Hyde, honestly, was one of my favorite Mamodo...and I'm still wondering what the heck happened to him after "The Rematch"! Anyway, after rewatching it for the second or third time, this little number started narrating itself.

Get Serious:

I saw you

As you fought among the garbage and filth

You kept on saying "You'll be sorry, just you wait!"

I watched you with amusement, because

you were really pathetic.

And then one of their blows sent you flying

into the heap of garbage where I rested

I hoped with all my might it wouldn't happen.

But it did.

You laid your hand on my book

And to my dismay it glowed

"What did I do to get stuck with you?!" I yelled.

You stared at me, clutching my book

You still looked so pathetic.

"You better be serious," I warned.

You looked at me

Beaten and bruised

And you declared "I am."

But now it is weeks later

And I've found out you didn't mean a word

I look at you in disgust

You've just declared you've had enough

Your complaints and excuses ring in my ears,

And suddenly I just don't care.

I turn and run toward our opponents

"You didn't mean a word!" I yell.

I might not win without you

But if you're what it takes to be King

I don't want to.

"Zaker!" my opponent's partner yells.

They're so much stronger than you and I!

That's the thought that rings in my mind

As their spell slams into my gut.

I yell and shoot back across the floor

But I feel someone grab me and whirl around.

Then your yells replace mine

And you drop to your knees, still holding me.

I turn my head and look at you

Beaten and bruised once again

"You saved me, how come?" I ask

"I don't know," you say weakly

"I guess it's just timeā€¦I got serious."

I don't know why, but I believe him this time.

Maybe I can give him

Just one more chance.