She's invisible.


No, she's not invisible. He does see her, but it's as if there's a genjutsu over her, and all she is to him is an annoyance.

(Why can't you see me, Sasuke-kun? I've changed…)

She's weak, and he can't afford weakness, and he ignores her.

(But Sasuke-kun, I can take care of myself too! I've trained under Tsunade-shishou, and I can split the earth with my fists - )

(and it's more than you deserve, a small part of her hisses. I should just forget about you.)

But love doesn't forget

(because she does love him – she loves him loves him loves him)

and the heart follows no law but its own

(but he ripped hers out and stomped on it so long ago – she should not have one still, but something keeps breaking inside of her each time he turns away – and if it's not her heart, then what is it?)

and she can't forget him. Someday he will realize how strong she is

(or maybe he'll have to punch it into him)

and he'll see her.

And then this horrible genjutsu will break and she won't be

(invisible, an annoyance, weak)

what she is now, and perhaps he will love her.

(Maybe Naruto will realize that Hinata likes hi; maybe Neji will do the chicken dance; maybe Tsunade-shishou will stop drinking; and maybe Orochimaru will summon a slug – ) a part of her sneers

but she can hope.

(But hope never got her anywhere, did it?)

It is a wistful wish.