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"Oh, God, the great and terrible beauty of it." – Gemma A.G.A.T.B

Felicity is sobbing as Gemma comes up to her; her features blur as Felicity tries to blink back her persistent tears. The look of anguish on Gemma's face tells Felicity what she has already feared.

"No…" she shakes her head from side to side, her sobs choking her words. "No!"

Gemma is stricken; she grips the hysterical Felicity by her shoulders.

"She chose to stay. She ate the berries. There was nothing I could do. I tried." Gemma apologizes, tears welling in her own eyes.

"I promised her." Felicity manages to say through her sobs.

"…What if he leaves you? I'll never leave you, I promise!" Felicity declared resolutely.

"I'm so sorry." Gemma releases Felicity and walks away; she has her own inner demons to deal with.

(The night before the funeral…)

Felicity's hair is matted to her face, her cheeks glisten with tears; her eyes are red and puffy. If she had any tears left she would still be sobbing, but her tears are wholly spent. The empty bed across from her is a glaring reminder. She clutches Pippa's glove in her hand though it does little to help; she feels entirely empty.

A part of her is missing, and she knows that part will never return. Turning over, she realizes that there is not even moonlight to comfort her. The sky is choked by grey clouds that threaten to spill rain, like an endless amount of tears seeping into the desolate earth. Sleep weighs heavily on her eyes until she sinks into dreams, such awful dreams.

The next morning it is raining. Gemma, Ann, and the other members of Spence gather with her at Pippa's funeral, but still, she feels utterly alone. As she throws dirt on the coffin she remembers her friend, her sister, the secrets they shared, the fights they had, and the painful times they had stumbled through together. Together. At Spence they had always been together. She needed strength now more than ever; so, she hardened her heart to match the icy, detached shade of her eyes.

Gemma came over to her side quietly, offering what little comfort she could. Felicity kept her eyes on the grave. Her tears began to mingle with the rain until she couldn't distinguish whether it was the rain irritating her, or her own weak tears.

"She's really gone, isn't she?"

"Yes." Gemma responds softly, sounding so very sure.

"What if something terrible happened to me, Gemma? What if I am damaged?" Felicity asks, vaguely remembering when Pippa felt the same way, damaged.

Gemma slips her damp arm through Felicity's reassuringly. "We're all damaged somehow."


"Oh, I've a love, a true, true love, who waits upon yon shore…and if my love won't be my love, then I will live no more…" - Pippa T.S.F.T

She stays long after the freshly turned earth has swallowed the coffin. She's the last one standing at the graveside when it's over. The rain continues to patter down steadily; it has now seeped fully through her dress. The headstone in front of her reads—

Pippa Cross

A beloved daughter and friend


The inscription set in stone, is a heavy reality, which at present she cannot bear. The wound of her loss is still too new for it to ice over so quickly. The wind picks up speed, whipping the rain violently at the earth. She almost seems to hear a soft whisper coming through the vicious storm.

"Oh Fee…"

Her soft voice seems to float on the wind, it echoes in Felicity's ears, as if it is falling with every raindrop.

"…You promised…"

Felicity looks around through the steady downpour. "Pip?"

"Oh, I've a love…"

Then, the storm grows stronger; the rain falls heavily in big splashes upon the grave. As Felicity runs for cover, she finds herself hoping. The hope that somewhere out there perhaps her friend's spirit still lives on. This helps her find strength; the strength that will help her heal, the strength that will make her feel powerful, the strength that will lead her to her own victory, and that is enough, that truly is enough.


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