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"Bon Paris de matin. Ceci est WKZX votre station de succès. Aujourd'hui sera un beau jour à ..." SMACK!

"Sweetheart are you alright?"

"I'm fine Mom!"

"What was that noise?"

"Nothing, the alarm clock fell." Or I smacked it so hard it broke, thought Kimberly.

"Oh... well now that you're up, come down to breakfast" Caroline Dumas's voice called up the stairway.

"I'll be down in a sec." Kimberly Hart threw back the covers and sat up slowly. The dull ache of her muscles made the petite gymnast feel older than her 25 years. Training non-stop for years will do that to you she thought. All her hard work paid off in the end, though. At 19 she became the second American female gymnast to will an all-around Olympic gold medal. She also took the gold in beam, silver in bars and floor, and bronze in vault. In her wildest dreams Kimberly couldn't have imagined being so successful, and if the price was a few sore muscles, so be it.

Kimberly walked over to her suitcase and quickly pulled out a pair of black sweat pants and a black tank top. If she didn't at least stretch and run a few miles, her muscles would punish her later. True, she was on vacation, but that didn't mean she could go a day without some kind of work out. She dug through her bag until she found a pink sports bra. She had long moved past the days when she had to wear an abundance of pink, but she still didn't feel right unless she wore some reminder of the greatest years of her life.

At 15, Kimberly Hart became the Earth's first Pink Power Ranger. She along with her childhood best friends made up the original five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason, the Red Ranger, the first leader, the over-protective "big brother" was her best friend since they were babies. Trini, the Yellow Ranger, the voice of reason and the one who always remained calm, was a soothing influence on the perky Kimberly from their first meeting in kindergarten. Billy, the Blue Ranger, the genius whose technological know-how rivaled Alpha 5, was the shyest of the five and had initially been intimidated by Kimberly's out-going personality when Trini introduced him to the gang after being put in advanced classes with him in third grade. And finally Zach, the Black Ranger, a dancer with a heart of gold and an energy that rivaled Kimberly's, immediately won her over when Jason brought him to Kimberly's house to play after meeting him on the playground in second grade. Kimberly, as the Pink Ranger, had been the heart of the team, always making sure everyone was happy and cheerful as her.

By the end of third grade the five were thick as thieves, trading play-dates at each other's houses as their mothers and fathers (aside from Caroline and Jason's mom Sarah, who had been close since before Kim and Jason were born) developed close friendships as well.

As the group entered their teens they became more involved with their own passions. Kimberly began training more seriously in gymnastics. Jason entered (and won) contest after contest in martial arts. Zach always indulged in his passion for dance. Billy continued to blow his classmates away in his academic studies, and almost blow himself up several times in his lab. Trini was a combination of sorts between Jason and Billy with a series of killer moves and killer grades. But as different as their separate activities were they always tried to include the others, even if everyone but Trini had to try hard not to nod off as Billy excited talked about his new experiments.

When they were first called upon to be Power Rangers, they were all pretty skeptical at first. In fact, Zach and Kimberly walked right out, dragging the others with them. Things changed pretty quickly after their first battle. As soon as Rita's monster was defeated, the teens knew they were a part of something special. The Command Center became their place of refuge when they would doubt their whole "saving the world" ability, and Zordon became like a father to them.

It seemed that life's twists and turns decided the Rangers were getting off too easy at one point. During their junior year, Trini, Jason, and Zach were selected to go to a peace conference in Switzerland. It was the oppertunity of a lifetime for them, and they would still be helping save the world, just in a different way. At least, that's what Zordon had assurred them when the three were hesitant to go. Finally, they gave in. That's when Aisha, Rocky, and Adam joined the team.

Aisha and Kimberly bonded immediately due to their mutual love of shopping and being the only girls in the group. She was an animal lover and went out of her way to help anyone, whether it be animal or human. Rocky, although the Red Ranger, seemed to take over Zach's department with his goofy, fun-loving attitude. When it came down to business though, he took ass-kicking seriously. Adam started out as very shy and quiet, but Kim soon found out he was a total sweetheart who's values reminded her so much of Trini.

Kimberly pulled her long caramel hair into a ponytail, thinking about how simple everything was when her biggest worries were landing a double-back off the beam, bringing up her grade in Algebra, and wondering if maybe Jason and Trini weren't becoming too close.

I was right, Kim thought with a smile. Her two best friends were becoming closer. And now after a decade of circling around each other they've finally come to their senses. Jason and Trini were getting married in a week. Kimberly was obviously Trini's Maid of Honor. Jason's best friend Tommy Oliver was his Best Man.

Tommy..., Kimberly's mind drifted back to the last time she had seen the former Green,White, Red, and Black Ranger, in that order.


"So, do you wanna go grab a cup of coffee or something before I take you back to Trini's?" Tommy asked as gripped the steering wheel. For some reason he wasn't ready for the night to end, it had been too... un-real. Especially when Kim accepted his offer to drive her back to Trini's They were both in town for Jason and Trini's engagement party. Since Tommy lived only an hour away he drove up, while Kimberly flew in from Boston, her home since she came back from the Olympics.

