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Todd turned his music up as he tried to drown out the horrible noise of his parents screaming at each other and glass breaking. He shoved his head under his pillow and pushed his hands against where his ears were before groaning loudly. This was the fifth time this week that he had to turn the volume up to deafening volumes to drown out the slurs of his mother and the barking of his dad. No kid should have to go through parents fighting like this, this much. It just changed them. In a horrible ways. In sad ways.

Young Todd Casil had already cried himself dry years ago. Now all he could do was try to ignore it. That or endure it.

The fighting, as I said, changed him. It changed him drastically. From the most innocent boy you could ever know, no innocence like ever before, changed to a make-up wearing, wrist slitting, back talking, backstabbing, wussy, drug addict bastard of a seventeen-year-old boy! If Nny were still there, he would just be another dead thing. Todd had become a shitty attitude, fucker! He had become just like the people who used to punch him, tease him and swear at him.

His grades lowered and Pepito worried. Pepito. Todd's only real friend.

The poor demon boy worried about his friend. The boy he loved and cared for so much had become a prick. Never in a million years had anyone thought that the sweetest boy in existence would ever change into 'that'.


Pepito approached Todd at his locker during lunch. He saw that Todd had grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his backpack and shoved it in his pants pocket. "Todd. I need to talk to you", he said placing a hand on his shoulder.

Todd brushed him off as if he was just a leaf or a bug, but mumbled something out, "Not now. I'm gonna go hang out with Ken, Cleo, Bea and Denna". He walked past Pepito in an unsteady almost drunken stride.

Pepito glared at him and placed another hand on him. "Todd, I'm worried about you. You're not Squee no more. Johnny wouldn't approve of this."

Todd paused for a second and turned. In his eyes was a completely different person. Pepito gasped softly. Todd eyes were completely blank...almost dead. Almost. "Don't you ever bring Johnny up in a conversation...Ever, Ever!" he turned again.

Pepito couldn't stand it. He tried again, but instead of just getting Todd's attention, he got Todd's wrath in the form of a hard slap to the face. A stinging red spot on his cheek. A force strong enough for Pepito's head to snap almost all the way back. His hair flew out towards the direction his head turned. A spot of blood leaking down the side of his mouth were his fang had punctured. The demon staggered backwards, completely frozen and stunned.

Todd eyes averted to his hand in which he held up to his face. His palm stung. It was completely limp. His wrist was sore. Numb He looked at Pepito who looked like he had attempted to add a dark ruby lipstick on but failed. A line of it dripped down his chin. His pupils had shrunken so small they were almost invisible. Two translucent orbs formed in his eyes. Finally he spoke. "You're...you're not Todd anymore", and with that, Pepito turned and walked off in the opposite direction. His footsteps were so light and incomprehensible that it looked as though he were floating.

Todd just watched until he couldn't see him anymore as he turned the corner. "I don't know you anymore Todd", cried Pepito softly as he sank against the wall in the corner of the furthest hallway in school.


Todd grabbed another cigarette and placed it in between his lips. "Yo, Kid", mumbled the red-read Bea. Todd looked up at her before lighting the smoke. "You don't look so hot. Are you alright?" she asked.

He shrugged and turned back to light the smoke. He inhaled deeply and let it out in a steady stream of smoke. "I just have...um...stuff on my mind. That's all",


The four just stood there leaning against the worn out brick wall smoking. The non-functioning brains slowly melting away. Rotting.

Todd couldn't help but ask the same question over and over again 'Who was that?'


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