If it were at all possible, Hermione could not find a book in the library that she longed to read. It was as if she was searching for a rare diamond as she stalked the shelves, peering here and there, perhaps flipping a few pages to determine how interesting something would be, yet she couldn't find a single sentence that appealed to her criticism.

And so, it was with a heavy heart that she slumped out the wooden doors, earning an unusual look from Madam Pince, and several Hufflepuff second years. Hermione didn't even notice the fever fudge hidden in their pockets until one of them sneezed purple snot all over the back of her robes.

She whirled around, all thoughts on the lack of literature forgotten, flames coming out her ears.

"Fever fudge!" She screeched, snatching it up in a blink of an eye. "A-ha! Purple-Snot Potion Series! All three of you, ten points from Hufflepuff…EACH!" Throwing them one last look of pure malice, she strutted off to her common room, fuming and highly dangerous.

Now, Harry and Ron had seen Hermione in a temper, and they vowed to never try to get her in one again. One cannot say the same thing for the Weasley twins. For them, if they made a female mad because of a prank or joke, they considered it a reward-worthy achievement. In fact, they were in the middle of planning their next series of Rainbow Boils when the common room banged open, causing all eyes to turn immediately to the port-hole and all conversations became hushed.

Hermione stomped in the room, holding the fever fudge out in front of her like a dead animal. Taking a brief glance around, she narrowed her eyes, scrutinizing the crowd.

"FRED! GEORGE!" She bellowed in a quite un-Hermione-like way. Slowly and proudly, the twins emerged from behind an arm-chair, smiling like innocent angels.

"You bellowed, my dear?" Fred said casually, flashing her a toothy grin. George bowed politely.

"Imbeciles! Both of you! I've a right mind to tell McGonagall about your stupid little business! I mean really, fever fudge on second years!? How immature and selfish can you two get?!" She chucked the small candies at the twins, who covered their heads briefly before returning to their previous state.

"It's not our fault if other houses like our products, Hermione." George explained calmly. "Why, they're probably just as jealous as you!" A soft 'ooh' echoed from the spectators; Harry and Ron winced.

However, Hermione did not yell or scream or throw a tantrum to rival Mrs. Weasley's; instead, she walked over and sat down on the couch, staring straight ahead. Fred and George glanced at each other, unsure of what was happening.

"You think I'm…jealous?" Hermione asked; her tone oddly sweet for an angry girl. Fred and George walked over and sat on either side of her, curious to her rapid change of behavior. "Well than Mr. and Mr. Weasley, I believe that I will just have to prove you wrong." Than, ignoring their confused eyes, as well as those of everyone around her, she kissed them both on the cheek waved to Harry and Ron, and ascended the stairs gracefully, an almost cruel smile on her lips.

When the sound of a door being shut could be heard, it was as if everyone released a breath they had been holding for quite some time. Fred and George scooted closer, staring into the fireplace, trying to understand the meaning of their friend's words.

"I guess I'll just have to prove you wrong…" Fred muttered, as if trying to work out some majestic puzzle. George shook his head, opened his mouth, than closed it and wrinkled his brow.

"What on Earth was she talking about?" Fred asked to no one in particular. George sighed.

"I dunno, mate. You don't think she was implying that she was going to try and out-prank us, do you?" A moment of silence reverberated between them, than they both began laughing.

Because really, the idea of Hermione Granger, the wormiest of all bookworms, could even attempt to pull a prank on the masters…why it was simply ludicrous.


Sunlight streamed into Fred's eyes like lasers, waking him the instant the brightness reached him. He sat up and rubbed his weary eyes before turning to his brother.

Down in the common room, a very odd, high-pitched scream could be heard. Any Gryffindors who were awake, or asleep for that matter, turned their eyes to the boys' dormitories, where an instant later, Fred came running out in his pajamas, his hands at his face, covering his eyes. Ron and Harry, who were waiting for Hermione to come down, stood and walked over to Fred, who would not stop yelling.

"FRED! What's going on mate?" Ron asked, him and Harry grabbing an arm and dragging his brother to the couch.

"George…he…oooh, he…." Fred began to shudder uncontrollably, and gagged a few times.

"Spit it out you git! What's happened?" Harry said. Fred opened his mouth, but an instant later, there was another yell from the dormitory stopped him before he uttered a word. Harry, Ron, Fred, and all the other students turned again to the door, only to see George bounding down the stairs with a towel wrapped around him. He stopped in front of the three of them, dancing like he had to pee very badly.

"And what's wrong with you?" Ron nearly yelled, still holding onto Fred's arm, although Fred had somehow covered his eyes again. George whirled around a few times, dazed and hysterical.

"I think…I think it was Hermione!" He screeched, louder than Hedwig on an empty stomach. Harry and Ron looked at each other.

"What are you talking about?" They asked. George gaped for a two seconds, than yelled again, clutching the towel even tighter around himself. Harry was getting quite annoyed with the two Weasleys, as was Ron.

Standing up and releasing his brother's arm, Ron took two easy strides towards George. With one angry yank, he pulled the towel away from him.

Than Ron screamed. Than Harry screamed, followed by a chorus of terrified yells from ever single person in the common room. Girl were covering their eyes, some boys began to wolf-whistle. It was a nightmare looking at George, who stood in his boxers and a bright, neon pink bra on his chest, which luckily had not been bloated to actually fit the garment. Wheeling around at everyone, he began to claw at it, resulting in angry red slashes.

"It won't come off!!" He shrieked. Fred was shaking his head, his eyes still closed.

Just than, Hermione came waltzing down the stairs, glowing. She walked past all the amazed stares from her classmates over to George, who looked at her like a frightened little boy might look at a python. Smiling, she reached over happily and patted his shoulder.

"Don't worry Georgie, it should come off in a few hours!" She blew him a kiss than walked out the door as if it were a pleasant Sunday. George turned to his twin, who was bewildered.

"She…she actually did it. She pulled a prank!" And everyone in Gryffindor couldn't help but bask in the moment that Hermione had just out-did the Weasley brothers. In fact, only two people were not in a current state of amazed awe.

Fred looked at his brother, who stared back with such intensity. Grinding every word out, Fred spoke low and harsh.

"This. Is. War."


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