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AN: Published the day after Valentine's Day (it would be earlier if wasn't as slow as molasses), we have the first of its kind, a collection of English one-shots based on that nonsensical pairing of Rei/Kaworu, or KAWOREI as the Japanese call it.

I always like to say that this ship is more nonsensical than Zutara...but I still like it.

So...here we are:

"So I'm worried, because I'm not sure if Asuka expects me to get something for White Day. I mean, in Germany they don't have White Day, just Valentine's Day...but you know that, right?"

Kaworu chuckled. "I do Shinji. But let me tell you; the entire idea of any day centered around love is ridiculous. Love is supposed to be spontaneous, not confined to such a meager thing as an arbitrary date on a calendar. Only a Lil..." he paused, remembering that he was a human now. "Well, it's a custom that I do not believe in."

"...So you're not expecting anything from anyone?"

"Some people have tried to give me gifts. But I could not accept them, because I would be obligated to give something back in return. And I do not wish to support this custom, or the merchandising that goes along with it."

"...So I shouldn't get anything for Asuka?"

"I didn't say that. If you feel like you must get her a gift today, then do so. But I must say that..."

A voice broke in. "Excuse me".

The two boys turned around to look at Rei Ayanami, holding a box of chocolates.

She spoke quietly: "It is customary on this date to give a gift, usually of chocolate, to the person you love. Therefore, I give this to you." She held out the box.

Shinji stammered. "Rei...um..."

"My apologies, Shinji-kun. I should have been more specific. I meant the person you love romantically. Though I do love you Shinji, it is just not romantic. It is familial."

"...So if its not for me...then...?"

"It is for Kaworu."

The white haired boy's face changed from interested to surprised. He blinked.

"Your gift is...for me?"


Slowly but surely, Kaworu took the box from Rei's hand. At that point Rei bowed and walked away.

Kaworu stared at the box turning it around, moving his fingers over it, eventually slowly pulling off the plastic.



"You're more or less Rei's brother. Do you know what she would want for White Day?"