i Got Moves

Chapter 9: TheLadyKiller is Revealed

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They ended the kiss simultaneously. Sam gazed into Freddie's eyes. So what if he had made a mistake? In the end, he chose her and that's what mattered.



"Will you go out with me?"


"…I love you."

"…I love you too."

"You're kinda speechless, aren't you? You've only said "yes" and added a too to my sentence."

"What? Well I guess it's hard to know what to say. I mean, look at us! We used to be enemies practically! Now, we're going out! But I'm glad it turned out this way. And just to let you know, I've kind of sorta always had a crush on you. Practically since we met…"

"Then why did you insult me so much?"

"Well…for one, it was cute how you got so upset over those tech geek names, and two, I was nervous around you!"

"I guess that explains the physical pain as well…"


"I'm just kidding, Sam. But just like the nervousness made you do stuff you wish you could take back…"

"No way you're gonna excuse your "but I still like you Carly!" slip!"

"I was nervous."

"I forgive you…but it is still inexcusable."

"Then how is it forgiven?"

"It just is. I swear. Now deal with it." Sam answered, annoyed.

"Sam, that doesn't make sense. How come we still get into all these fights? I thought going out would end them…"

"Well, I guess that we still have a love-hate relationship, but we can end fights like this, instead." Sam gave Freddie a kiss.

"Okay, fight's over."

"Thought you would agree, Freddie."

"Oh! I have to tell TheLadyKiller how this all turned out!"

"Tell who?"

"TheLadyKiller, that one "moves" expert Carly hooked me up with."

"You seriously IMed for "moves"!"

"Yeah…I didn't really learn anything "move"- wise, but I learned that I should be with you."

"You should thank him now."

"I will. Let me get my laptop."

Freddie went over to his apartment and grabbed his laptop. He brought it over and sat down on the couch, next to Sam.

"While you are IMing that lady-killer guy, I'm gonna call Carly and tell her the good news!"

"Okay." Freddie's laptop was now loading the personal settings. Sam went into Carly's room to get her cell phone; she had left it there earlier,

TheLadyKiller was already logged on. Freddie explained his success.

TheLadyKiller: Great! The only thing you need to do now is give girl B the rose you forgot to give her.

Fbtech: Oh! I forgot all about it. I'll give it to her when we are done IMing.

TheLadyKiller: OK. :)

Fbtech: I still can't thank you enough. It's amazing that I never thought of her romantically until recently. But we are perfect together!

TheLadyKiller: See, Sam was truly the 1 4 u.

Freddie almost typed "yeah." but he realized something.

Fbtech: Wait, we always referred 2 Sam as girl B…how do u know her name?


Freddie waited 30 seconds and then typed again.

Fbtech: TELL ME! Wait, do u know me?

TheLadyKiller: Yes, u r Freddie.

Fbtech: I'm rather creeped out right now. Please tell me who u r!

TheLadyKiller: No.

Fbtech: How 'bout the 1st initial?

TheLadyKiller: C.

Fbtech: Hmm…any of these? Chris/Christopher, Collin, Chase, Chuck, Chester, Charlie/Charles, Calvin, Corbin, Conrad, Carl?

TheLadyKiller: One of them, sort of…

Fbtech: How can u be a "sort of" Don't count a nickname.

TheLadyKiller: No nicknames.

Sam came downstairs. She asked, "Hey Freddie, do you know if there is no cell phone service in the library? I've been calling her and she's not answering, it just goes to the message voice-mail thing."

"Hmm…" Freddie replied. "The library does allow phone service, that's why you get a message instead of a 'not available thing'…the library doesn't just allow phone transmissions, it allows internet access for laptops and…their computers."

Computers that anyone could use. Computers that, if he could identify the source, where the signal was coming from, it would be an unfamiliar number!

Suddenly, Freddie put it all together. Now he knew…

Fbtech: R u Carly?

TheLadyKiller: Yes.

Freddie is stunned that it really was Carly all along and pauses for a few moments.

TheLadyKiller: Still there?

Fbtech: Yeah…just shocked.

