The sobs rose up her throat to suffocate her

Line to Heaven

Heaven knows I've done no wrong

The sobs rose up her throat to suffocate her. She tried to take a breath, but the grief tightened its grip on her neck, and she felt that tears would drown her. "No…" That was all that she could say. She felt her sisters' supporting grasp on her upper arms, but even their strengths could not hold her up as she collapsed onto her knees. "He did nothing wrong! It was all my fault," she cried. Their words to soothe her fell on deaf ears.

Why did it have to end this way?

She stumbled towards her room, leaving everyone to call out to her. But there was no way she could face them without breaking down, and she would rather dissolve into a helpless mourning heap in privacy than at the center of people who would want to lend a hand but can do nothing.

If I ever had a line to heaven I swear

I'd call you there

And if I ever had a line to heaven I swear

I'll be there tonight

She curled up in bed, feeling as though all the thunderstorms in the skies have converged in her heart, as though all the earthquakes underground were shaking her shoulders. She didn't even realize that her sobs have turned into a litany of his name, until an unseen hand was tucking her hair beneath her ear, and the bed dipped heavily under someone's weight. "He's all right. You have to believe that," the voice said to her. But Piper had seen his eyes when they took him away, saw the pain and the terror, the way he silently pleaded for help she could not give. "And… and," she heard the voice that now occurred to her as Prue's, "if it does happen that they have taken him away for good, then I think you should slowly learn to move on." Piper shook her head madly. She did not even consider it. But had she and Leo not spoken about the consequences, the maybes and hopefully nots of their decision to brave the unspeakable wrath?

Now where would I be without you now

I have to make it through this life somehow

"But I don't want to!" she protested. "He's become too much a part of me, Prue. I can't—won't—live without him."

Only time will tell me so

All the things I need to know somehow

Piper closed her eyes and grabbed the pillow overhead, clutching it close to her breast, knowing at once that there was no replacement for him. "Leo, come back to me!" She bit her lip until her mouth filled with the metallic taste of blood. "I don't want to move on. I don't care what we talked about. I wont give up," she said into the pillow.

How do I find the answers to

All the questions I've been hiding inside?

And all the fun and the laughters

We shared all have to stand aside.

"Piper, I won't let you do this to yourself. I want you to consider everything Leo told you. He knew this was possible, even likely! Piper—"

"I can't, Prue. Please… I can't. I need Leo."

"He can't tell you again what he's told you before, so I'm reminding you now. Leo wanted you to try, and if it fails, to forget him and go on with your life!"

If I ever had a line to heaven I swear

I'd call you there

And if I ever had a line to heaven I swear

I'll be there tonight