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Mikan was the first one to confess.Not Natsume.When that time actually happened,Natsume asked for proof.But Mikan can't prove it or can she?This is tragic.I note it for the proof.

Chapter one…

One cloudy afternoon.A happy-go-lucky brunette was thinking deeply inside the Northern forest.She was thinking about…

'Should I tell him?Or should I not?Ahh!I don't know what to do!!' Mikan thought irritatedly.She clutched her head irritatedly.

"Oi,stupid strawberry print girl"someone said emotionlessly.Mikan's eyes widened.

She turned around nervously."Na-natsume.What are you doing here?" she asked.Hoping he won't be staying longer.

"I should be the one asking you that,stupid.This is MY usual spot.Remember?"he said emotionlessly.

Mikan twitched "Right,right.Well look at the time!I gotta go now!I have to…do our homework!!Yeah,that's right.See ya!"she ran away quickly.Natsume was looking at the direction where Mikan ran away.

"What's up with her?"he just said.

In Mikan's position…

She was sweating really heavily for she just saw her very own biggest crush who is also meant to be every girl's crush in the campus,Natsume Hyuuga.

"Why didn't I sense him come just now?Am I getting stupider everyday or what?!"she said to herself.

Mikan went into silence."Well he is the Black cat so I can't blame him.."she said.

"She became confused and began to pull her hair"Gaaahhh!!What am I going to do?!"

Next Day…

Mikan walk down the long corridor towards her classroom.She was still thinking about what she would do.Her face was carved with a confused expression mixed with worriedness and irritation.

'For heaven's sake Mikan,you're 15 years old!Straighten up!!' she snapped to herself.

"Maybe I should tell him the truth.As they say,it's better now than never!"Mikan encouraged herself.

Mikan entered the classroom with happy and cheerful expression."GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!"she greeted.

The class replied back "Good Morning"

Then,Mikan ran towards Hotaru."Hotaruuuuuu!!!!Good morning!!!!"she said happily then,as usual…

Dummy! Dummy! Dummy! Dummy!

Mikan flew towards the other side of the room.She hitted the wall.Mikan help the back of her head with hurt.

"Ouch,ouch,ouch,ouch!!" she said.

And then,Ruka came in first."Good Morning Ruka!"

Mikan stopped massaging her head and stood up.Natsume came in with his hands inside his pocket."Good Morning Natsume!"Mikan greeted.

Ruka smiled at Mikan"g'morning Mikan"

And as for Natsume…"Hn.."

Mikan stared at him.He noticed her and did the same.After a minute or two,he broke the silence.

"Oi,what are you staring at?"

Mikan got to her senses and panicked "Ah!!Ah..I was just thinking of something important!"she sat on her seat quickly and leaned on her desk low.

Mikan cried chibily "That was embarrassing and really close…"

After class under the Sakura tree…

Mikan was sitting PATIENTLY under the sakura tree that Natsume tells her that IT was HIS property so she should keep away from that place.But,it was really important.She's gonna confess already!!Mikan didn't even thought about Natsume scolding her or anything for a second.All she wants to do is to confess and get ready to be BUSTED by our very own Natsume Hyuuga.And here he comes.

Natsume walked towards his own spot where he rests after school everyday…

Natsume stopped."Hey,I told you,this place is mine so beat it polka.."he said annoyed or is he?

Mikan stood up from her place and looked down nervously.She blushed really hard.

"U-umm…"she said shaking.

"What..?"Natsume plainly said.

"Umm…you see…I..I…"Mikan was ready to say 'I LOVE YOU' but why can't she?

'Come one Mikan!Do it!If you don't,you'll regret it for the rest of your life and play with your hallucinations every time Jin-Jin comes in the classroom!!' she told herself.

Mikan whispered to herself "Here goes Mikan…This is it.." she sighed.

" see Natsume I.."she tried not to contact Natsume's gaze.

"You what?"Natsume asked,annoyed a little bit.

