B4 stared at the stars. They were very pretty. Little streaks of bright in the dark. He half smiled and kept staring. Geordi said that stars looked like suns if you saw them up close.

"Never saw the sun..." he crooned. "Never saw the sun..."

His brother had sung that. His little brother Data. B4 had been surprised to discover that Data had not been human. He had been nice.

"Shining so bright."

He turned and looked around the room. He wanted something blue in there. He liked blue. Dark, deep blue. Though he could not remember why.

"But it did happen..." He wondered why he had said that. "Tasha." Who was Tasha? She was special and important, who was she? Maybe she had worn blue.

Geordi was coming to see him today. Geordi was nice. He played games.

"The game is afoot." No, the game was Scrabble. Geordi said it would help to get the information that was in him out of his head. Apparently B4 knew things he did not know he knew and playing Scrabble and Sudoku and Chess would help him know he knew it.

"Poker would be...fun." What was poker? Maybe it was a game too. Perhaps Geordi would teach him.

Geordi had gotten sad the last time he had visited. B4 hoped it did not happen again. Geordi should be happy. Maybe if he acted more like Data, Geordi would not be sad around him.

B4 went to the replicator. "One violin." Once it materialised, he began to play. Perhaps this was one of the things he had not known he knew. But he knew now. He hoped Geordi would be happy that he was getting better.