"I should get some sleep, my flight's at 7 tomorrow morning and I still have to pack," Kimberly replied, pretending to look at the floor mats in Tommy's black Jeep.

"And you only left yourself 8 hours?" Tommy clicked his tongue. "Foolish girl, Kim. You're gonna miss your flight," he joked, a smile starting to form on his lips. He may have to be careful about his rebuilt friendship with Kimberly, but he knew that joking around was a way of breaking the tension, for both of them.

"For your information I only have two bags. And at least my suitcase doesn't look like someone who couldn't pick a favorite color, Mr. Rainbow Ranger" she chided, picking up on where he was headed.

"Dr. Rainbow Ranger," he quickly corrected before realizing what he was saying.

Kimberly had to bite her lip to hold back her laughter at the look on Tommy's face before continuing. "Yes, yes Doctor. Dear Lord Tommy, you should just carry your Ph.D. around with you."

"For the amount of busting my ass I had to do to get it, I just might." he joked back, noticing the laugh threatening to escape from Kim.

"We all had to bust our asses to graduate, it wasn't a cake-walk to get a college degree while spending 40 hours a week training." I've got him, she thought gleefully.

"Neither was spending 24 hours a day on an island with a man who would later try to destroy me"

Damn."Touche." She looked over and saw the look of triumph on his face.

Silence filled the car. Unwelcome silence. As long as the pair kept mocking each other and hiding behind humor they could almost ignore the fact that of all the Rangers, they saw each other the least. Sure they had remained in contact, e-mailed on occasion, called on birthdays and holidays, like old friends did. But they were both very aware that they were more than just old friends. They had a history that ran much deeper than that, and it seemed that the key to maintaining their friendship was to not bring IT up.

"So, no to coffee then," Tommy said as he pulled into Trini's apartment complex on the outskirts of Angel Grove.

Kim shook her head. "Sorry"

"Is Trini driving you to the airport tomorrow?" Tommy asked, cutting the engine and getting out of the Jeep.

Kim shook her head again as she climbed out. Being only 5 feet tall, she actually had to hop down. "She's having breakfast with some of her relatives before they fly back to San Fransisco. Jason's driving me. I have to give him the 'hurt her and I'll kill you' speech anyway." Kim flashed a slightly wicked smile.

"Kim, he's been your best friend since you were born, and he's practically your big brother. Do you actually think you need to give him that speech?" Tommy asked with amusement.

Kim nodded, "It's only fair, since I gave the same one to Trini last night." She smiled again, grateful Tommy was going along with the change of subject.

"That one makes more sense since she's more likely to try to kick his ass then vice-verse," Tommy commented about their total-sweetheart-but-piss-her-off-enough-and-be-prepared-to-run friend.

"What do you mean 'more likely'," asked Kim, putting her hands on her hips. "She's already wiped the floor with him more times than I can count."

Tommy smiled, remembering. "Yeah, that one time when they were sparring and she all but threw him across the Youth Center was awesome."

"Actually I'm more partial to the time she all but threw him into you when she found out about the Red Mission," Kimberly said, her shoulders shaking with barely contained laughter. She had been with Trini when the boys came back, not one to miss out on some old-fashioned "beat the boys till they cry".

"Watch it, Kim," Tommy warned, his voice still light enough not be taken too seriously. "That wasn't fair. Even ten former Reds are no match for Trini when she's that pissed off. I did the smart thing. I evaluated the situation, thought up a plan, and executed it."

"Bullshit. You saw Trini, realized your death would come quickly, and ran," Kimberly said, opening the door to Trini's apartment without stepping in.

"Same thing really," Tommy replied with a smile.

Kimberly threw her hands up. "You're all impossible!" she laughed.

Tommy smiled again, running his hand through his spiked hair, and looked at Kimberly, his eyes growing more serious. Kimberly also grew more serious as the awkwardness of their situation set in.

"Well..." Kimberly stalled, not knowing how to end the conversation and go inside.

Tommy was at just as much a loss as she was. "You'll be back a few days before the wedding?" he tried, keeping his tone light.

"About a week before," Kimberly answered in the same careful manner. "I'm going to Paris to see my mom and step-dad for a few weeks before I head to Angel Grove." She rolled her eyes, both of them knowing how pushy Kim's mom could be. Lately Caroline seemed hell-bent on fixing Kimberly up so her little girl could marry and finally give her grandchildren.

Tommy gave a knowing nod.

Silence set in again, as awkward as a few moments ago before Tommy finally reached down and gently wrapped Kimberly in a hug.

"Bye, Kim. Have a safe trip back," he said, almost in a whisper.

"You too, Tommy," she whispered back, breaking the embrace. She gave him a small smile as she reached for the doorknob.

He returned the smile as she closed the door and headed back to his Jeep. Sighing deeply, he turned on the ignition and back out of the parking space.

Kimberly gave a deep sigh as well as she watched him in the window.

Oh, Tommy, she thought, watching him drive away.Will things ever be back to normal?

End flashback

Kimberly winced as she smacked her shin into the leg of the bedside table. Of course they'll never be normal, she thought. They never were normal.

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