Chapter 11

The giant claw was followed by a giant arm, which itself was followed by a giant shoulder. What ultimately came out of the debris was twenty-story tall demon: Blaze's original form. Her leathery skin was jet black and covered in scales. She wore red flowing robes that covered only her torso and legs. The most noticeable thing about the new Blaze was the gigantic black helmet that stood on top of her shoulders. Inside the helmet was complete blackness, save for the blood red pupil-less eyes that looked more like glowing jewels than ocular organs. The helmet was adorned with golden demon horns, which stood opposite the ragged black hair that flowed down from the helmet.

"Billy…Is that Blaze?" asked Viviane, cranking her head up towards the sky as Blaze grew to massive proportions.

"I'm afraid to say that it is, Viviane," said Captain Marvel as he watched.

Blaze turned her head down to look at the two heroes. On Blaze's forehead, a small hole appeared and out of it came a red light. After a few seconds, the light flashed and sent a blast down to the heroes. Captain Marvel and Viviane jumped out of the way just in time to avoid the blast which demolished the street and parts of the surrounding buildings.

After being blasted into one of the few remaining storefronts, Viviane shook her head free from rubble and looked around, dazed and confused.

"Billy?" said Viviane who wobbled out of the store.

"Right here," said Marvel, who walked up with the unconscious Theo Adam in his arms.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" yelled Blaze, turning her head around in an attempt to locate the duo.

"Get inside," said Marvel, with Viviane leading the way. "So what do we do now?" asked Viviane.

"What you are going to do is you are going to take Adam to a safe place," said Captain Marvel, placing Theo Adam on a table next to them "and then you are going to get as far away from here as possible,"

"You can't honestly believe that I am going to stay away from this, Billy," argued Viviane.

"I know that you feel that you have to stay and help, but I asking you now to stay away from this. This is about me and I don't want to see you get hurt,"

"That is not going to happen!"

"It doesn't matter, Viviane! This is my fight and it always has been! Now, for once in your life, just listen to me!"

"I'm not staying away." Captain Marvel shook his head and then said, "Then do it for Billy. I don't think you would want to see the look on his face if anything were to happen to you." Marvel said. Viviane sighed and shook her head.

"Fine then, but please be careful, okay?" said Viviane "Please bring Billy back to me." Captain Marvel nodded and flew off. Viviane placed her hand on Adam's chest and, in a flash of light, they disappeared.

Viviane and the unconscious Adam reappeared in an abandoned hotel lobby on the other side of the city.

The must've evacuated the city…

Viviane rested Adam on a nearby couch and jumped when a huge explosion rocked the lobby.

He's not going to survive! He may the World's Mightiest Mortal, but even he doesn't have enough power to beat Blaze.

She looked out toward the red sky and saw bright flashes of light coming from the direction she had just left.

Blaze is a demon. Only an Angel can beat her.

Viviane looked back at Adam. "Stay there, you creep. I have to clean up your mess." She said as afterwards she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The princess appeared on rooftop of a nearby building that offered a good view of the ongoing fight. Captain Marvel flew at mach speed and slammed into the side of Blaze's helmet. Blaze staggered back a bit and took a swipe at Captain Marvel, who easily countered.

"You annoying little fly! You can only dodge me for so long!" bellowed Blaze. Captain Marvel grabbed a piece of concrete and flung it at Blaze. Blaze smashed it into pieces and attempted to squash Marvel with her foot. Captain Marvel laid a giant punch into the bottom of Blaze's foot, pushing Blaze back.

"Damn you!" yelled Blaze "Let's see how you stand up to this!"

Blaze's forehead glowed red and blasted at Marvel, who narrowly dodged the beam.

Suddenly, Blaze kicked a large chunk of broken asphalt at Marvel, hitting his head straight on. Using this distraction, the red light on Blaze's forehead glowed and shot out a blast, blowing the spot where Captain Marvel had been to smithereens.

Oh no…

There was no time for the dust to settle, as Blaze blasted the same spot again.

"Billy!" yelled Viviane loud enough for Blaze to hear. The demon turned her head to the rooftop where Viviane stood. Blaze grinned and blasted the rooftop just as Viviane teleported to the crater where Captain Marvel lay. She laid her hand on his bloodied head and whisked both of them away.

They reappeared at a high rise construction site, where Viviane helped Captain Marvel lay down on a small mat.

"Billy, can you hear me?" she asked him. Marvel groaned in pain.

"You have to say your magic word. You're going to die if you stay like this," she told him.

"Sha-sha-shazam…" he said weakly. The lightning came down and transformed Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson.

"Billy…?" asked Viviane. Billy sunk into a deep sleep.

"Poor thing. You must be exhausted," said Viviane as she laid a small kiss on his forehead "So am I."

She rose up and dusted herself off. "But somebody has to defeat Blaze. What better way to stop a demon than with an Angel?" Viviane took one last look at Billy and then teleported up to the top of the construction site. It was oddly quiet. No booming footsteps, no yells, just the soft wind in the red sky.

"Where did she go?" asked Viviane, looking around the deserted section of the city. She turned around and there looking down at her was the massive demon. Viviane's eyes widened, with utter fear setting in.

"She's taller than I thought…" said Viviane, who teleported behind to the building behind Blaze.

"Don't be afraid, Angel. How about I kill you first so you won't have to see your boyfriend die?" bellowed Blaze as she turned around to meet Viviane.

"Lunar Blast!" yelled Viviane, shooting the beam of white energy at Blaze's helmet. Blaze stumbled back, almost running into the construction site. Viviane teleported once again, this time to a rooftop down the street.

"You are going to have to do better than that, Princess. Sooner or later I will find you." Blaze said.

