i Got Moves

Chapter 1: An Interesting Situation

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Carly Shay was in a very interesting situation. One of her very good friends, Freddie, was hopelessly in love with her. She did not have any feelings for him- and let him know it. But it did not affect their friendship. He did drop hints a lot about them being together, though.

Her absolutely best friend was Sam. Sam and her did everything together, and had been her friend since daycare days. Freddie hung out with her and Sam a lot, especially now since they had started their own web show, iCarly.

The interesting part of her interesting situation was that she had a hunch that they liked each other. Like-liked each other. They would fight practically all of the time. Once she even had to spray them with a spray bottle to stop them from hurting one another. Or rather Sam from hurting Freddie. But she knew, she knew alright, that they would get together eventually. Even if she had to tweak the circumstances…

Sam Puckett was in a very interesting situation. The guy who she always fought with, called names, and insulted in other memorable ways was now going to be hanging around with her while she did a web show with her best friend, Carly.

The guy she always fought with was Freddie. But she had a reason to fight with him and insult him all the time. It was her secret. She loved him. Not liked him, it was a full-out crush. But she couldn't let him know. It would just be too awkward. This was because he liked Carly.

And because he looked at Carly with his adorable, brown, puppy eyes, and not at Sam, Sam knew she had to hide her true feelings. So she did what a lot of people do to hide their feelings- she quarreled. She told him his every flaw, secretly loving how cute he looked when mad and not caring about the flaws.

That is why she kept up her tough-guy act. She knew that, thankfully, that Carly did not return his feelings. But sometimes she felt as if Freddie would only like Carly, Carly would politely refuse him and she would be left out. She was nervous of what Freddie would think of the real Sam…but for now, she was content to just spend time with him, even if her feelings were masked.

Freddie Benson was in an interesting situation. The girl of his dreams, Carly, never accepted his "hits" but she knew he liked her. She still gave him a nose-kiss once out of gratitude and hung out with him. He knew she appreciated his technological help during their web show, iCarly. But there was a girl who got in the way.

Her name was Sam. Freddie was positive that Sam hated him. She always made fun of him and sometimes physically hurt him. But he had to be around Sam, she was Carly's best friend.

But sometimes Freddie really wondered why Carly never agreed to go out with him. He really needed to try a different approach. He needed some "moves"…

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