My dear sweet readers,

This is NailBunnyDeadBunny and I am here to tell you do to my two PoT stories I don't have time to write the White Day story that you wanted for "Bug Bites". But do not fear my evil partner in writing, LadyCrazyMonkeyPants, will be writing it as the first dribble of her series of OT5 one-shots. So just wait for it to show up and read it, though it will not be as good as mine. She tells me that it could be up as soon as soon as Sunday or something like that. But I don't trust her for she is very lazy.

I'm such a loving friend.

She has also finished her paper so she now has the free time on her hands. So please don't hate me.


The fabulous NailBunnyDeadBunny the Egotistical