Title: Stargate Extreme

Author: Jeff

Category: AU

Content Level: Age 13

Content Warnings: None

Summary: In the same universe as Stargate Wives, these stories will focus on other SG teams. These teams will mostly be crossovers as they will compose of characters from other shows in the context of the Stargate universe. These characters not crossing over as they are in their original show but how they would be as either on an SG team or somehow part of the SGC.

Status: WIP

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. Other characters part of other shows are the property of the company that produced them such as Belisarius Productions, Irwin Allen, Harve Bennett Productions, Sidney Sheldon, and likely many others I have glossed over.

This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may not be posted elsewhere without the consent of the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


In the same universe as Stargate Wives, these stories will focus on other SG teams. These teams will mostly be crossovers as they will compose of characters from other shows in the context of the Stargate universe. Already introduced in Stargate Wives, SG-2, (Lost in Space), SG-7 (Kitpurr's Magnificent Seven crossover), SG-8 (Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap), SG-10 (Six million dollar man, I Dream of Jeannie), and SG-13 (Ghostbusters). Other teams from other fanfics may show up like SG-6 ('Busy Signals' by Seanchaidh).

Author's notes; The title of this series -is- based on the show within a show concept as Wormhole X-treme in the Stargate series. Since these teams are originally from other television shows and settings, the show within a show theme fit and hence the name, Stargate Extreme.

Chapters will not be as linear as with Stargate Wives and in fact may come up in place of an episode I might have originally done for Wives.

I decided to do a separate set of stories from Wives because of the input from more than one reader who suggested that perhaps all the crossovers in Wives wasn't necessary and in fact muddles the waters of stories that would do better without than with them. I agree and thank each and every one of you. Cameo crossovers are still likely to occur in Wives, but it will be restricted to name dropping at best (hopefully).

This story starts off first person point of view, and changes to third person later on about SG-10 onward. I will unlikely carry over this way of writing with future chapters.

I have also just slapped names in when they were missing in canon. Sara is only listed as Sara O'Neill in the episode "Cold Lazarus", so I just put in the actress last name as Sara's maiden name. For Captain Conner I again went with the actor's name first, and in his case changed it to something more African-American to give it a difference as the actor's first name was the same as another character in the story.

You'll notice I borrowed 'Vera' from Firefly and have it as Dave Dixon's weapon of choice as the actor plays both that role in Stargate and Jayne Cobb. You -may- see a blending of the two characters in future chapters.

Also you may notice I have Jake Bosworth and Simon Wells as 'just' Airmen instead of Senior Airmen they are listed as during the episodes "Heroes". Also Simon is dating Marci instead of married to her, both changes are due to time. Since Heroes is a few years in the future, I thought I would have the Airmen grow into their promoted ranks and have Marci marry Simon between now and that time when he's about to become a new father.

At this point Steve Austin is -not- bionic. He may get that way later in the stories, but if so it will be with a Stargate flavor. Also Jeannie (as in I Dream of Jeannie) will have a science fiction explanation of who and what she is also keeping with a Stargate flavor as to her origin, I hope you will like the explanation when it comes up.

Teams so far...


Rotating leaders Maj. Louis Ferretti; Major Coburn (season 3); Major Griff (later on season 3)

Airmen Will Robinson Lost in Space (tv--with Will 18 )

Robby Lost in Space (movie--large robot version)

Robby is named after robot in Forbidden planet.

SG-7 Magnificient Seven (Kitpurr's adaption as SG-7)

Captain Chris Larabee

Commander Buck Wilmington


Ezra P. Standish

Dr. Josiah Sanchez

Captain Nathan Jackson

Airmen JD Dunne


Lt. Col. Jonathan G. Robinson Lost in Space (tv, refered to as Guy after the first actor who played him)

Major Don West Lost in Space (movie)

Cpt. Jeb Walker Lost in Space (movie)

Dr. Doug Phillips Time Tunnel

Dr. Tony Newman Time Tunnel

Dr. Samuel Beckett Quantum Leap


Lt. Colonel Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man

Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson I Dream of Jeannie

Major Roger Healy I Dream of Jeannie


Colonel Dave Dixon

Major Peter Venkman (PhD, Dr. Venkman) Ghostbusters

Dr. Egon Spengler (Professor) Ghostbusters

Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz (Professor) Ghostbusters

Sgt. Winston Zeddemore Ghostbusters

Airman Jake Bosworth

Airman Simon Wells

For this first story I decided to do one at the point where many of the teams are on the same mission for me that is Forever and a Day. This is just from the other teams points of view instead of SG-1's in canon, or the wives in Stargate Wives.

So without further ado, I give you the first chapter, Forever SGC...