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Todd was allowed to nap in the nurses office for the rest of the day, but Pepito had to go to his classes. It was really hard for him to concentrate, knowing his friend was ill. He had gotten news that Todds fever was just a little more than a lack of sleep. But if it was just a tiny fever from a lack of sleep. It was a one hell of a fever from a lack of sleep. Pepito was currently scribbling something in his notebook without noticing it. A tiny waisted girl leaned over his shoulder and made a long 'Ewwwww!' noise. "How can such a cutie like you be such a faggot!?...I mean...yeah...the freaky goth boys a faggot, you can tell...I mean he's, like...skinny and shit...but you?!", she laughed wickedly before blowing a bubble from he strawberry pink bubble gum.

I growled. Then he looked down at the scribble. A bloody heart with both Todds and his name in the center. He blushed and covered it up with his forearms. Everyone began to laugh and he stood up, turning to all of them his eyes glowing with fire. Everyone who was laughing had their head exploded or skin melted off. One or two kids hadn't laughed so they sat there looking at the mess like it was no big deal.

The teacher was just used to it by now. I suppose thats not a good thing. "If you don't mind, Mr.Genick...I'm gonna leave",

"Go ahead", he muttered sipping his coffee. Pepito nodded and left the room to head down the hall, to see Todd again. He opened the door to see the nurse reading a magazine.

He ignored her and was about to head in the back where Todd was sleeping, she stopped him. "You don't have permission to go back there", she said as she held out an arm to stop him.

"My friend is back there",

"Sure...", she sang sarcastically, pushing him away.

Pepito sighed and closed his eyes before opening them a again very slowly, "I'm his friend! The one that 'Kissed' him earlier", if that was the only way to see Todd, then it was an easy way to see Todd. It was completely worth it.

The nurses eyes widened and smiled in a giddy matter, "Oh, your his boyfriend. Yes, of course, go right on ahead", Ew.

Pepito walked into the back and closed the door behind him, not wanting to attract the scary perverted nurse. He actually saw Todd sitting up, looking abit better. A hint of old Squee was in his eyes. Todd glanced to see who had come in and he smiled. "Pepito!!", he said happily.

"Hey Amigo", Pepito said walking towards him and immidiatly pulling him into a warm embrace. "I missed you SO much", he tighted his squeeze and heard a gaking sound coming from Todd. "You had me worried and scared!", he said finally pulling away.

"But...I didn't go anywhere...or...did I?", he pondered. Pepito frowned abit but tried not too. He had his old friend back. That was good.

"You went somewhere. Just nowhere you'd need to go ever again", he sat next to the younger boy and smiled. Todd smiled back. "You feeling better?", he asked. Todd nodded slightly as he tried to remember what had happened.

"I still feel kinda sick. In my stomach...and my head", he muttered out before leaning to the side to rest his head on Pepitos shoulder. But he missed and his head softly landed in Pepitos lap instead. The demon smiled abit more as he blushed, placing a hand on Squee head. In his beautiful dark hair. It seems his hair never changed, it was alwyas the same. Even when he wasn't him anymore.

"You gonna be okay?", he asked strocking his downy black hair. Todd didn't move. Or respond. This worried Pepito abit and he looked down at the boys face. His eyes were closed. He was breathing smoothly. He fell asleep. Pepitos eyes softened and he smiled again. Pepito just sat there calmly as he strocked the sleeping young boys face and hair.


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