Title: Necessity

Series: NCIS

Rating: M

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby

Summary: Mixing poetry and real life can have an interesting result.

Author's Note: Poem "Te Deseo" was written by me, a while ago, finally found a use for it. Hope y'all enjoy, and would greatly appreciate feedback to better writing and myself.

In his eyes, Abby was the most beautiful and amazing woman he had ever met. Yes, she was different with her quirky attitude and outlandish tattoos, but so help him he fell head over heels for her. He loves to visit her lab late in to the night, hoping to catch her still at work on analyses, so he can have an excuse to bring her let another Caf-Pow. Tonight was no exception. They had been busy as of late, and that involved a lot of overtime put in.

Te deseo, simplemente, te deseo.

Eres como una dosis alta en mis venas.

Cada beso, cada roce de la piel...

Es la eternidad en un instante.

Abby was so focused on her microscope that she didn't hear Gibbs come in, but she always knew his presence. Her 'Gibbs Sense' kicked in every time that he was around her. She knew why he was coming to see her. Besides the offering of the blessed caffeinated drink, he came to observe her. She had always had an attraction to her silver-haired fox. He had eyes that she could see the reflection of her soul in. She felt arms wrap around her. Instead of being surprised, she melted into the embrace.

Gibbs couldn't wait any longer. He had to have her now. She had been driving him crazy lately with even shorter skirts and tighter tops. He leaned towards her and started to gently kiss her neck, letting his arms flow around her body. He became more insistent when she moaned at his ministrations. She was lost in the splendor of his touches, the tenderness of his kisses. Somewhere in between she found herself lowered to the workbench.

Desapareciendo lentamente sólo un cuerpo,

Una pulsación, un sosiego.

Somos la complejidad del ilógico.

"Oh Abbs..." he breathed. Gently, he lifted her skirt, feeling her warmth seek him out. First he tugged down her panties, and then his fingers made a journey to her moist core. Teasingly he stroked her folds, parting the way for him. "Gibbs, take me now…" she pleaded. She couldn't stand any more torture. Swiftly he undid his pants, exposing his painfully erected member. As he slid in to her, he felt as if he had found home. He found completion. Together, they moved in tandem with the other. They both ached for release. She cried out his name as she came hard. He came at the same moment as her, screaming her name in to the night.

Escucha a la callada blanca...

Es fenomenal, ¿no?

He realizado la repuesta de la vida...

Lying there, flush against one another, they tried to gather their breath. Gibbs looked into her eyes, losing himself in their depths. Abby stared at him in awe. The silence lasted until Gibbs spoke: "Abigail Scuito, I love you. Always have and always will." Tears of wonder gathered at the corners of her eyes and she responded whole-heartedly: "Oh Gibbs, my silver-haired fox, you are the only one for me. I love you too."

... es el amor puro...

...de ti

Once in a lifetime, a love comes along so pure, so innocent, it must be cherished. When realized this, two souls find their homes within one another.

(Translation of poem)

I desire you, simply, I desire you

You are like a heightened dosage in my veins.

Each kiss, each caress of the skin…

It's eternity in an instant.

Melting slowly solely into one body,

One pulse, one breath.

We are the complexity of the illogical.

Listen to the bright silence…

It's extraordinary, isn't it?

I have realized the answer to life…

…and it's the sheer love…

…of you.