So THAT had been her plan? To see if she wanted something… "Did you notice anything odd about her Watanuki?"
"Well… she seemed very shy."
"Is it shy to follow strangers home? Shy to accept things from them? She's certainly not shy." Yuuko had turned and was heading back towards the shop. Watanuki hurried behind. "It's unusual for someone so young… keep one eye on her Watanuki." She tapped his temple, beside his bright blue eye.
"Wait… what she's gone already what do you mean keep an eye on her?!"
"Oh, that won't be the last you see of that."

That… did that mean she wasn't human? Was Yuuko being deliberately misleading? Was her statement to Watanuki a thinly veiled warning, or an instruction?

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