"Fare Thee Well" By Tris

A/N: Soooo…I read a couple paragraphs in a book and it just sparked this Robertcentric NB story. Thanks Natalie, 'cause she showed it to me! If it wasn't for her, this little sucker might not exist. The second and final chapter is nearly completed, but needs some honing. I will warn you, I'm planning on making the story a bit open-ended. Anything could happen…Ah yes the copyright stuff. I don't own any characters in this story, Atlus does. I do however as far as I know own the fictional medicine I made up and its names. I included a handy-dandy pronunciation guide! Yay okay on with the show. And as always, reviews are danced to!

Pronunciation guide

Xapier: ZAY-pee-ere

Esparai: ESS-pa-ray (play on the French verb, "to hope")

EDIT: Don't know how many people are waiting with baited breath for the next chapter, but just so you know it is coming along. I want to get it just right and it is getting there!

"Do you have any idea what this is about?" Val muttered out of the corner of her mouth to Markus.

"Nope. But I highly doubt we're going to be planning parties. Just go with the flow, I guess. Hey, maybe we're all getting a raise!"

"Okay." Irene Quatro spoke up from her position at the head of the table. "We're all here, so we can begin. This is an extremely serious topic, so everyone pay attention. We've called this emergency meeting because a medicine has been pulled off the market. This drug, generic name "Xapier" and brand name, "Esparai," has had incredible effects on people suffering from Hemophilia, that it, lack of blood clotting. The results in clinical trials were 99.9 percent effective."

"So why was it pulled off the market?" Dr. Tsuji asked.

Irene sighed. "It's heartbreaking. The woman who was the head of the research for this drug, apparently quite a genius, had it in her will that if, at the time of her death, a medicine she had been strongly responsible for was not been used for very long, it must be pulled off the market."

"Why?" snapped Dr. Everett.

"Can't you see?" Dr. Tsuji asked. "She was obviously afraid that a deadly side effect would pop up that had been missed in trials. She wanted to be there if her creation went wrong."

"That's exactly it, Kanae," Irene enforced. "And now this brilliant scientist is dead from a car wreck. Her wishes have been respected; Xapier is no longer available, as of this Thursday."

"Of all the stupid f—"

"Kanae, that's enough! No one can fully understand what was going through her mind. Let's get to what this is going to mean for Caduceus."

"What do you mean, Director?" Markus asked. "We weren't performing any procedures that would be harmed by a sudden cut-off of this drug."

"Actually, Dr. Vaughn, all of our research procedures are going to be effected by this decision."


"Let me explain." She bowed her head briefly. "Robert was born with hemophilia."

"Robert?" Val gasped. "He never said anything about…!"

"He didn't want people to feel sorry for him. Incidentally, he's not at this meeting because he couldn't face you all as you learned this about him. But yes, he has hemophilia. He almost died when he was a teenager and accidentally sliced his thumb with a vegetable knife.

You're all intelligent people and I'm sure you've already put the pieces together. With Xapier off the market, Robert isn't going to be able to control his condition anymore. Yes, we can buy out the stockers, but the fact of the matter is that no more is going to be made, and in the end no matter how much we stocked up, it would run out."

"This…is a difficult situation," Val ventured. "Surely there are numerous hazards in the lab for getting cut. Broken glass, scalpels, even getting burned on the Bunsen…"

"You're right, Val," Markus acknowledged. "And even if the blood flow was stopped with pressure, the spilled blood could contaminate the cultures or whatever he was working on at the time."

"This is horrible," Kanae murmured.

Dr. Everett nodded sadly in agreement, then asked, "I guess the question we all have is…what is Robert going to do? Will he stay, find some way around this…?"

Irene pressed her lips together and looked skyward, as if hoping that a spirit had written some wisdom on the ceiling. "Robert and I had a private discussion earlier this afternoon. He gave the matter deep thought, and in the end he feels it would be for the best if he left. He would rather find a job that doesn't put his life at risk, and like you said Markus, he was also worried that he might hurt Caduceus' progress.

"So there you have it. We're going to be short one head of R&D. It kills me to talk about replacement—I know, Val, I know---but Caduceus has to move forward. Disease isn't going to give us a break."

"Look, can't we write to the company and get it through their heads that the future of a powerful medical organization is more valuable than some mad scientist's…narcissm?" Markus asked.

"Markus is right. Sometimes medicines do suddenly turn out to have bad side effects. Okay, so what? THAT'S the time to pull it, not when you might actually be holding a silver bullet." Kenae's breathing rate was skyrocketing.

"I know how infuriating this is. Believe me. Robert and I contacted the head of the organization and explained everything, but it was like talking to a brick wall. And I imagine they're going to block our calls from now on, so it's no use trying again."

"I can't believe Robert is just going to leave us," Dr. Everett said softly. "He's not going to slip away without saying goodbye, is he?"

"He better not!" Kanae exclaimed. "We need to have a farewell party for him, right in this room!"

"Kenae, that is a great idea!" Val said. "Madame Director?"

Irene smiled through clouded eyes. "Yes. We need to honor his dedication to Caduceus. Let's start the planning as soon as possible!"

To be continued…