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Night. A time where unusual darkness enveloped the world, drawing forth the deadly silence. A time where the phosphorescent moon allows its presence to be known. Shadows of deadly sins dancing with the copacetic rays of the moon. A commendable sight.

Her sight, her moment, as she often called it. For it was at night, and only night, that she felt herself draw into the sweet confines of peace. Stunning Lavender orbs gazed blithely towards the speckled sky.

It was where he would find her every night. The same spot; same position, as if she were watching the very movement of the new moon becoming full. He had always bothered himself with the question why? It was only now that he was determined to get his answer.

Stepping out from the overcast street, he walked swiftly towards the petite figure splayed in the pale light.

She knew he was there. He was sure she knew he was there. But still she didn't move, her eyes gazing at the crystal moon. It made him wonder all the more about her nightly watches.

"Oi, tell me Rukia, why is it that you spend hours out here at night watching the damned sky? What's so interesting 'bout it?"

"I don't expect you to understand Ichigo!" Again her eyes had not left the sky.

"Keh, try me!"

She sighed, and finally her stare shifted to the tall man above her. "I come out here to watch the moon."


She stood, her hands brushing over the smooth surface of her yellow patterned night gown. She turned fully, her small form standing alongside the much larger one of her companion. "Because Ichigo, even though we are both in two different worlds right now, I can feel his presence. I find that the moon is as serene as his face; as silver as his hair. He, Ichigo, is my night; my sky; my moon..."

It was all the answer he needed, for he knew love holds no boundaries. That their love; the ice-cold dragon and the snow-white butterfly; will last for eternity...

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