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Far From Defeated…Revamped…

Chapter One: Destiny Completed

The constant low hum was all too familiar to the young man who had been thrown to the floor of a cell in the brig nearly three days ago. He had remained in that unconscious lump for nearly that entire time, and was just now starting to come to his senses. They hadn't held back, which he had expected…and he had put up one heck of a fight, which they had expected.


Every time he moved, he heard them jingle and scrape along the metal floor. The young man's amber eyes flicked open wide and he tried to sit up, but found this quite difficult with his hands bound behind his back by a metal device over his hands. If he tried any fire bending that way he'd incinerate his hands with the device on. The chains were made of the same metal. An alloy that took quite a bit of heat to melt them Sitting up also caused a lot of pain to course through his body. His shirt was practically useless. Holes of all shapes and sizes had been cut and singed through the deep red cloth. Beneath the holes the affects of those cuts and burns could be clearly seen if it wasn't so dark. He also knew he had lost a lot of blood from the way his skin had stuck to the floor just a little. No form of lighting could be used since he was a fire bender. Complete darkness surrounded him.

He was of course Zuko, the fugitive prince of the Fire Nation, and now ally to the Avatar. In fact, he had even been the Avatar's teacher…even now when he thought of this he couldn't help but chuckle at how things changed for him so quickly in a little under a year. He went from spending every moment…every breath…every thought trying to find some way to track, locate, and capture the Avatar…Aang.

Not just the Avatar now. He wasn't just a title. That kid had a knack for making friends. He didn't know how anyone could dislike the air bender. Now that he had changed from his own ways…found redemption…he could now look upon their friendship with pride. He taught the Avatar how to fire bend. A swell of pride formed in his chest and he thought once again of how this would be just another blow to his father. His father who had sent out an expert search team to find him.

Zuko had expected they would come sometime. His dreams had intensified in the past few days, and he had learned from experience that the Spirits rarely showed you things that were not important for one to learn. He had told the others that he had wanted to go and explore the area around the Air Temple in order to look for more food…it had been a lie. Being the warrior that he was he could tell when trouble was coming, and he wasn't a fool. He trusted his instincts. He knew that Katara had been very glad to see him leave, but Aang had wanted to go.


'I could help, Zuko! We could train on the way, and you know it isn't safe to go out alone.' Aang said with his usual smile and eager demeanor.

'That's alright, Aang…you've had plenty of training…you should rest and catch up with your friends. I know they have missed being around you.' He said and glanced over at Toph whose face was contorted in thought. She knew he was lying…hiding something. He prayed that she wouldn't say anything. Luckily she didn't.

Sokka walked over to him with his usual smirk…one that was annoyingly warm. He still threw jokes at Zuko, but it was all in fun now and not degrading as it had been 'He's right, Zuko…you shouldn't go out alone.'

'I'm fine. I'll be back in a few days…'


He had been ambushed on his second day out. Zuko had been thankful that he had made quite a bit of distance between himself and the others, because the fight had been intense. He had taken down almost half of the guards on his own, but one against over twenty armed soldiers wasn't really a fair match. He had the deep slashes, bruises, broken ribs, and burns to prove that.

He knew what would come next. He would be taken to the Fire Nation, taken before his father, Fire Lord Ozai, and he would be sentenced to death. But not a quick death, he knew he wouldn't be so lucky. He knew that the Fire Nation did not treat traitors so kindly, and that his father was especially angry with him. He would be tortured and beaten within an inch of his life before his father in front of the nobles of the Fire Nation and his father would give the final blow…

However, terrible that death sounded he still held his head high. He would be dying for a reason. He was the one who was right. He had been banished the first time because he stood against his father. At first he had regretted acting in such a way, but his scar had changed from a bane to a blessing. Iroh had showed him in his own way, that he was a true prince. He had been looking to the good of his people, and his father had seen him as a strong leader, and had feared Zuko. That was why his father sent him on his quest for the Avatar and scarred him in such a way. The great Fire Lord Ozai was afraid of his own son...and that was as good a reason to smile as any.

He did not expect rescue, and he really did not want it. To him, his destiny was completed…he had given the Avatar the tools to defeat his father and restore balance to the world.

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