TheLadyKiller: Want me 2 come back from the library (I've been using their computer so u wouldn't recognize where it was coming from), and explain some things?

Fbtech: I KNEW IT! Please come.

TheLadyKiller: K

Fbtech: And btw, you owe me 6.00 4 the lilacs. :)

TheLadyKiller: ;)

Fbtech: Promise me.

TheLadyKiller: Fine. C u soon!

Fbtech: C u!

Freddie logged off. "Sam! You won't believe this! I'll let Carly explain it to you. She's on her way back."

"Okay." Sam was confused, but she knew it sounded like a good story. She would patiently wait for Carly to come back.

Sam sat down next to Freddie on the couch. She immediately regretted it. "Ouch!" She had sat on the rose. Or the thorns, to be exact.

"Oh sorry, Sam! I forgot to move it! Is your leg okay?"

"I'm fine." Sam sat back down on the couch. "Can I have my "Friendship Flower" now?"

"You've never had a friendship flower, Sam…this is a "More-Than Friendship" flower." He handed the slightly smashed, but still whole, rose to Sam.

"You're quite the romantic now. I never thought you had it in you." Sam smiled, pleased.

They turned on the television, but as soon as the commercials were done, and the show started back up again, the door opened.

"Hey guys! I can't believe you're together now! But it was meant to be. I have some papers you might want to read, Sam."

Carly sat down in a chair next to the couch. Spencer came in just to say he had to leave soon; the (weirdo) person interested in his pork chop sculpture wanted it delivered soon. Since they were willing to pay for the delivery, Spencer didn't mind.

Once Spencer left to start the interesting task of loading his sculpture onto a wagon, Carly started explaining the whole thing to Sam.

"So miss matchmaker here did this?" She teased Carly, looking at herself and Freddie. Carly nodded.

"Thanks." Sam said seriously. "You should really become a date fixer-upper. I'm really glad you printed out the conversations. They were such a laugh to read! The fact that it was you and that Freddie had no idea is so funny. And then, first of all, that I inspired the setup with an insult. It's just amazing!" Freddie and Carly couldn't have agreed more.

Carly had been successful in the end, and her hunch that Freddie and Sam were destined to be together was correct. Not to mention her wonderful date fixer-upper skills were discovered. Maybe she should pursue psychology…

Freddie discovered his love for Sam and is finally with someone that loves him too; he's not chasing after something that could never be…

Sam ended up with her true love. How much better could it be? Not much…

The trio heard a scream outside. They all turned to look out the window. They all laughed; Spencer had his pork chop sculpture of a pig on top of a red wagon, on which he had been pulling along. But now he was running from a group of dogs that had gotten away from their owner.

As one of the dogs jumped up to sink his teeth into the rear of the pork chop pig and Spencer frantically ran faster Freddie asked, "Do you know what I call that?"

Carly and Sam asked "What?" at the same time.

Freddie replied, "An interesting situation!"

A/N: An interesting situation! LOL! So, what did you think? (Remember the "interesting situation" at the beginning?) I thought it was cute. My favorite chapter was chapter 7!

If you look back, you will see some clues that Carly is TheLadyKiller. Such as, when she gets the flowers from Freddie, she smiles a smile like something is funny; Freddie is following her advice. Then, at the restaurant, Carly calls the flowers "Just Because I Care Flowers" when Freddie had told her they were "Friendship Flowers". "Just Because I Care Flowers" was on the list of suggestions TheLadyKiller gave Freddie. And Carly didn't show up for lunch on purpose so Sam and Freddie would have time alone together. And Sam doesn't know Carly's cousin, Matt. That's because he doesn't exist! There are other things as well if you go back and look for them. Those are just the more obvious ones.

Looking back, TheLadyKiller was supposed to give Freddie girl advice, and he was supposed follow it. Since Carly was TheLadyKiller, she would not be attracted by it and Sam would. Freddie would turn his attention to Sam. He would lead her on, planning to prove to her that he isn't just a geek. Then he falls in love, just like Sam, and he ends up staying with her. I kinda changed it. Tell me which one you like better, the way I wrote, or the way I didn't. Yikes, this is very long! Sorry. Bye.

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