Sailor Moon Stars: Heirs of Tomorrow

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of its characters; these belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei animation. I do, however, own my versions of the Zodiac Senshi as well as the villain of this story. This story takes place right after the Shadow Galactica arc, but in this story, the last parts of the manga (Sailor Moon Stars 3), with Usagi and Mamoru's last encounter were just a dream. Thank you and goodnight.

Heirs of Tomorrow: Prologue

"The end is finally here".

The words echoed throughout the spacious, darkened room. It was well past midnight, the footsteps of two young women resounded clearly as they crossed the room and finally halted. A small Sailor Senshi, looking no older than eleven, clad in an aqua blue and violet Sailor Suit, stared at her companion, both eyes, one electric blue and one deep amethyst, going wide with horror. "You can't be serious, Empress!" she gasped. The taller girl, resembling an older teenager, stopped in midstride and turned to the younger girl. She too was dressed in the Sailor uniform, but hers was pale lavender. Her aqua blue eyes looked sadly at the other girl. "I'm sorry, but our time is over. We are going to lose the battle tomorrow." She resumed her pace across the large room, the younger Senshi in tow.

The lavender Senshi referred to as 'Empress', did not halt until she stood before an enormous, golden framed mirror. "I have seen it all in the Submarine mirror," the Empress leaned gracefully against the frame, "we are destined to fall. That was why I commissioned for the weapons to be created and our crystals to be given away." The younger girl stood a little further away, face showing naked shock mixed with misery.

"So, it's final then. The gods have decreed our death, Empress."

"I'm sorry, but it is true."

The Empress tilted slightly towards her companion, locking her eyes with the others' bi-colored ones. "Come closer. I want to show you something I have also learned from this sacred mirror." The aqua Senshi came forward and stood by her empress, eyes downcast.

Suddenly, without warning, the lavender Senshi shoved the girl beside her with all her might towards the glass. The girl pitched forward without a sound and through the silvery surface, which simply closed around her as if it were a vertical pool of water. In seconds, the Sailor Senshi was gone.

The other girl then sighed, and stood calmly by the magical mirror. "I'm sorry, but you are not destined to be part of this fight, my child. If you are to protect this universe after we are vanquished, you must find our last hope, our heirs of tomorrow and the inheritrix of our power. Our descendents must come and accomplish what we shall fail to do tomorrow." Her oceanic eyes became hard and sparkled like diamonds. "I'm counting on you…Sailor Aquarius".