"I..I….I think I'm inlove with you!!"Mikan finally said,almost shouting.Natsume stayed the same.

He lowered his head until his bangs covered his eyes.The wind blew the Sakura petals on the trees that hang freely.Mikan waited for what Natsume will say.Infact,she was ready to be rejected,knowing that Natsume won't love her back.After a few more minutes,the silence was broken by Natsume.Mikan lifted her head and listened.

"Prove it…"he said.

Mikan didn't actually got what Natsume said "What?"

"I need proof…."Natsume repeated.Mikan sighed.

"This was the part I was afraid of…"she whispered to herself."I….i….."she stuttered.

"I…I can't…sorry,Natsume.But I can't do it."Mikan said in a depressed voice.

Natsume spoke emotionlessly "Why not?"he asked.Or more like said in a sentence.

Mikan bowed her head "You see I…I..I just don't"she said.

Natsume remained calm and cool "You'll find out sooner or later….Later,Natsume"Mikan said then ran away.

Few weeks later…Night time…

Natsume was on a mission again.This time,his mission was to destroy the main AAO base.Persona helped him in this mission for it was the root of all their missions in their past few years.In a place somewhere in the forest far away from the academy,came Natsume and Persona.

"Where's the base?"Natsume asked.

Persona was holding a tracking device.He turned right and left just to track the facilty."It's right..over…here.."he pushed a stone and then,a stair formed towards underground.They both looked at it.

"It's an underground facility huh…"Natsume looked at the stairs.

"So that's why the academy wasn't able to track down the base.It was underground…"Persona said.

Natsume stepped towards the stairs "What are we waiting for?Let's go…" he went down the stairs and then,disappeared in the dark.Persona followed him.

Meanwhile,in the academy high school dorms…

Mikan was inside her bedroom.Sitting on her bed with a notebook on her lap with a pencil on her hand.She played her pencil with her hand.She can't think straight.She was answering the last question of her science homework.

Q# 20: What happens when the coefficient of friction is zero?

A: nothing happens..

B: You'll slide like crazy

C: it increases

For a third year high schooler,that was a piece of cake.Even for grade 5 students.But this case is different,she wasn't very confused about the question but instead,she was confused about what she is feeling.The feeling that you can't explain like something bad's gonna happen.

'Why am I feeling scared and afraid?Did something happen to Natsume?No..That can't be' she thought as she ran outside her room towards the faculty office.

When Mikan got to the faculty office,she hurriedly asked what was Natsume's mission.She already knew that tonight was the day of Natsume's mission but the feeling seem different than before.

"Sir,what's Natsume's mission tonight?!"Mikan asked.

"Tonight is his last mission.He and persona will be exploring and be getting data from the inside of the AAO base"Jinno said.Mikan gasped.

"But isn't that dangerous?!"she said worriedly.

"Don't worry Mikan,there will be back up if they have some problems"Ms.Serina said.Then suddenly,the alarm rang.

They all looked at the alarm "The hell?" Mr. Misaki said.

"It's Persona and Natsume,they've got in trouble!"Mr.Narumi shouted.

"WHAT?!"they all said.Then,the door shut open.It revealed a group of people.

"Sir,what's happening?!The alarm just rang?!"Ruka asked worriedly.

"Yeah,all of a sudden,the alarm just turned on"Misaki said.

"And it woke me up!"Tsubasa scratched his sleepy head.

Hotaru spoke 'It's Hyuuga…"she said.

"What?!"The three asked.

"He's in trouble and we need to help him"Hotaru added.

"Right!"They said.

Back in Natsume and Persona's position…

The two was surrounded by AAO members.They had difficulty in defeating them with their alices for the members have a barrier around to protect them.

Natsume was pissed off "Dang!I hate barriers!!"he said angrily.

While Persona was still calm "Remain alert,black cat.Here they come"he said.

"I AM calm!!"Natsume shouted angrily as he jumped away from the missiles.He threw a fire ball but nothing happened.Just smoke appeared and then nothing more.

"Damn it!!"Natsume cursed.

