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Olivia climbed up to the foreign apartment wearily; the sounds of the CSU team hard at work already audible. The clock beside her bedside had flashed a harsh 3:13 AM when she groggily awoke to her ringing cell phone. She and her partner had caught yet another new case, and by the tone of her Captain's voice, it wasn't pretty. Slightly out of breath, she pushed past the crime scene tape and entered the apartment. "Hi, Detective Olivia Benson, Special Victims Unit," she said, flashing her badge to the guy at the door. She saw the outlines of the ME and her partner up ahead in the bedroom, and walked over to join them. "What have we got…"Her voice trailed off as she turned the corner to get her first full view of the crime.

The carpet and bed were soaked in blood, and all four walls were spattered. One body lay in the corner while the other sat slumped in a chair, their final resting place after a long, excruciating fight. Bracing herself for the worst, Olivia kneeled down slowly, examining the first body, the body of the woman. Her face was completely gone, in all manners of the word. Her eyes had been carved out leaving only bloody sockets, and stumps remained of what was once her nose and mouth. Her body lay twisted at an impossible angle, having been cut, bruised, and burned mercilessly as a sick form of torture. Around her neck was a pair of pantyhose, probably her own, used to strangle to the edge of death, before letting the woman recover just to start the process over. To top it off, the woman's clothes were gone, leaving the fluids and bruising from the rape exposed; the ultimate sign of shame.

Swallowing hard, Olivia turned to the man's body. He was tied to a chair; the ropes on his wrists were inescapable but could be easily loosened by the perp. His eyes were open and, even in death, filled with unfathomable pain and despair. By the bloody objects in his left hand and the claw hammer in his right, it was obvious the perp had released him to beat and torture his own wife before tying him back up for him to watch her being raped. God only knew how much suffering these two had had to endure before they were finally blessed with death.

Utterly sick and horrified, Olivia stood up slowly. She wavered slightly, the cloying scent of blood momentarily making her dizzy. Elliot immediately grabbed her shoulders, steadying her, before she shrugged him off. Melinda, sensing Olivia's need for something familiar, said, "The perp left plenty of DNA on the victim, so you'll have no problem matching it once you get a suspect. Also, according to body temperature and rigor, they've only been dead a couple hours. Probably sometime between 11 and 12 last night. And lastly, COD was probably strangulation, but it's hard to be certain with all the wounds. I'll know more after an autopsy." Muttering an "I'm fine" to Elliot, Olivia asked, "Anyone ID the victims yet?" Elliot looked at her in concern, before answering "Their names are Alan and Lucy Moore. Super said they've only been living here about a year, and none of the neighbors saw or heard anything." "Though how in the world they missed a woman's screams beats me," he added bitterly.

The victims were loaded into body bags, the men carrying them looking distinctly green. The ambulance sirens wailed as they took off for the hospital, before they faded away into silence. Elliot cleared his throat and walked to the door, attempting to break the gloom hanging over them all. "So our perp walks through the front door, let in by one of the victims. They then proceed to walk to the kitchen, where they sit down and have a drink." Olivia pointed to the pieces of glass on the kitchen floor, and walks to the bedroom. "At this point, the perp strikes them and immobilizes them. He drags their bodies into the bedroom and ties the husband to the chair." Elliot kneeled at the spot where the chair and the woman were first dragged. "He starts raping her, while she's still unconscious. Then…" Olivia put a hand on Elliot's arm to silence him. "Did you hear that?" Elliot looked confused. "Hear what?" She walked around the room, trying to locate the origin of the sound. "It sounded like someone said…" "MOMMY!"

Out of the closed closet door, a little girl no more than three, jumped out into Olivia's arms. Stifling a yelp, Olivia looked in shock at the girl in her arms. She was beautiful, with long brown hair with big green eyes. "Hi sweetie…" Olivia said almost cautiously, "What's your name?" The girl giggled. "Come on, Mommy, how could you forget my name? I'm Liza, 'member? Liza Moore!" Liza snuggles into Olivia's neck, wrapping her arms even tighter. Olivia turned around to face Elliot, horror just beginning to register in her face. She pried Liza's arms from around her neck, set her down gently, and kneeled so she was eye to eye with the little girl. "Liza, honey…I'm not your Mommy. Your mom…" Olivia paused, never sure how to break the news. "Somebody hurt her, so she's in a better place now, okay?"

Liza's eyes filled with tears. "What are you talking about, Mommy? You're fine! You're fine, you're fine, you're fine!" The screams escalated, blowing into a full force temper tantrum. Olivia attempted to calm her down, whispering "Shh, shh, it's okay Liza, calm down." When the girl started sobbing, Olivia mouthed "help" to Elliot. Almost amused at her ignorance in dealing with screaming children, Elliot also kneeled down to face Liza. "Liza…my name's…" "DADDY!" Liza recovered almost immediately, tackling Elliot the same way she had Olivia. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, you're home! You want to see the drawing I made for you today?! It's a pretty little pony; will you put it up for me, Daddy, please?" Unable to resist the girl's glowing eyes, he said, "Sure, honey, why don't you wait right here and…" He looked at Olivia. "Mommy and Daddy will be right back, okay?"

Grabbing Olivia's arm, he dragged her to the corner of the room. "What the hell are you doing?" she whispered, the anger in her eyes flaring. "The last thing we need is to egg her on!" "Liv, it's obvious that this girl witnessed the crime, if this is the only way to calm her down, then why not?!" Their faces were an inch apart, the tension running high; neither of them ready to back off. Finally he sighed, a sign of compromise. "Look, we'll role-play just until we get back to the stationhouse and get Huang down here to evaluate her, deal?" His eyes searched hers, surprised to find despair and longing hidden within the depths. Suddenly realizing why this was so hard for her, he put a hand on her arm. "Liv…you know you'd make a great mother, no matter what anyone else says," His eyes softened in pity, and more tenderness than she could bear.

Olivia tensed, anticipating his upcoming sympathy and wanting none of it. "All right, I'll do it" she cut in quickly, warding off his concern. She smiled fractionally, to hide her true heartache. "After all, she is cute." Before Elliot got the chance to break her down further, Olivia walked briskly back to Liza, who had settled in the corner playing with her doll. "Liza?" Her head shot up in reaction to her name. "What is it, Mommy?" "Well um….Daddy and I are going to take you for a little ride, okay?" "Okay!" she chirped, immediately grabbing both Olivia's hand. "Let's go!" Olivia glanced back at Elliot, still standing in the corner, and motioning for him to follow. Staring after her retreating figure for a few moments longer, he followed her down the stairs.