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LP- 11 years

The twins had never fully gotten over the kidnapping, Tonks knew. They got nervous in large crowds, so they made sure to walk between her and Ginny as they made their way to Platform 9 ¾. Tonks would be worried, but she could tell that they were calming down. For one, they had spotted Rose and her family and were now talking a mile a minute to her. For another, their hair was slowly turning from green to pink. Both of them currently had two tone hair; green on bottom and pink on top.

"Hey there Ginny, Tonks," Ron smiled.

"Hi!" they said in unison.

"You guys are getting to be like Fred and George," Hermione laughed.

"Ha! We've got nothing on the twins," Ginny grinned, "Either pair…"

"Momma," Bastian said, "We're going to go find s-eats now."

Bastian's lisp had all but disappeared. It only cam back when he was nervous.

"Ok," Tonks said, giving him a hug and a kiss, "Don't forget to write after…"

"We know!" the twins said together, "After we've been sorted."

"And Hagrid's invited you to tea on Saturday," Ginny said.

"Ok," the two now totally pink haired children said. They ran after their older cousin to get onto the train. As the train began to roll away, they waved from the windows.

"You're not crying this time," Ginny said slyly.

Tonks just smiled and took Ginny's hand as they Apparated back to their apartment.


"Bets!" Fred called to the assembled room, "Place your bets! It's almost time!"

"You're taking bets on our children's Sorting???" Tonks laughed.

"Yep, loser gets stuck with dishes," Ron grinned.

"What do we have?" Ginny smiled.

"Mum refused to take part," George smiled as Molly scowled at them, "But Dad, Fred, and Ron bet Idina in Slytherin and Bastian in Ravenclaw. Harry and I bet Bastian in Hufflepuff and Idina in Gryffindor."

"I'll take that one," Ginny said.

"Nah," Tonks countered, "I'm thinking Bastian in Gryffindor, Idina in Slytherin."

"That's going to make for an interesting Quidditch season," Arthur muttered.

They joked and waited for another half hour before hearing a tapping noise at the window. Tonks and Ginny both jumped up, but Tonks was quicker. Letting the owl in, she untied the letter and smiled.

"What???" everyone shouted.

Tonks read aloud:

Dear Momma and Mommy,

Idina and I both got Sorted into Slytherin! Tell uncle Harry that Gryffindor's Quidditch winning days are over! We'll write this weekend! Idina says hi.

Bastian M. T.

Tonks and Ginny just smiled at each other as the entire room burst into laughter.

"Well," Fred said, "I reckon we're all doing dishes tonight."