"Lunar Blast!" yelled Viviane, hitting Blaze in the back of her helmet. By the time Blaze had turned around to face her, Viviane had teleported to another rooftop and had hidden behind an air conditioning unit.

"You are starting to annoy me, Princess. If I don't find you, then I will find your boyfriend and kill him instead!" bellowed Blaze.

Oh, no you won't…

Viviane jumped out from behind the air conditioner and fired another Lunar Blast at Blaze, this time hitting her in her lower back. Once again, Viviane teleported to a different rooftop.

"Do you think you are being clever, Princess? I think not." Blaze said.

I think so!

Viviane blasted Blaze once again, wincing after she did.

But I'm running out of energy. I'm going to get tired before I actually hurt her.

"I really didn't want it to come to this, Princess!" yelled Blaze. She raised her fist into the air and the smashed it into the ground, causing a massive shockwave that brought down all the buildings immediately in front of Blaze, one of which just so happened to contain Viviane.

"Ahhh!" screamed Viviane as the building collapsed. She teleported down to the ruined street, right at the feet of Blaze.

"Ah, there you are, Princess." Blaze said with a smile. Viviane looked up as Blaze's forehead glew red with unholy energy. The blast hit the street just as Viviane teleported back to the construction site where Billy lay unconscious. The force of the blast was sucked in by the teleportation, flinging Viviane across the site and causing her to collide with a large beam of steel. From there, she fell several feet into a pile of wood and rubble.

Viviane opened her eyes and immediately felt the horrible pain that coursed through her entire body, most noticeably in her right leg. She managed to her head up and took a look down to her leg. There was a massive gash running from the top of her leg down to just below the knee that was covered in blood and was still bleeding. She would have fainted from the sight were it now for the loud quakes being made as Blaze approached the site.

Vivi struggled for breath, the pain made it hard for her to breathe. She looked on as Blaze stood over her, watching Vivi suffer through the steel beams and wooden platforms.

"Ironic, is it not? You are supposed to be on the Moon, wearing a pretty white dress, sitting on a throne and entertaining guests. You are supposed to be learning etiquette and practicing your spells. A Princess is not meant to be lying in a pool of her own blood in some God-forsaken city about to be killed by this world's new master

"That is what love does to you, my dear. It warps your mind, changes your attitude and forces you to do things that you would have never done on your own. For mortals like you, it's deadly. For a God like me, it is power. Your boyfriend saw it like that. He tried to get rid of you. Now he is about to die, just like you."

Blaze pulled out a steel bar. "I want to feel your bones snap in my fingers. One. By. One."

Viviane mustered her energy and began crawling towards Billy.

She's wrong. The pain is worth it…He's worth it.

Viviane crawled up next to Billy and rested her head on his slowly rising chest.

"This is where I want to be when I die, Billy. I love you, just as I know you love me. I saw it in your eyes." Viviane said as the sounds of steel being ripped apart surrounded them. She looked up at Blaze.

Do you know what I wonder, Billy? If those horns are made of metal. Or are they bone? It's hard to tell from here. If I were her, I would be careful not to go out in a thunderstorm.

Viviane's eyes widened. Her hands went to her chest and grabbed the small necklace that Billy had given her many months ago. "I wonder…"

Blaze was getting closer and closer to Viviane and Billy. Vivi struggled up and looked back at Billy. "I'll be right back." Viviane took a look at Blaze and then teleported.

Vivi appeared on top of Blaze's helmet, in between the spot where the two horns lay.

"Here goes nothing…SHAZAM!" yelled Viviane. On cue, the magic lightning bolt streamed down from the sky, striking the horn on Blaze's helmet. Blaze hollered in pain as the electricity jolted through her body.

"SHAZAM!" Viviane again yelled, torturing Blaze with the lightning. Blaze stumbled about the ruined block, swinging her head back and forth. Viviane held on tightly, screaming the word again and again. Once Blaze fell to her knees, Viviane teleported off and onto the street right in front of the shock-ridden demon.

"I've got her in range. Let's see if this works!" said Viviane. She yelled the magic word, covering herself in the powerful magical energies. Viviane channeled her own energies into herself as well, combining both in order to boost her own power. Her entire body was covered in white light, which was so bright that she seemed to be made of energy itself. The earth quaked around her as a large white dress was formed around her frame. Out from her back, bright energy wings formed, bigger than the ones she already had.

Blaze stumbled back and forth, still reeling from the lightning strikes.

"Stop moving around, you demon. This is my only shot!" Finally, Blaze stopped in line for a second, leaving Vivi with an opportunity.

"SUPER…LUNAR…BLAST!" screamed Viviane. A massive ball of white energy boomed from Viviane at Blaze, blasting through Blaze's body. Behind her, blood and entrails fell all over the block. The demon roared and grabbed the gaping, bloody hole that was left.

The light left and Viviane was returned to her former, seriously injured self.

"You have to be kidding me…She's still alive?" asked Viviane, forcing her weight on her one good leg. She managed to the gather the remaining energy in her hands, charged it up and blasted Blaze completely, totally obliterating her.

This time, Viviane fell on her back, utterly exhausted. She looked around her as the effect from Blaze's spell reversed themselves. The sky returned to its natural blue, although a bit hazy from the fires. The decay vanished, but left the devastation from the battle. After that, there was complete silence. Nothing was heard except for Viviane's heavy breathing. She stayed there for several minutes, not wanting to move as just then, Blaze's helmet fell back to Earth in normal size.

Viviane looked over at the helmet and smirked some. "You…lose…" Viviane said softly. She knocked it away and turned her attention to Billy, still lying inside the battered construction site.

"Billy…you're a mess…" said Viviane as she closed her eyes "But…they'll fix you…they fix everything…"