Persona fixed his mask "In a few more minutes.,the back up will be here"

"Great,a back up…"Natsume said sarcastically and rolled his eyes in sarcasm.

"Let's try and keep this up until the back up gets here"Persona said calmly.

"Whatever.Hya!!"Natsume used a 45 kick on their enemy.

' If our alices don't work,then I'll use martial arts' he thought.

Persona went a little surprised on what he saw Natsume did martial arts.

"Yaa!Hiyaa!!"Natsume used a spinning kick.He landed on the ground on foot then used sliding kick.He jumped in the air and used the jumping spinning hook kick.He landed again and then,an enemy was going to attack him from behind and he used a rabbit punch and caught the man.He used a bending move to knock him down.There were agaents that were going to attack him so he used a low spin kick to make them fall to the ground.

"Damn you little kid!Yaaaaahhh!!!!"A man was holding a stick and ready to hit Natsume with it from behind.He used a spinning dragon kick.Then there was more. He jumped towards an agent. He stepped on the agent's chest to make a step up to the head the kicked the agent's head to the back.(Like Howarang's technique in Tekken)

"Haven't had enough yet?"Natsume stood on the ground in his fighting stance.

"Very good,my little minion…"Persona clapped his hands slowly.

Natsume neared his eyes on Persona "Don't call me YOUR minion"


"Natsume!!We're here!"A familiar voice shouted.

Persona and Natsume looked behind them.They saw a group of people.It was Mikan,Hotaru,Ruka,Tsubasa,Misaki and their teachers.

"We're here now to help you!!"Ruka shouted.

"What are you guys doing here?!"Natsume said,almost shouting at them.They stopped infront of them.

"What are you guys doing here?!You're not supposed to be here!This is our work!You might die here you know!"Natsume said.

"We're not afraid of dying you know.We wanna help you!"Mikan said forcefully.

"I know that your concern for us is none of my business but my business is none of your concern!"Natsume's bangs covered his eyes.

"We don't care you know!"Mikan said.

"We came here by our own will and we'll do what we want"Tsubasa putted his hands inside his pocket.

"I don't care!"Natsume said.

"But,isn't your mission finished now?The agents are all knocked out.."Misaki said looking around.

Persona spoke "It's not over yet.Reo and his other 'friends' will be coming.Right now…"he said.

"That's right..Persona…"Reo spoke evilly.

They all looked infront.They saw Reo with…

"Yuka!?Is that you?!"Mr.Narumi said in shock.

"Nice to see you again,Natsume and Mikan with thev gang…"another person said.It wasn't Yuka.But instead…

Mikan's eyes grew big."L-luna?!Luna Koizumi?!"She said. A bead of sweat trickled down her face.

' What's that despicable person doing here?!' Natsume thought angrily.

"I'm here to finish you dear Natsume…"Luna smiled. It was obvious that it was fake.

"As if I care!" Natsume stepped a foot back.

Luna looked evil "Oh sure you do" she smirked.Luna showed him someone "Remember your little sister?"she said.

Natsume's eyes widened "Aoi!"he shouted."Curse you Luna!"

"Natsume!"Ruksa said worriedly.He ran to him."Natsume,don't worry, we'll get her"

Natsume's bangs covered his eyes "No Ruka.I'll get her myself.You guys stay here and protect yourselves"he said seriously.

"But-"Ruka was cutted off by Natsume's serious and angry voice.

"Just go!"

Luna smirked at the scene before her.

Natsume looked at Luna with one eye covered his bangs.His eyes were like a cat's."Let's do this.."he said.

Luna gave the unconscious Aoi to Reo."My pleasure.."

To Be Continued…

Preview for the next chapter…

"No!I don't need proof anymore!"Natsume cried.But Mikan was still infront of him.Trying to protect him using her alice and life."No Natsume.If you need proof,you need proof and that's final….good bye and always take care of yourself…"Mkan jumped into the huge ball of electric light.Natsume can't believe the scene before his eyes.


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