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I'm supposed to wake up! Why'm I not waking up?

The question ricocheted through his head with a force that would have knocked him off his feet, if he hadn't already been kneeling on the rough pavement.

Kneeling on the pavement and holding his limp brother, and not waking up!

Sam clenched the body tighter to himself, oblivious to the chaos around him. He heard people running, felt hands on his shoulder, his head. He heard someone yell for someone else to call 911, and had to stop the bitter laugh that threatened.

He's dead, what good are some quack-job doctors going to do him now?

It was getting hard to breathe, air exhaling from his lungs in harsh wheezes. Suppressed sobs shook his frame as he held his brother's still warm body to his chest.

His vision was dimming and he clenched his eyes against the sight of his blurring brother, trying and failing to hold back the tears that spilled from his eyes.

Hands pulled him from his brother, holding his flailing arms and legs as he tried to get back to his brother. He heaved against the arms, fighting for air that escaped him.

Looking down at the crumpled form that was his brother, Sam watched in steady fascination as blood pooled around Dean's side. He still fought against the restraining arms, but his attention was on the pale body of his brother as the paramedics swarmed around him.

One of the medics came towards him, and Sam drew back, not wanting the man to touch him. The arms held him in place though, and try as he might, Sam couldn't draw enough air to be able to really fight back against them.

He fell to his knees, gasping and wheezing; fighting against the dawning darkness that threatened to overwhelm him. The hands released him, but Sam couldn't find the strength to pull himself to his fallen brother.

Another set of hands made their way under his chin, lifting his face up to look at the medic who knelt before him.

Sam tried, but even as he mentally screamed for Dean, everything left. He was left with an oddly comforting darkness, and he gratefully sank into its welcoming depths.



Sam watched with dry eyes as Dean's body burned. Flames shot high around his wrapped corpse, and Sam couldn't find it in himself to focus on anything but the rising flames that encompassed his brother's still body.

At least he's warm.

Dean's skin had been cold and waxy when he had carried him from the morgue to the Impala, and Sam hadn't wanted his brother to be cold. He had wrapped the older man in a blanket when he had slid his still form in the backseat, making sure it was tightly tucked in, before closing the door and heading for the driver's seat.

God Dean, why you?

The thought had plagued him since he had woken in the back of an ambulance the morning before. His brother was a good person. He had always been there for Sam, had been willing to give his life for his brother…

Had given his life for Sam.

He still had months… More if Sam could find a way out of the deal!

Sam just wanted to know why his brother had been taken. The thoughts battered him as he watched the flames until they were dying embers in the twilight.

As he made his way back to the Impala, Sam only had one thing on his mind-

That trickster is going down, if it's the last thing I do.

For Dean.


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