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"It's biologically impossible." Huffed Watanuki at lunch with Himawari as they watched Doumeki at archery practice.
"Surrogacy." Suggested Himawari. "Or maybe one of you is her Step-dad? You know she COULD be from one of your previous relationships."
"Step implies marriage… also impossible! Me and him, married? Not gonna happen"
"Watanuki-kun… answer me honestly. Right now, do you have butterflies in your stomach? Talking to me, here?" She asked, cocking her head.
"N… no." He looked shocked. It wasn't normal… normally he had a million thoughts in his head, of her in a wedding dress and such, but right now… nothing. He blinked trying to understand why. He scowled internally, who'd meddled with his brain? He suspected Yuuko.
"How about… now." She asked, pointing towards Doumeki who was heading towards them.
"H…Himawari-chan don't be gross!" He squeaked, flapping his hands in front of his face as though trying to swat a fly. She giggled.
"Hitsuzen." Was all she said. Watanuki scowled, wondering how it could become physically possible for two male frenemies to have a child together. The most logical explanation was surrogacy or step-parenting… but there was a foreboding feeling that he couldn't quite shake. Again he suspected Yuuko.

"Watanuki." Doumeki said calmly. He threw something at him, and it hit him on the head.
"Ouch! THE HELL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU JERK!" Watanuki scolded, rubbing his head where the box had bashed him.
"You were meant to catch it." Doumeki's voice clearly stated he thought it was obvious.
"WITH WHAT WARNING!" He demanded waving a clenched fist at Doumeki.
"Just open it." Doumeki said, taking his bento from the bench. The box was small-ish, and very plain, Watanuki's fingers shook as he opened it. Inside the box was a doll, pristine and new, with long luxurious hair, but unmistakably Yuki No Yuuki's.
"This is…"
"Yuuki's… From 83rd street, you must've walked past that place a hundred times and never seen it." He smirked, as though he was airing his superiority. But for the first time, Watanuki didn't care, for the first time it didn't matter. He stared at the doll in his hand, and remembered how happy she had looked when she was holding it, however ancient and battered it had then looked. How she had treasured it, and kept it with her the whole time.

"Whatever, as long as nobody calls me mommy." He said haughtily. Himawari smiled and clapped.
"Himawari-san told me that you named me as godmother. Thank you Watanuki-kun!" She cheered, and again, Watanuki didn't feel the butterflies, or hear the angels singing, he didn't see the holy light, and did not feel the general warmth. Damn Hitsuzen.

"Watanuki." Yuuko said with a smile. "You'd be best not to ask questions about recent events. It may add to your debt,"
"I don't want to know. I'd rather live with the happy illusion that it's some weird accident, that the bastard tricked me and Yuki is a brilliant consequence." Watanuki thought aloud.
"Would it be so bad… if it wasn't that way?" The witch asked, cocking her head cutely. "OH! And I nearly forgot, when the time comes the price for the pregnancy pants you'll be needing will be a three course meal for me and a friend."

"I'll be needing? Shut up!" Watanuki huffed, half hoping his boss was trying to frighten him. He was happy living with his unusual delusion, for as long as he knew that small doll was tucked in a safe box under the floorboards in his bedroom, he didn't care how he and Doumeki had conceived and birthed a child, because he knew, from experience that Doumeki was a loving and caring father. It wasn't even that he didn't care… he found that he didn't actually mind. If… sometime in the future, he and Doumeki WERE together like together-together… as long as Yuki was going to arrive, it was all okay.

Watanuki looked in the mirror, catching sight of the bright blue eye. He raised one hand to touch the golden eye's reflection.
'Even if he is a bastard'

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