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Everything stopped. Even time seemed to come to a halt. Everyone looked at one direction and it was towards the grand staircase where she was gliding down from. Her jet-black hair, which had grown waist-length over the years, hung loosely without decoration. Her white skin seemed lumious against the silver, empire-cut gown that was hugging her slim figure. She looked nothing but elegant and exquisite. Hotaru Imai was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl of her age.

Ruka smiled at his muse. He admired her beauty but can't bring himself to worship her at the moment due to the 50 million yen she ripped off from him. Everyone in the hall ogled at the serene goddess as she approached the lucky man whom she chose to shower with her grace. All eyes turned to Ruka as Hotaru stretched her arm towards him, as if beckoning.

"Are we seriously going to do this?"

"Anything to make Mikan shut her face."

"Yeah, Natsume's finding trouble with it too."

"Of course this is for them. It's always been for them."

"Yes, you're right."

"Right. You need to sign the contract again. I don't want to be stepped on."

Mikan pranced around in her sparkling, crimson evening gown as Natsume sat and drank his punch (which had tequila in it). Her eyes looked like a pair of stars eyeballing the new "couple" across their table. The two looked so innocent together; just talking there and looking at each other casually.

"Oh, Natsume! I told you they'd look sweet together! Just look at them."

"Yeah, and I was the one who told you to leave them be. Things fall into place , you know."



"Have I ever told you my secret?"

"I already know you have ice cream-patterned underwear, okay."

"Wha-!How did you know that?"

"I-AM-YOUR-BOYFRIEND! In case you're forgetting."

"That doesn't give you any right to rummage through my drawers!"

"I saw them on you, idiot."

"Little perv-"

"What is your secret anyways?"



"I love you."

"They're buying it Imai-san! Look at how excited Mikan looks."



"We've known each other for 8 years and you still find it necessary to put –san when you call me."

"I was always afraid you'd find me rude."

"Well, I simply find you distant now."

"Oh, now I'm the one distant, Ms. Everyonearoundmeisanidiot."

"Well they are."

"Not everyone is an idiot if they just happen to like you."

"You like me?"

"It's that obvious?"


"Do you like me?"

"KA-POOOOW!" Hotaru hits Ruka with her Idiot blaster.

"Ow! Hey, I'm just being transparent with my feelings! Why can't you be true with yours for once? I've been resilient with you all these years because I genuinely liked you. "

"Imma gonna go get some punch."

Natsume and Mikan sat atop a tree, gazing at the star constellations that night. Everything seemed bright and dazzling that night, mingled with nostalgia and memories of old.

"This tree…it seems like something really important happened on this tree."

"I kissed you on this tree, idiot."

"Oh, yeah. But we were so young then."

"Love knows no bounds."

"I remember the fireworks. The borrowing game wasn't it? When you pretended to be someone else and grabbed me."

"It took a lot of nerve to do that."

"I know. I always did have a suspicion you liked me."

"Good, you're not as thick-headed as I thought, then."

"I'm gonna miss Gakuen Alice."

"I'm going to miss the memories…not this school."



Ruka held her hand and kissed her on the cheek in front of all the gawking eyes. What nerve!

"I just had to do that…before our year ends."

Hotaru pulled Ruka towards the veranda in urgency. She looked into his eyes and gave him a smack on the lips. Ruka went red all over.

"I just had to do that..before I become sober."

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