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(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Conan's fever caused him to start his "weekend" on Wednesday because his fever slowly started rising into the 100 degree mark. So, I advised him not to go tomorrow... and Friday, just as a precaution. Today was Saturday, and he was starting to slowly feel normal again. It was just after 9 a.m., and I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast. I was eating some pancakes that I had made myself. I was wearing my usual light red sleepclothes.

Good thing Conan's getting better day by day, I thought as I took another bite of one of my pancakes.

The highest Conan's body temperature had gone was 103 degrees; today, his temperature had dropped down to an even 100. A few minutes later, I saw Jimmy come downstairs in his sleepclothes as well. I heard him yawn and saw him stretch his arms out.

"Morning, sleepy," I joked.

"Morning," Jimmy said in a slurry voice.

"How's Conan doing?" I asked him.

"He seems to be getting progressively better," Jimmy responded. "I just felt his forehead and it's definitely cooler than Thursday."

That was a huge relief!!

"Is the A.C. still on in our room?" I asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy responded.

"Is Conan in there?" I also asked.

"Yep," Jimmy said. "He's still asleep."

That was surprising; normally, Conan was up at around 8:30 or now. I put my fork and knife down and went to go check on him. Jimmy on the other hand, started making breakfast of his own. After going upstairs, I saw Conan awake already. He was lying in our bed and watching TV.

"Conan, how are you feeling, sweetheart?" I asked him.

I felt his forehead and it was getting less and less warmer.

"You seem to be getting more and more better," I told him.

I also told him to just continue resting in here as long as he wanted until he was better. I gently patted Conan on his head and left him alone. I went back downstairs to finish my breakfast. Just as I sat down, I suddenly remembered something: I had a business dinner tonight at 7 p.m. I had already R.S.V.P.'d to Jenna, but my appearance was in jeopardy because of Conan's fever. I knew that Serena and Mathew could look after him because there was always the possibility of Jimmy being called on a case, but Conan was sick -- I wasn't sure what to do. In the meanwhile, I had just finished my pancakes and had put the plate in the sink.

(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

I had just finished my breakfast and was taking my plate to the sink when I saw Rachel there looking at the countertop. She was looking pretty glum about something.

"What's the problem, Rachel?" I asked my wife.

"Well," Rachel started to say. "I have a business dinner tonight and Conan's still a little sick from his fever -- I'm debating on whether or not I should go or not; and I already R.S.V.P.'d to my boss."

"Serena and Mathew can look after him," I suggested.

"That's true," Rachel said. "But I still don't know -- the dinner lasts until around 11 or 11:30 tonight, so I'll be home pretty late."

"Is the dinner mandatory?" I asked.

"My boss said it is," Rachel responded.

I started thinking about it too, even though I wasn't invited.

"Jimmy," Rachel said to me. "Would you go if you were in my shoes?" She asked.

"Yeah, if you were home," I responded.

"What if I wasn't home?" Rachel asked.

"I'd take him to Serena's and Mathew's until I was finished with my case," I answered.

I couldn't imagine myself in Rachel's shoes as a model; I could see myself as the ace detective I was, but not as a model like Rachel.

"Are you going?" I asked Rachel.

"I guess I will go," Rachel finally said.

I could tell it was a tough decision for her if she had already R.S.V.P.'d; if she hadn't, Rachel would most likely not have gone.

"Was there a deadline?" I asked.

"The Wednesday we took Conan to the beach," Rachel answered.

"When did you R.S.V.P.?" I asked.

"The day before," Rachel responded.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

I had actually R.S.V.P.'d just the day before the deadline. At the time, I didn't think Conan was going to get sick, but he did. Oh well, couldn't be helped. I looked at the pool outside.

"Maybe I'll get my after-breakfast swim in now," I said as I left for upstairs.

End chapter 1

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