A/N: thanks for reading An Unexpected Visit!

if anyone's wondering (haha, i hope u r) im redoing most (all) of my stories, so that's why this story may seem different to past readers. in the past two years i have grown a lot as a writer, and looking back, my old work is so... amature-ish.

no offence to anyone that writes with the style i used to.

anyway, so this is the first story that i have completely redone (it wasnt that hard, it was a oneshot!), and ive filled in all the plot holes (that i can see right now, at least) and tried to make it a little more realistic! i still kept the general story line, but i tried to be a little less mean to karin (i might have been a little harse. but u kno... i only changed it cause of the multiple reviews saying they didnt like it...), and also FINISH the story. i never noticed... but, u see, when i submitted the story... i guess not all of it went thru... so... for 2 years there has been an unfinished story up there and i kinda didnt notice... *rubs back of neck sheepishly*

*everyone in room sweatdrops*

anyway, please check out my stories as i begin to get new versions up, and please review! it would boost my confidence *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

'sides, IM ADORABLE! *does puppy dog eyes*

thanks again for reading my fabulous story!

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