Around 1 year later...

Sakura held her close, hands tightening around the blanket Mikomi was wrapped in. Mikomi seemed to understand that something important was happening and she surprisingly kept quiet. She contented herself with tugging on Sakura's hair—a favorite little game of hers.

Sakura heard the footsteps coming closer and she pressed her lips to Mikomi's hair, trying to hide her chakra level as much as possible.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. She urged silently. Just stay quiet a little longer, honey.


Oh god.

At the sound of a twig breaking to her left she froze, eyes wide. She felt like a frightened, trapped rabbit, afraid her heart might explode from her chest due to its furious beating. The sound of the breaking branch echoed throughout the forest. When it ended, however, she could hear nothing. There was silence, before the footsteps echoed away.

Sakura did not allow herself any relief, however, as she tucked Mikomi gently into the baby's traveling pack once more, running in the direction of Suna. She had to get to Suna…Suna was where Kankuro and Gaara were. Suna was safety. It was one step closer to Konoha. One step closer to home.

No one to help me…no one but them…can't…just…

Before she knew it he was standing in front of her, his doujutsu blazing as he gave a calm, patient smile and held out his hand. Behind him stood the others, their gazes cold and unwavering.

NO! Stay away! All of you stay away! Traitors! She roared silently, like a mother bear protecting her cub.

Sakura shook her head furiously, taking a step backwards. She wouldn't let him touch Mikomi. There was no way in hell that she would let her daughter go.

"Very well." His voice was low and calm. "Then you will pay the price."

Stay back you bastard! I will tear you to pieces! But she knew she couldn't, even as she tried to dodge, feeling kunai slice at her arms and stomach. She gasped, twisting her body around to block a stray kunai from Mikomi. It slammed into her back, making her give a soft cry.


Pain lanced through her body as Mikomi was wrenched from her grasp.

No! She'd fight death tooth and nail to protect her daughter. She wouldn't give in. She couldn't! Take your hands off of her you bastard! Don't touch her! Leave her alone! GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK!

Her eyes began closing as a cold wave swept through her, a strange contradiction to the hot blood that was seeping out of her body. She fell to her knees, blood bubbling to her lips as she reached out a hand to her daughter, vision blurring.


Mikomi opened her mouth and let out an unearthly wail—

Sakura's eyes shot open, hand coming up to press against her chest, heart thumping wildly. She breathed in raggedly, twisting her head this way and that as she searched the darkened room for anything suspicious.

She heard soft crying to her right and let out a small sigh of relief. Just a dream…

"She's hungry."

Sakura looked over at the still form lying on the bed next to her and glared. "Your powers of observation are amazing, Itachi." Then she gave a soft sigh, slipping out of bed and heading towards the crib leaning against the wall.

When she got there the crying had stopped, and her little daughter was standing up at the edge of the crib, smiling triumphantly up at her. It was a smile that read: Hello mommy, ready to lose three more hours of sleep?

Sakura gave a soft sigh before she leaned forward, catching Mikomi as her little legs gave out on her and she fell backwards. Mikomi was a smart little girl already, able to stand on her own. Walking had come to her as easily as breathing.

She was the daughter of a prodigy after all.

Sakura pulled down the shoulder of her sleeping gown and Mikomi immediately went for her breast. Weaning her off of breast milk was proving to be a little difficult.

Mikomi gave a small gurgle, "Mmmamauh." It came out a little muffled, but Sakura merely smiled. Mikomi had picked up speech early, and could say quite a few things. But it was still amazing to Sakura when Mikomi looked at her and called her mama.

She felt someone come up behind her and knew it was Itachi.

"I have a mission." He called out emotionlessly, almost a whisper as he watched Mikomi's eyes begin to drift shut.

Sakura nodded her head slowly. Leader-sama still sent them on missions—trivial ones meant only to keep them occupied and in good fighting condition—which meant that one of them was always watching Mikomi while the other went on the mission. At first it had always been Sakura at home with Mikomi. But as Mikomi got a little older Sakura had finally convinced Itachi to stay home with her while she went on a mission.

She had needed to get out of the house, even if only for a few hours. At first, she had thought it would be good for both parties—she'd get to leave the house and Itachi would get some alone time with their daughter. Oh how wrong she'd been.

She had spent most of the mission worrying frantically about whether or not something had gone wrong. What if someone attacked the base? What if Mikomi got sick? She had finished the mission in record time and had run back to the house to find an adorable sight.

Itachi had been sitting on the bed with Mikomi—who had already figured out how to sit up as well as crawl—and was trying desperately to wash her face. Apparently he'd fed her—she'd begun eating baby food—or rather, had tried to feed her. Most of the baby food was on her hands and face…and in Itachi's hair.

Sakura had surprisingly kept a straight face as she smiled; humming softly as she wiped Mikomi's face and told Itachi he could go take a shower.

"Stay safe." She whispered back to him, feeling his warm breath on the back of her neck, "Leader-sama wants us at the main base tomorrow for a meeting."


"See you then." She answered back.

Itachi brushed his fingers across Mikomi's hair, making her giggle as she reached up for him. He merely pulled his hand away, walking towards the door. Mikomi's face scrunched up as if she wanted to cry, before it relaxed as Sakura began to bounce her.

The door closed behind Itachi, engulfing Sakura and Mikomi in silence.

Sakura held Mikomi closer to her instinctively, pressing a kiss to her temple. Mikomi began squirming, making a face as she tried to push her face away, wanting more milk.

It was only a dream, Sakura…

She swallowed, her throat dry.

…but why did it feel so real?

(A\N: And so it begins. :D The beginning of the last istallment in this series. This story, while following the main plotline, one of the main focuses is on Itachi and Sasuke rebuilding their relationship...and learning about the relationships Itachi held with other members of the Uchiha Clan. THAT is why it is named Shisui. Because yes, it means Still Waters...but it also deals with one of the main plotlines in the fact that Shisui was his best friend...and perhaps we will get some insight into Itachi's choices and reasons for killing the Uchiha Clan...until then, see ya!

Sincerely, Lady Hanaka)