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It was thick, the tension that is. Although they were outside, it was intense and overwhelming, and yet neither moved. They wouldn't give in, refused to give in, like the last couple times. 'concentrate, concentrate!' the taller one chanted in his head, like a broken record player, playing over and over. It helped to keep concentrated, more focused as they strived to beat the other.

They began burning, like a dry clothe wanting the sweet moisture of water. Still neither moved.





"Damnit! How the hell do I keep losing!?"

"Its cus your lame Kurosaki. Face it, nobody can beat him. I mean if that damned glare of his wasn't intimidating enough, then hell, maybe we'd have a chance!" Renji huffed, obviously upset at losing as well.

Speaking of this 'glare', Renji was on the receiving end of one right now. Short as he might be, Hitsugaya had always made it seem as if he were looking down at them.

"I demand a rematch, no way in hell am I going to lose to you, shrimp!"

Now he switched his irritated glare towards the orange head, obviously getting annoyed at both the immaturity and the 'name' he was given. "That's Hitsugaya-taichou to you, and I've had enough of these childish games. I can't believe I even agreed to the damn challenge."

"Come on shrimp, bet you can't beat me another time?"

By this time Matusmoto had arrived, glancing between the two men in a look of confusion. In the proceed of voicing her question, Renji beat her at it. "We've been challenging Hitsugaya-taichou to a staring contest, and we keep losing. Ichigo, unlike myself, refuses to give up till he wins at least once."

"A staring contest?"

"Ichigo started it," Renji stated, as if that tiny sentence held all the answers to her unsaid questions. And surprisingly, it did answer all of Matusmoto's questions, well most of them anyway.

"Fine, if it will get you to shut up!?" At last he gave in, and Ichigo began preparing himself for their tenth staring match.

Matsumoto however, knew her captain quite well (being his lieutenant and all), and immediately took note of the almost too quick response...and not to mention the slight indication of an oncoming smirk. Hitsugaya usually never smirked, or gave in to anything easily for that matter, and normally she would of just dismissed it as a way to irk the shinigami representative. This time however, was much different, as she noticed that her captain's eyes weren't looking at the orange haired teen at all, but only in that general direction.

Glancing around, she realized that neither Renji nor Ichigo noticed any of this, and she kept this little bit of new information to herself.

And then it began...






"Damnit, what the hell!?"

Ichigo continued ranting, making every second word come out of his mouth turn into a cuss, while Renji just laughed at the tenth loss, never growing tired of the humiliation being splayed upon the orange head. Hitsugaya however, turned his head opposite of the three, hiding what seemed to be a pink color to his cheeks.

Blinking a couple of times, as if to make sure she wasn't seeing things, she began to laugh. It wasn't just a silent little giggle, nor a short little hah your funny type thing...but more of a manical laughter that clearly said in Matsumoto's words "I've figured you out!"

Turning around she began walking away, her boisterous laughter still echoing in her wake. For Matsumoto saw what those other two didn't...Hitsugaya wasn't concentrating on the contest...but was rather watching little Rukia Kuchiki eat her lunch under the sweet confines of a tree's shade.

'Hah, caught ya in action Taichou!'

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