Hook, Line and Sinker

Summary: Even though they were galaxies apart, there was always time for fishing. Especially for Valentines. Atlantis crossover. Sam/Jack

Spoilers: Missing scene from Trio. Check out Joe Mallozzi's blog if you haven't read it!

Disclaimer: I don't own SG-1 or Atlantis.

Sam scooped up a spoonful of blue jello and watched it as it wobbled. She had been so busy over the last few hours that scooping spoonfuls of jello was a relaxing and highly sort after activity.

"So did you get anything?"

Sam almost fell out of her chair. Her concentration on her jello was ruined. She plopped it back into the cup and faced her interrupter, slightly frazzled.

"What?' she asked, looking at the excited face of Jennifer Keller.

"Your older man from Washington," she said, with a childlike grin. "Did he get you anything? You know, for Valentines Day."

Sam sighed and stopped herself from rolling her eyes. "Jennifer…" she said, warningly. That's what she got for telling her staff about her personal life.

"Well…" Jennifer asked, her face alight. Her excitement was catching. Sam found herself smiling back.

"Yes he did," Sam answered quietly, trying to contain the triumphant grin that was taking over her face.

"What did he get you?" Jenn asked.

Sam handed a small box over. She had to admit that it was a nice change having a woman to talk to.

Jennifer's eyes widened in wonder. She opened the small box and took out the object inside.

"It's a fishing hook," she said, confused.

"You betcha," Sam chirped back, smiling at her own 'Jack-ism'.

"Ok," she said slowly. 'I take it there's some kind of significance to…"


"Hi Rodney," Jennifer said as Rodney joined them at their table.

"Don't tell me you're taking up fishing," McKay said, looking at the fishing hook in Jennifer's hand.

"Oh…uh…" Jennifer looked to Sam whose facial expression clearly said she was not to tell Rodney anything. She settled with a shrug at Rodney.

"I swear, fishing has got to be the most time-consuming waste of an activity," Rodney said, tucking into his sandwich. "Apparently General O'Neill thinks it's heaven on earth. A few years ago he asked me to go with him after we blew up the Stargate back on Earth."

"No he didn't," Sam said.

"You blew up the Stargate?" Jennifer asked.

"Well, yes, we did do that," Sam said.

"So General O'Neill likes fishing?" Jennifer asked Rodney, raising her eyebrows at Sam.

"Oh yeah," Rodney replied enthusiastically. "Though now that he's in Washington, I highly doubt that he'll be able to get away. I mean, he's notthat good at getting out of work, right Colonel? You should know, I guess…working with him in SG-1 and all."

"Right…" Sam said, rolling her eyes at Keller, whose grin was now stretched from ear to ear.

"Anyway, I've got to get back to work. This city won't run itself!" With a smug smile, McKay sauntered away, his tray swinging in his arms.

"I thought you said I wouldn't know him!?"

Sam smiled.

"General O'Neill…theGeneral O'Neill…as in the first person to walk through the Stargate."

"Well, in reality, Earnest Littlefield was the first person to walk through the Stargate," Sam said, amused.

Jennifer ignored her. "That's so exciting," she said, handing the hook back to Sam. "So you're going fishing for Valentines Day?"

"No, actually," Sam said, pulling out her dogtags. There was a small diamond ring hanging off them.

"I'm getting married!"